Swim with a view

The Rooftop Pools

Find the best rooftop pools around the world. From Bangkok to Lisbon. Infinity pools or more basic swimming pools, they are all refreshing and come with grand views.

15 best rooftop pools in the world - 2019

One thing that can make a rooftop bar even better is a lovely rooftop pool. Here is our list of the top 15 places to swim with a view during 2019, from Singapore to Venice.

Bangkok | Rooftop pools
Bangkok, Thailand
Barcelona | Rooftop pools
Barcelona, Spain
Cape Town | Rooftop pools
Cape Town, South Africa
Ho Chi Minh | Rooftop pools
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hong Kong | Rooftop pools
Hong Kong, China
Kuala Lumpur | Rooftop pools
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lisbon | Rooftop pools
Lisbon, Portugal
Los Angeles | Rooftop pools
Los Angeles, US
Madrid | Rooftop pools
Madrid, Spain
Rome | Rooftop pools
Rome, Italy
Santorini | Infinity pools
Santorini, Greece
Sydney | Rooftop pools
Sydney, Australia
Washington | Rooftop pools
Washington DC, US