11 best rooftop pools Athens

Swim, lounge, soak up the sun and enjoy breathtaking views of the ancient city.

January 15, 2024
Rooftop pools in Athens
Rooftop pool Athens | Courtesy of Dorian Inn

When it comes to soaking up the sun and enjoying breathtaking views of the ancient city, Athens boasts some of the most stunning rooftop pools.

The allure of a rooftop pool lies not only in the refreshing waters but in the encompassing experience - the convergence of leisure, luxury and panoramic vistas. Athens, a city steeped in history and culture, takes this experience to new heights with its array of captivating rooftop pools, each offering a unique perspective of its ancient charm and modern dynamism.

Whether you're a traveler seeking luxury, a romantic looking for a perfect date spot, or a local wanting to unwind, these Athens rooftop pools will surely captivate you.

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Here's our guide to the 11 best rooftop pools Athens

1. Athens Capital Center Hotel

Rooftop pools Athens - Athens Capital Center Hotel
Rooftop pool Athens at Athens Capital Center Hotel | Photo: https://restaurantsandbars.accor.com/

With a prime position at Syntagma square, opposite to the Parliament House, the superb Athens Capital Center Hotel brings out the heart and soul of this unique European metropolis.

Refined and elegant throughout, the top floor of the hotel is something extra special, featuring both a beautiful panoramic pool, and a stylish rooftop bar and restaurant.

While the Mappemonde Restaurant, Bar & Lounge is open daily for all to enjoy an elevated Athens experience, the rooftop pool is an exclusive oasis for in-house guests.

Surrounded by amazing views over Athens, here you can embrace serenity and dive into the blue, where elegance meets refreshment.

Adress: 4 Eleftheriou Venizelou Avenue & 2 Kriezotou Street, Athens 106 71

Availability: Only guests at the hotel

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2. Fresh Hotel

Rooftop pools Athens - Fresh Hotel
Rooftop pool Athens at Fresh Hotel | Photo: https://freshhotel.gr/

The Fresh Hotel boasts an inviting Athens rooftop pool that perfectly blends modern aesthetics with panoramic city vistas. Indulge in relaxation while soaking up the sun above sea level beside the rooftop pool. Delight in the breathtaking, all-day views of the Parthenon, the Acropolis and the Athens skyline.

The pool operates daily from 9am to 7pm (May to October). This urban oasis offers a refreshing escape from the bustling streets of Athens. With its sleek design and plush loungers, the pool provides an ideal sport to unwind. Guests can dip in the crystal-clear waters, bask in the Mediterranean sun, and enjoy refreshing cocktails from the rooftop bar.

The poolside ambiance transforms as the day turns into night, making it an excellent venue for sunset admirers. The 9th floor pool is adjacent to the Air Lounge Roof Bar.

If you're looking for what to do by the poolside, you can engage in yoga classes, which cost 20€ per session, including a yoga mat, towels and yogi tea.

Adress: 59 Athinas & Sofokleous, Athens, 10552

Availability: Only guests at the hotel

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3. Dorian Inn

Rooftop pools Athens - Dorian Inn
Rooftop pool Athens at Dorian Inn | Photo: www.dorianinnhotel.com/

The Dorian Inn Hotel features a rooftop pool with a unique allure - a stunning view of the Acropolis. The ancient marvel stands before you as you swim or relax on the sunbeds. This pool offers a refreshing swim and a profound connection to Athens' rich history.

The 12th floor poolside area is next to the cozy Point of View rooftop bar, serving drinks, snacks and Mediterranean cuisine, making it an ideal location to soak in culture and leisure.

While the rooftop pool is open all year, note that it is not heated.

Adress: 15-19 Pireos Street, Athens, 105 52

Availability: Only guests at the hotel

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4. Novotel Athenes

Rooftop pools Athens - Novotel Athenes
Rooftop pool Athens at Novotel Athenes | Photo: https://all.accor.com/

At the Novotel Anthenes, on the seventh floor, a distinctive rooftop terrace with a view of the Acropolis awaits your presence. The rooftop pool invites you to bask in the sunlight by the outdoor pool beneath the Greek sky into a world of contemporary elegance.

