Rikard Fredricson


Rikard Fredricson

Rikard Fredricson is the Creative Director and co-founder of The Rooftop Guide, the world's largest platform about rooftop venues. Rikard is living and working out of Stockholm, but has the world as a workspace and travel many times every year, mainly to visit new rooftop destinations.

Rikard has previously worked in media and marketing, holds a Bachelor Degree in Communications along with an education in graphic design. During the last couple of years, Rikard has visited over 280 rooftop bars. In 2022 he has traveled to Florence, Barcelona, Rome, Malaga, Vienna, Canary Islands, Riga, Palma de Mallorca and Singapore.

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Mail: rikard.fredricson@rooftopguiden.se

Phone: +46 763-096 477

Instagram: @jikardo