Rooftop bars Paris

Complete guide to the 10 best rooftop bars in Paris in 2018.

So, which is the best rooftop bar in Paris? Here you'll find the best Paris rooftop bars with all info you need about each place. Opening hours, dress code, photos, maps and much more. One of the most famous cities in the world. Paris is packed with historical buildings and monuments. And what better place to see all this, then from a roof terrace. Most of the rooftops here are located at picturesque hotels or fancy restaurants. Perfect places for some drinks with a view. Find the Paris rooftop bar best suited for you, right here.

Terrass" Restaurant & Bar
panoramic view
Rooftop bar Paris Terrass'' Restaurant & Bar in Paris
$$$$ 14 Rue Joseph de Maistre
Perhaps one of Paris' most cozy and sophisticated rooftop bars. Here you get a magical panoramic view of the entire city with...
  • Highlights
  • 7th floor
  • Mixologist cocktails
  • Lush & views
  • Restaurant
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Terrasse des Galeries Lafayette
best outlook
Rooftop bar Paris Terrasse des Galeries Lafayette in Paris
$$$$ 40 Blvd Haussmann
From this magnificent terrace bar in Paris you get one of Paris' best outlooks. Impressive views of Paris with the Eiffel Tower as the stately...
  • Highlights
  • 7th floor
  • Shopping center
  • 360-view
  • Winter Ice Cube Bar
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La Terrasse at Hôtel Raphael
7th floor
Rooftop bar Paris La Terrasse at Hôtel Raphael in Paris
$$$$ 75016 Rue Kléber
A lush and green Paris rooftop bar located on the 7th floor, with a stunning panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower. From the rooftop bar one can see...
  • Highlights
  • 7th floor
  • Restaurant
  • Eiffel Tower view
  • Rooftop garden
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43 Up On the Roof
360-degree view
Rooftop bar Paris 43 Up On the Roof in Paris
$$$$ 4 Rue Danton
On this magical roof terrace you get a spectacular 360-degree view of the Paris skyline as far as the eye can see. The interior is sty...
  • Highlights
  • 9th floor
  • Cocktail bar
  • 360-view
  • Great ambience
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Les Ombres
Rooftop bar Paris Les Ombres in Paris
$$$$ 27 Quai Branly
A very classy and luxurious rooftop bar in Paris with a beautiful view of Paris rooftops and close to the majestic Eiffel Tower. Here...
  • Highlights
  • 5th floor
  • Popular
  • Great views
  • Romantic
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cocktail bar
Rooftop bar Paris Nüba in Paris
$$$ 36 Quai d’Austerlitz
On this cocktail bar in Paris there is always a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. People come here to drink beer and...
  • Highlights
  • 2nd floor
  • Night spot
  • Large terrace
  • River views
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Le Zyriab by Noura
outskirts of city
Rooftop bar Paris Le Zyriab by Noura in Paris
$$$$ 1 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard
A rooftop bar situated in the outskirts of Paris. Here you’ll find a high-class Lebanese restaurant with good food and a wide range...
  • Highlights
  • 9th floor
  • Lebanese restaurant
  • Fantastic views
  • Harmonious
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Maison Blanche
magical view
Rooftop bar Paris Maison Blanche in Paris
$$$$ 15 Ave Montaigne
From this sky lounge you get a magical view of the most famous buildings in Paris. Be in good time to book a table, since the rooftop...
  • Highlights
  • 2nd floor
  • Panoramic restaurant
  • Eiffel Tower views
  • Saturday nightclub
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Déli-Cieux at Printemps
9th floor
Rooftop bar Paris Déli-Cieux at Printemps in Paris
$$$ 64 Blvd Haussmann
From the roof terrace you get a magical view of Paris rooftops and its famous buildings. The rooftop bar is located on the 9th floor, but there...
  • Highlights
  • 9th floor
  • Shopping center
  • Skyline views
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City info

Rooftop bar Paris

Rooftop-grade: 8/10
Prime season: April-Oct
Residents: 12 millions
Climate: maritime

Which are the best rooftops in Paris? This complete guide will help you find the best rooftop bars in Paris. Paris is teeming with cozy cafés, world-class restaurants and bars. And of course, the amount of rooftop bars in Paris are high as well.

The best places to drink with a view at, in this city is open virtually all year round, thanks to the Mediterranean climate. The view from the terraces is usually of and beyond the city's famous buildings and the Paris rooftops.

And the typical Paris rooftop bar usually have a drink and food menu that can make anyone happy.

Geographicly, the terrace bars here are quite scattered over large parts of the city. But most are located in close proximity to the Seine River, which flows through the city.

Considering the size of Paris and how widespread the city is, there is often quite a distance to travel between the different Paris rooftops. The easiest way is to take the subway or taxi.

Most of the best rooftop bars in Paris has a view over the city skyline and the Eiffel Tower as a magnificent backdrop. A typical terrace fits these criterias.

And if you like to find the rooftops closest to your location. Just use the map on this site.

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City info

About Paris

Paris is France's largest city and also the capital city. The city is one of the globally most important cities in the world regarding politics, technology, art, fashion and gastronomy. About 30 million tourists comes here every year making it one of the world's most visited cities. Paris is located on the River Seine and has lots of attractions and historic buildings. For example, one you see the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysees, the Louvre, Notre Dame, etc.

Food, drink and party on rooftop bars in Paris

France and Paris is world renowned for its excellent food and superb wines. And the rooftop bars in Paris is no exception. In many of the rooftop bars in Paris you can eat good food with a wide selection of both wines, beers and cocktails. Foremost, the classic French small dishes are served, but in many rooftop bars in Paris you can also get the classic bar bites such as burgers, salads and so on. Most rooftops in Paris are a little bit more calm and relaxed. So for those who like party it’s best to visit the rooftop bars before the party to charge up with drinks, and then get out into the Paris night right after.

Alltitude and views from the rooftop bars in Paris

As with many other European cities, Paris is a fairly low-built city. This results in many of Paris rooftop bars being located at a relatively low height. Despite this, you can get absolutely breathtaking views across Paris and its surroundings from some of the roof terraces. Often, with the Eiffel Tower as the main point of view. Some of Paris rooftop bars can boast a 360-degree view, but it is not very common here.

Other attractions in Paris

Paris is a metropolis with its famous attractions. Here you can visit historical buildings such as Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Champs Elysee etc. If you like art, some of the world's most famous paintings are to be found here. Or how about one of the world's most famous paintings - the Mona Lisa. If you like sports, one of the world's best football teams plays here. Paris Saint Germain who play their home games at the Parc des Prince. For people that already been here and seen it all, it is usually Paris restaurants that’s the main focus. Here there are lots of fantastic restaurants and super cozy cafés.

Flights and hotels in Paris

Paris-Charles De Gaulle is a gigantic airport which is located in the outskirts of Paris. Several planes take off and land here every minute. The city's popularity and the major airport makes it very easy and convenient to get here by air. The same goes with hotels. There are both super luxury, sophisticated and picturesque places to stay at. Many of the hotels also have cool roof terraces with views over Paris and its surroundings. Book your hotel in Paris directly on our website and take advantage of some of the lowest prices and best deals. And here's a list of the best hotels in Paris with a view