Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -
Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -

Rooftop bars

A complete guide to the 9 BEST ROOFTOP BARS IN SHANGHAI in 2018.

A list with all information you need about each roof terrace. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. This amazing city have some of the best rooftop bars in the world. A typical big Asian city with lots of skyscrapers and a warm climate. Most of the rooftops here are located at a very high altitude with breathtaking city views over one of the most iconic skylines in the world. Look down and find the Shanghai rooftop bar best suited for you.

Rooftop bar Shanghai

Rooftop-grade: 8/10
Prime season: April-Nov
Residents: 18,5 milj
Climate: subtropical humid

Like many other major cities in Asia, Shanghai has a very large city center with numerous skyscrapers stretching high into the sky. This means that the rooftop bars in Shanghai often have an absolutely magical view of the city and its skyline.

The warm climate means the roof terraces can be visited all year round. The décor on the terraces are usually grand and luxurious. So expect higher prices than in other "normal" bars.

Most rooftop bars in Shanghai lies next to the Huangpu River. Almost all located on the western side of the river near the skyline of the towering skyscrapers.

There are a lot of Shanghai rooftop bars. Considering the size of the city, it may take a little while to get between the different view spots - even though all are located in the central parts. A good way to move between the rooftops is by taxi It is very cheap to take a taxi in China and Shanghai.

The views from some of the world’s best rooftop bars here are really impressive, and the only thing that can stop an ultimate rooftop experience in Shanghai, is the smog that can fill the air some days.

The typical Shanghai sky bar is located at high altitude and with a lovely view over the city skyline.

Search on our map for the best sky bars in Shanghai, and you can find the ones closest to your location.

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About Shanghai

Shanghai is China's largest city. It is also Asia's most important financial center after Tokyo. Residents of the city have a very high standard of living compared to the rest of the population in the country. It also has China's largest and most important port area.

Food, drink and party on rooftop bars in Shanghai

Shanghai is a city with absolutely fantastic Asian food. Mainly considering Chinese food, but also regarding other food from the continent. This also applies on the rooftop bars in Shanghai. From the many roof terraces here you can eat superb food. Often in a very modern and luxurious twist. For those who are only looking to drinks at the rooftops, there is a good selection of classic cocktails at most rooftop bars in Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the world's largest cities. Which is something that is shown when it comes to the city’s party scene. The party life has also embraced the rooftop bars in Shanghai, and in many of the terraces in Shanghai you can party and have fun until the wee hours..

Alltitude and views from the rooftop bars in Shanghai

When you're talking about height on the rooftop bars, Asia always tends to be at the forefront. And Shanghai is no exception. Here you can find some of the coolest and highest rooftop bars in the world. Or how about Flair at the Ritz Carlton on the 58th floor or the Vue Bar at the Hyatt, which both have a fantastic 360-degree view of the entire Shanghai and its skyline at a very high altitude. The outlook from the rooftop bars in Shanghai are usually of the city skyline and the mighty river Huangpu River. The views are really impressive just after darkness falls in and the city lights up in powerful colors from all the skyscrapers. For those who like to take nice pictures, this is a magical place.

Other attractions in Shanghai

For a tourist, there are plenty of attractions in Shanghai. Here you can find a large number of towering skyscrapers as the Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Tower and Jin Mao Tower. For those who like temples and museums, there is also a very good selection. For those who want to have awesome views without having to visit a rooftop bar, you can go up the tower Oriental Pearl Tower which is one of the tallest buildings in the city. On the street, the Bund can go and stroll and look in the shops. But beware, there’s a lot of people here every day. Service among people in Shanghai can be quite poor and most cannot speak English. So be sure to know where you are going before you set out on a journey of discovery.

Flights and hotels in Shanghai

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the largest airport in Shanghai and lies on the coast a short distance from the city heart. However, it is both inexpensive and easy to get around by taxi here, which makes it easy to go back and forth from the airport. In the newer Pudong district - where most of the newly built skyscrapers are – you can find some really luxurious hotels with absolutely magical rooftop bars. Despite the luxury found at many hotels here, the prices are very good regards to accommodations. If you want to get away even a little cheaper, there are a lot of options here that have good standard. On our site you can easily book your hotel with a rooftop bar and take part of the best prices available on the market.