Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -
Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -

Rooftop bars

A complete guide to the 3 BEST ROOFTOP BARS IN HANOI in 2018.

Here you'll find the best Hanoi rooftop bars with all info you need about each place. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. I big and classic Asian city with high-rise buildings and very good prices. Something that’s also evident when visiting the roof terraces here. The price is good, the view spectacular and the service top notch. Classic for Asia. Look down and find the Hanoi rooftop bar best suited for you.

The Rooftop bar Hanoi in Hanoi The Rooftop bar Hanoi in Hanoi
The Rooftop
The Rooftop is a trending nightclub in Hanoi that has an impressive rooftop view of major parts of the city. This sky lounge attracts lots of party goers and a...
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Rooftop bar Hanoi Top of Hanoi at Lotte Hotel Hanoi in Hanoi Rooftop bar Hanoi Top of Hanoi at Lotte Hotel Hanoi in Hanoi
Top of Hanoi at Lotte Hotel Hanoi
Top of Hanoi is Hanoi's highest rooftop bar. The rooftop bar is located on the 65th floor of the Lotte Hotel Hanoi, which gives a stunning 360-degree views of the entire Hanoi and...
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Rooftop bar Hanoi

Rooftop-grade: 6/10
Prime season: All year around
Residents: 6,5 million
Climate: Tempered climate

Hanoi has some amazing rooftop bars. Most of them have magnificent views of the city skyline and the surrounding rivers and lakes.

The prices on the rooftop bars in Hanoi are cheap if you compare it with other rooftops in other Western countries - which is a big plus for everyone visiting these venues.

You can find something for everyone. Rooftop bars with grand views, rooftops with party, rooftop bars with good food and so on.

Best time of year to head up to one of the terraces here is between March and October. When the climate is fairest and on a really fine and clear day you get an absolutely stunning view in front of your eyes while sitting and sipping your drink.

The rooftop bars serves most things in the way of beverages, but the most common to order here are the cocktails and at most of the rooftops you get really good and special drinks.

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About Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and the name itself means "inside the rivers". The city is the country's second largest, after Ho Chi Minh City, with a population of about 6.5 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, of which about 2.4 million of these live in the city center. Hanoi is very vulnerable to flooding, so it has built up high blast walls at the waterfront from the rivers and lakes adjacent to the city here. Climate-wise, it is said that Hanoi has four seasons when the city is located in northern Vietnam where the winters are colder than in the rest of the country. However, the average temperature is between 15-36 degrees all year round.