The pool's sleek design is complemented by its enchanting cityscape views. You can experience the warmth of the sun's embrace as you unwind.

Following a tiring day, find relaxation on one of the comfortable sunbeds by the pool, where you can indulge in cocktails, mocktails and snacks while unwinding with a leisurely swim.

Next to the pool, Clair De Lune rooftop bar and restaurant invites to summer evenings with chill-out music, cocktails, and a full dinner of international cuisine.

Adress: 4-6 Michail Voda and Makedonias Street, Athens

Availability: Only guests at the hotel

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5. Electra Palace Athens

Rooftop pools Athens - Electra Palace Athens
Rooftop pool Athens at Electra Palace Athens | Photo: www.electrahotels.gr/

The Electra Palace Hotel offers an Athens rooftop pool that epitomizes luxury and tranquility. Here you can leisurely savor your cocktails or beverages next to the pool, all while taking in an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the Acropolis and the vibrant atmosphere of the Plaka district below.

Surrounded by lush greenery and cozy loungers, the pool area is an oasis of serenity. It's an ideal location for couples seeking a romantic escape or travelers longing for a peaceful retreat from the city's vigor.

The 4th floor pool is open from 10am to 8pm daily during the warmer season, and it comes with a complimentary Wi-Fi zone.

Adress: 18-20 N.Nikodimou Street, Athens, 105 57

Availability: Only guests at the hotel

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6. Divani Caravel

Rooftop pools Athens - Divani Caravel
Rooftop pool Athens at Divani Caravel | Photo: https://divanicaravelhotel.com/

The Divani Caravel Hotel boasts an elegant rooftop pool that exudes sophistication and comfort. The pool area features a lavish sundeck, cozy cabanas, and a well-stocked bar.

Guests can bask in the city's skyline's stunning vistas while enjoying delectable Mediterranean cuisine.

Whether you're here for a relaxing afternoon or a stylish evening event, the Divani Caravel's rooftop pool offers an upscale experience that caters to various preferences.

Adress: 2 Vas. Alexandrou Ave, Athens, 16121

Availability: Only guests at the hotel

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7. Athens Zafolia Hotel

Rooftop pools Athens - Athens Zafolia Hotel
Rooftop pool Athens at Athens Zafolia Hotel | Photo: www.athenszafoliahotel.gr/

Tucked away in the Zafolia Hotel is a rooftop pool that stands as a hidden gem in Athens. Away from the touristy bustle, this pool offers a serene, relaxing atmosphere.

The pool's calm waters are complemented by comfortable loungers and umbrellas, creating a perfect space to unwind with a book or revel in the Greek sun. It's a spot that beckons travelers seeking quiet and calm.

Experience relaxation and rejuvenation at the hotel's rooftop swimming pool and the "Poseidon" Pool Bar. These facilities are situated in the Roof Garden at the city's heart and offer a unique oasis.

From morning till early afternoon, you can dip in the pool and savor your coffee, beverages and snacks, all while taking in the splendid cityscape and the beauty of Lycabettus Hill. As night falls, the city lights and the illuminated Lycabetttus Hill create an even more captivating backdrop, evoking a vacation-like sensation in the heart of Athens.

Adress: 87-89 Alexandras Ave., Athens, 114 74

Availability: Only guests at the hotel

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8. Wyndham Grand Athens

Rooftop pools Athens - Wyndham Grand Athens
Rooftop pool Athens at Wyndham Grand Athens | Photo: www.wyndhamgrandathens.com/

Perched high above the cityscape, the rooftop pool at Wyndham Grand Athens offers a luxurious retreat with panoramic views of the Acropolis and the Parthenon. This waterfall pool is surrounded by plush loungers, creating a serene ambiance.

Guests can indulge in refreshing cocktails and Mediterranean-inspired dishes from the Above rooftop pool bar and restaurant.

The view of the city's historic landmarks and the pool area's contemporary elegance make it an ideal spot for relaxation and Instagram-worthy moments.

