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Feautered Rooftops
Quince Rooftop
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Quince Rooftop

Branded both '#1 Rooftop Destination' and '#1 Rooftop Restaurant' in the world, Quince Rooftop is something out of the ordinary.

Over the Charles Rooftop Bar
Boston, United States
Over the Charles Rooftop Bar

A locally crafted rooftop bar experience, surrounded with amazing views over Charles River and the Boston city skyline.

Mùn Rooftop Cocktail Bar
Rome, Italy
Mùn Rooftop Cocktail Bar

Contemporary rooftop bar in the heart of the Eternal City, serving a great selection of Italian mixology and light dinners.

Virtue Cocktail Club
Atlanta, United States
Virtue Cocktail Club

Packed with a sophisticated, yet fun and upbeat atmosphere, Virtue is the sexiest rooftop bar and lounge in Midtown Atlanta.

Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.
NYC, United States
Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.

Relaxing and laid back brewery with a colorful rooftop bar, serving a wide range of craft beer and tasty comfort food.

Il Tridente Cocktail Bar & Restaurant
Positano, Italy
Il Tridente Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

Breathtaking views and highly rated Mediterranean food.

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Why rooftops?

Because everything is better with a nice view!

We believe that to be very true, that everything is better with a nice view. Therefore we have assembled this guide, a guide to the world's best rooftop bars. To inspire and for you to, wherever you are or wherever you are going, be able to find an oasis where you can feel the breeze against your skin, sip on a drink and gaze into breathtaking panoramics.

Looking for a sophisticated and romantic rooftop evening? A long and sunny lunch on a comfy rooftop terrace? Or a full night out, dancing the night away, sky-high and under the stars? Look nor further, we've got you covered for it all!

To qualify as a rooftop bar we have a couple of criterias: There must be an outdoor terrace, which must be above the first floor, and hold a bar. Maybe you are looking for a rooftop bar in NYC, a fancy Bangkok rooftop bar, the best rooftop bars in London, Chicagos's best rooftop bar or where to dine with a view in Rome.

Search for more then 1 300 rooftop bars in over 130 of the world’s most popular cities. You can also find rooftop pools, rooftop restaurants, rooftop yoga and rooftop cinema here at The Rooftop Guide. And if you are looking to find the 'best rooftop bars near me' you should check out this map and article.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and find the best rooftop bars in the world, or at least the one that suits you best!

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