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Rooftop Bars San Miguel de Allende

2024 update
Mexico Flag
Country Mexico
Currency Mexican peso
Best time to visit November - April
Rooftop grade 8/10
Rooftop Bar San Miguel de Allende
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SMA Rooftop Guide

Updated:September 2, 2023

San Miguel de Allende, located in Mexico’s central highlands, has been awarded as 'The best city in the world' by several travel publications during the last years. And while it might be more of a charming town than a metropolitan city, it is easy to understand its popularity: the baroque Spanish architecture, the colorful houses, the cobblestone streets, the vibrant marketplaces. And the fantastic SMA rooftop bars!

While not filled with sky-high buildings, San Miguel offers a wide range of elevated venues where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, magical sunsets and al fresco drinks. To guide you straight to the top places, this complete guide comes packed with all info you need about the best San Miguel de Allende rooftop bars: opening hours, what to order, photos, maps and so much more. Just scroll down and find the rooftop San Miguel de Allende best suited for you.

The list

12 best rooftop bars in San Miguel de Allende

Rooftop SMA Rooftop by Amatte Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende

Rooftop by Amatte

$$$$ | 3rd floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Several venues
  • 360° views
  • Modern

There are 71 steps that lead you to the highest point of the Amatte Community, where you find what is probably the most diverse rooftop San Miguel de Allende has to offer. Called Rooftop by Amatte, the spacious and lush rooftop offers spectacular 360° over the city, and includes a vegetable, plant and flower garden, as well as a restaurant and several bars. Indulge in eveything from sustainable cuisine focused on the use of firewood and smoke at minimalist and sophisticated cocktails at Hacmans restaurant, to minimalist and sophisticated cocktails, champagne and bites at the rooftop bars.

Rooftop SMA Zumo Rooftop in San Miguel de Allende

Zumo Rooftop

$$$$ | 5th floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Restaurant & bar
  • 360° views
  • Elegant

On top of the Hotel Boutique Villa Limon you find a fantastic and first-class rooftop experience, with the elegant ZUMO Rooftop Restaurant & Bar. Surrounded with impressive 360° views over the rolling hills, charming houses and iconic churches of San Miguel de Allende, the rooftop restaurant serves international flavors with a Latin touch, available as both tasting menu and á la carte options. Complemented with an impressive selection of wine pairings and handcrafted cocktails, Zumo is made for special SMA afternoons and evenings.

Rooftop SMA Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende

Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar

$$$$ | 5th floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Natural stylish
  • Panoramic views
  • Artisanal cocktils

Set on top of the Rosewood San Miguel, Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar offers a magical mix of charm, cocktails and views. The rooftop terrace has a setting that feels very natural, yet very stylish, framed with breathtaking views of the iconic La Parroquia and the San Miguel rooftops. Given the name, it should come as no surprise that the rooftop serves dishes made perfect to share. While the food is great, the real treat at Luna is the drink menu, with artisanal cocktails made to perfection, along with a wide range of world spirits.

Rooftop SMA Quince Rooftop Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende

Quince Rooftop

$$$$ | 2nd floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Amazing views
  • Awarded several times
  • Great atmosphere

Branded both 'The #1 Rooftop Destination in the World' and 'The #1 Rooftop Restaurant in the World' during recent years, Quince Rooftop is something out of the ordinary. More than a rooftop bar, and more than a rooftop restaurant, you can visit for a casual lunch, all-day Sunday-brunch, or late-night sushi and cocktails to the beat of the resident DJ. All served in a hip and elegant setting, with a very friendly and happy atmosphere. Oh, and some fantastic views over La Parroquia and the beautiful surroundings.

Rooftop SMA Bekeb Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende


$$$$ | 3rd floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Authentic aromas
  • Panoramic views
  • Artisanal Mixology

The boutique hotel Casa Hoyos offers one of the more unique San Miguel de Allende rooftop experiences, thanks to the Bekeb rooftop bar. Dressed with cacti, artisan furniture and creative elements, and surrounded with panoramic views over San Miguel, Bekeb ivites you to reconnect with the authentic aromas and flavors of Mexico. And with the full name Bekeb Artisanal Mixology, you understand that most of these flavors are found in the creative and fantastic array of contemporary cocktails.

Rooftop SMA Antonia Bistro Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende

Antonia Bistro

$$$$ | 4th floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Panoramic views
  • Haute cuisine

Located a 5 minutes walk from SMA Main Square, Antonia Bistro is a lovely bistro-style rooftop bar and restaurant, perched on top of the the Hotel Boutique El Palomar. The terrace has quite a low-key and rustic decoration, but with one feauture that really pops: the amazing and panoramic views over San Miguel de Allende. With a relaxing sophisticated amibence, Antonia Bistro is a great spot for a sunny lunch or romantic dinner, enjoying the mix of local and international cuisine. Or just visit around sunset and try some of the finely crafted cocktails.