Adress: Megalou Alexandrou 2, Athens, 10437

Availability: Only guests at the hotel

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9. St George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

Rooftop pools Athens - St George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel
Rooftop pool Athens at St George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel | Photo: www.sgl.gr/

Nestled atop the lush Lycabettue Hill, the rooftop pool at St. George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel presents an enchanting blend of nature and urbanity. The pool's terraced design offers a spectacular view of the Acropolis against the backdrop of the azure sky.

Called Vertigo Pool Club, here visitors can relish a leisurely swim and savor gourmet delights at the hotel's restaurant. The cozy atmosphere is perfect for couples seeking a romantic evening or travelers searching for an escape from the busy city.

During the summer, the open-air rooftop pool becomes an irresistible spot for a refreshing swim and a leisurely lounge by the pool under the beautiful blue sky. The hotel's compact fitness center also has all the essentials for your daily workout routine.

Following your exercise, you can relax and cool off with a delightful cocktail from the poolside bar while taking in the breathtaking view of Athens' glistening cityscape below.

The Vertigo Pool Club, a private membership club, grants its members exclusive advantages and special deals across the hotel's amenities. Members are granted complimentary access to the newly upgraded pool area and bar, providing a perfect setting for drinks, light bites, and unwinding.

For all hotel guests, access to the swimming pool is free. External visitors are also welcome, but at a fee. 36 euros is charged for one person during the weekday, 55 euros for two people, 42 euros for one person on weekends and 70 euros for two people.

Adress: 2, Kleomenous Str, Athens, 106 75

Availability: Guests at the hotel / Vertigo Pool Club members / Public

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10. President Hotel

Rooftop pools Athens - President Hotel
Rooftop pool Athens at President Hotel | Photo: https://president.gr/

On top of the President Hotel, the highest rooftop hotel in Greece, you'll discover the chic Penthouse 21. As a unique gathering spot for hotel guests, it presents an awe-inspiring 360-degree panoramic cityscape.

Penthouse 21, with its modern yet sophisticated vibe, offers an inviting m environment where you can immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day.

The rooftop pool at President Hotel Athens stands out as a vibrant oasis, located in the city's heart. The panoramic pool area views includes iconic sites like the Olympic Stadium. The poolside bar serves signature cocktails and light bites, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

This rooftop pool has everything, if you want a daytime swim or a lively evening with friends.

Penthouse 21 sets the stage for your most distinguished occasions, ranging from extravagant weddings and live DJ performances by the pool to upscale corporate gatherings. As a hotel guest, you are welcomed to the pool, where you can enjoy carefree moments with your family under the watchful eye of a lifeguard.

Adress: 43, Kifissias Avenue, Athens, 11523

Availability: Only guests at the hotel

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11. Poseidon Athens Hotel

Rooftop pools Athens - Poseidon Athens Hotel
Rooftop pool Athens at Poseidon Athens Hotel | Photo: https://poseidonhotel.com.gr/

Overlooking the Saronic Gulf, the rooftop pool at Poseidon Athens Hotel presents a unique coastal perspective of the city. The pool's vantage point provides a remarkable view of the Aegean Sea and the nearby beaches.

Visitors can unwind in the pool's tranquil waters and relish Greek specialties at the hotel's Roof Garden restaurant afterwards. The refreshing sea breeze and the mesmerizing sunset make this rooftop pool a must-visit for those seeking a serene escape.

Experience the pleasure of sipping on a rejuvenating beverage or enjoying a light treat as you unwind by the rooftop pool at Poseidon Athens. The poolside bar presents an extensive array of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, encompassing distinctive cocktails and freshly pressed fruit juices.

Adress: 72, Poseidonos, Palaio Faliro, Athens, 17562

Availability: Only guests at the hotel

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Final thoughts

Athens rooftop pools offer an enticing blend of luxury, stunning views and vibrant experiences. These pools promise an unforgettable journey of relaxation and beauty, making them essential stops on your Athens itinerary.

With their diverse settings, these pools encapsulate the multifaceted character of Athens itself - a harmonious blend of history, modernity, and natural beauty. So whether you’re floating above historic landmarks or gazing out at the azure Mediterranean expanse, these rooftop pools offer a truly unmatched Athenian experience.

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