Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -
Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -

Rooftop bars

A complete guide to the 14 BEST ROOFTOP BARS IN LISBON in 2018.

Search for 14 rooftops with all info you need about each place. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. One of Europe’s best rooftop cities. The warm climate, luxurious hotels and genuine restaurants makes this a perfect destination if you like to eat and drink with a view. Both city and ocean views will blow your mind with their spectacular venues. Scroll down on the list and find the Lisboa rooftop bar best suited for you.

Rooftop bar Lisbon Hotel Mundial Rooftop Bar in Lisboa Rooftop bar Lisbon Hotel Mundial Rooftop Bar in Lisboa
Hotel Mundial Rooftop Bar
This rooftop bar is located on the 9th floor of Hotel Mundial, in the heart of Lisbon. Panoramic views of the entire city. Magic sunset in a...
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Rooftop bar Lisbon Limão Chill-Out Terrace in Lisboa Rooftop bar Lisbon Limão Chill-Out Terrace in Lisboa
Limão Chill-Out Terrace
Limão Chill-Out Terrace is a Lisbon rooftop bar located in the luxurious H10 Duque de Loulé. The roof terrace is located on the 10th floor of...
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Rooftop bar Lisbon Upscale bar at Epic Sana Hotel in Lisboa Rooftop bar Lisbon Upscale bar at Epic Sana Hotel in Lisboa
Upscale bar at Epic Sana Hotel
A stunning rooftop bar in Lisbon, located on the 9th floor of the luxurious hotel EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel in the heart of the city. From...
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Rooftop bar Lisbon Memmo Alfama Terrace in Lisboa Rooftop bar Lisbon Memmo Alfama Terrace in Lisboa
Memmo Alfama Terrace
A rooftop bar in Lisbon with breathtaking views of the sea, the beach and all the boats that go by. The roof terrace is equipped with a pool and...
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Rooftop bar Lisbon

Rooftop-grade: 8/10
Prime season: March-Nov
Residents: 2,8 millions
Climate: mediterranean

Lisbon is one of the best cities in Europe, when speaking of places to drink with a view at. Everything from cozy rooftop bars to luxurious terraces with pool and magical views over the city and the sea.

In Lisbon, there is something for everyone regarding rooftop bars. Overlooking the Atlantic Sea, sitting in a lounge chair and a glass of port wine in your hand is the ultimate experience on a rooftop bar in Lisbon.

The Lisbon rooftop bars is quite spread out over large areas of the city. Some are down by the seaside, few within the city center and some perched on the hill overlooking the entire city and its surroundings.

To get between all these amazing places, its walking distance from some roof terraces while you have to go by taxi to others. There are a lot of good roof terraces in Lisbon. Due to the mild and pleasant climate the rooftop bars here can stay open almost the whole year around.

The typical Lisbon roof terrace has superb views with great food and service.

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About Lisbon

Lisbon is Portugal's largest city and also the capital city. The city is located at the Atlantic coast which gives a lovely climate and good opportunities for swimming and sunbathing. Here you can find a bunch of famous museums with some of the world's most coveted artworks. The city is built on hills, which means that some streets are even too steep to drive vehicle’s on. Here you can also find the Monsanto park which is one of the world's largest urban parks with an area of almost 10,000 square kilometers.

Food, drinks and party on rooftop bars in Lisbon

Portugal is not as famous for its food as their neighbors Spain, France and Italy. But here are absolutely fantastic seafood here, often caught the same day by one of the fishing boats in the harbor. On the roof terraces in Lisbon you usually drink beer, classic cocktails or wine. Quite the same as on many other rooftop bars in the world. Is there any drink one associates with Portugal, it’s the port wine, but it is more common in the neighboring city of Porto. Regarding party on rooftop bars in Lisbon there are some places that have a really nice atmosphere. Often the party starts already in the afternoon and continues into the night.

Alltitude and views from the rooftop bars in Lisbon

Many of Lisbon’s rooftop bars are located at a high altitude. The city is built on very uneven ground makes many of roof terraces in Lisbon ends up on the hill which gives a great view and overview. The view can be quite magical from many roof terraces here. Or what about the views of the Atlantic, the beach and Lisbon's rooftops. For those who like sunsets, this is paradise. From many rooftop bars in Lisbon you get quite superb sunsets over the Atlantic. This turns the sky and the horizon into a magical spectacle of color.

Other attractions in Lisbon

Lisbon is not as well known for attractions such as Rome, New York, London or Paris. But there's still a lot you should experience when you go here. Or how about the city's highest point, dating back to the time before Christ, the Castelo de Sao Jorge, or the magnificent defense facility Torre de Belém, the pompous monastery and burial place Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, Portugal's National Museum, National Museum of Ancient Art and the famous iron lift Elevador de Santa Justa, designed by Gustave Eiffel. That said - Lisbon is a city with much history and beautiful places. Regarding sports, there is a well-known football team named Sporting Lisbon, one of Europe's most famous soccer teams.

Rooftop pools in Lisbon

Despite its warm climate and beautiful location on the Atlantic Ocean, there are not that many rooftop swimming pools in Lisbon. However, there are a few that are really good. As usual, only hotel guests may use the rooftop pools here. So do not miss to book your stay at a hotel with a rooftop pool with us and take part of this luxury, as all too many are missing out on their city trips. Here you also get the best prices on hotel rooms. To bathe in the rooftop pool while gazing out over Lisbon with a drink in hand is something you should experience when you are here.

Flights and hotels in Lisbon

Lisbon airport is located a bit outside the city center. However, it is very easy to get to and from the airport by taxi or public transport. Lisbon is a bit isolated which results in that it isn’t many flights that pass Lisbon if you compare with other major airports in Europe. However, a lot of stopovers for flights to South America. For those who like luxury hotels, there is a good selection. Many of these hotels also offer cool rooftop bars. So, if you want to visit some cool rooftop bars in Lisbon, it is good to stay at any hotel that has a roof terrace. You will find the best and most affordable hotels in Lisbon here on our site. Make a direct booking and ensure that you get a roof terrace on at your hotel.