Rooftop SMA Trazo 1810 Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende

Trazo 1810

$$$$ | 4th floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Elegant casual
  • 360° views
  • Romantic

An elegant casual rooftop restaurant, located in the heart of SMA, on top of the Casa 1810 Hotel Boutique. Covering several floors of the historic colonial building, Trazo 1810 holds both a stylish glassed indoor restaurant, as well as an open-air rooftop terrace, where you can enjoy panoramic 360° views over San Miguel. Led by chef José Francisco González, the restaurant serves modern dishes with European influences and Asian touches, complemented with crafted cocktails and a fine selection of wines. A great rooftop San Miguel de Allende for a romantic dinner or a special night out.

Rooftop SMA Fátima 7 Rooftop Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende

Fátima 7 Rooftop

$$$$ | 2nd floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Lush & elegant
  • Sophisticated
  • Mexican cuisine

Found on top of the historical Hotel Casa Blanca 7 in the heart of the city, Fatima 7 is one of the most popular San Miguel de Allende rooftops. Lush, charming and elegant, the rooftop comes surrounded with both greenery and lovely views over La Parroquia. Open for both lunch and dinner, and refreshing drinks in between, up here you can indulge in fresh and sesonal signature Mexican cuisine with a Morrocan twist, complemented with both crafted cocktails and a fine selection of wines.

Rooftop SMA Rooftop Mara Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende

Rooftop Mara

$$$$ | 4th floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Intimate
  • Panoramic views
  • Rooftop pool

Rooftop Mara is an intimate and beautiful rooftop, and a bit of a hidden SMA gem. Set on the top floor of the Feliciana Hotel, here you find a cosy bar, comfy lounge furniture, plenty of greenery and a glittering rooftop pool. A fantastic setting, also surrounded with panoramic views over San Miguel de Allende. Trendy yet casual and relaxing in atmosphere, Rooftop Mara is a prime spot to enjoy poolside cocktails with friends, or romantic evenings with signature dishes under a starry sky.

Rooftop SMA Terraza La Vista Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende

Terraza La Vista

$$$$ | 4th floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Contemporary Mexican
  • Panoramic views
  • Charming

The top floor of Golpe de Vista is home to a San Miguel de Allende rooftop mixing Mexican flavours with panoramic views. Called Terraza La Vista, it is only suiting that the charming rooftop offers vistas over SMA that are truly spectacular. The rooftop menu is inspired by contemporary Mexican cuisine, paying tribute to the great traditional dishes, and recreating them with innovative techniques, complemented with a fine selection of crafted and specialized cocktails from the in-house mixologists.

Rooftop SMA La Azotea Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende

La Azotea

$$$ | 2nd floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Hidden gem
  • Jicama tacos
  • Vibrant

Located just half a block from the bustling Jardin Principal, La Azotea rooftop bar still manages to be somewhat a hidden gem. But once you find it, you realize this is a highly popular hang-out, both among locals and visitors. The spacious, vibrant and charming rooftop comes with several areas and seating both inside and outside, and while not all of them offer grand views, this is made up for with atmosphere, food and drinks. Try the 'recommended-by-all' jicama tacos, and enjoy a wide selection of refreshing drinks.

Rooftop SMA La Única Rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende

La Única

$$$$ | 2nd floor | Zona Centro
  • Highlights
  • Bar & Grill
  • Authentic luxury
  • Acoustic sunset sessions

La Única SMA is an upscale bar and grill, where you can indulge in regional Mexican cuisine mixed with lovely views. With both indoor dining room and a beautiful second floor al-fresco terrace, partially covered with a pergola of flowers and ivy, here you can enjoy a hearty menu, filled with locally sourced and regional inspired cuisine, including a large variety of tasty tacos. Filled with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, La Única is a lovely venue to get a taste of the authentic San Miguel, sprinkled with a side of luxury.

Rikard Fredricson
Rikard Fredricson

Rikard has spent the last 10 years exploring, enjoying, researching and working with rooftop venues. During these years he has visited more than 700 rooftops across the globe. The experience he has gained is used to create helpful, in-depth and accessible content, and to share his knowledge and rooftop expertise with fellow rooftop-lovers.

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City info

Rooftop bar San Miguel de Allende

Rooftop-grade: 8/10

Prime season: November - April

Residents: 150 000

Climate: subtropical highland

San Miguel de Allende is located in Mexico’s central highlands, and even though the city has rather even and pleasant temperature year-round, the summer months has more rainfall. So November to April is the best time for open-air drinks and bites on the SMA rooftop bars. Just remember to bring layers, as it can get chilly when the sun goes down.

Even though it is a city filled with charming and quite low buildings (no skyscrapers in sight), San Miguel de Allende still offers an impressive selection of rooftop destinations. Most of them is located in Zona Centro, the city’s lively heart, filled with history and atmosphere. The SMA rooftops often serve as both rooftop bars and rooftop restaurants, and they are the prime spot to enjoy the amazing San Miguel de Allende sunset.

About San Miguel de Allende

Voted 'Best city in the world' several times, and also a World Heritage Site, San Miguel de Allende is a very special and popular destination, despite its smaller size. Found in Mexico’s central highlands it does not come with any coastline or beaches, but is instead famous for its colonial streets, stunning architecture and Gothic cathedral. Along with a great selection of hotels, restaurants and bars.