Hans Ebenman

CEO, Co-Founder & Senior Writer at The Rooftop Guide

Hans Ebenman

Experience & expertise

Hans Ebenman has visited over 500 rooftop bars, 200 rooftop pools and 300 rooftop restaurants since 2015. Rooftop venues located all over the world, all the way from Los Angeles to Singapore, and everything from luxurious five-star hotel rooftops to smaller privately owned rooftops. This vast experience has made Hans a true rooftop expert, and one of the most knowledgeable in the field.

Hans is also an experienced writer and content creator, especially on the subject rooftops. He has written more than 1 000 articles and reviews about rooftop bars, rooftop pools and rooftop restaurants. Except article writing, Hans also creates a lot of content, like photos, videos and social media posts. Today, numerous of travel magazines, bloggers and media websites contact Hans to get his expertise on rooftops.

About Hans

Hans favorite country in the world is Italy, thanks to the food, the climate, the culture. the...well, whats is not to love! When he is not sipping cocktails on rooftop bars (preferably a Negroni) or traveling, he loves to play golf, to cook and to play soccer.

These are Hans 5 favorite rooftop bars at the moment:

Exploring the world

A small selection of rooftop-visits Hans has done throughout the years.

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Mail: hans@therooftopguide.com

Phone: +46 733-777 668

Instagram: @hebenman

LinkedIn: hans-ebenman

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