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Rooftop bar Singapore Mr Punch Rooftop Bar in Singapore Rooftop bar Singapore Mr Punch Rooftop Bar in Singapore
Mr Punch Rooftop Bar
This rooftop bar in Singapore is located on the roof of the Mint Museum of Toys, and the decor is inspired by it. The view is so-so. But the delicious...
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Rooftop bar Singapore

Rooftop-grade: 10/10
Prime season: all year
Residents: 5 millions
Climate: equatorial tropical

The climate in Singapore is equatorial tropical, which means around 30 degrees celsius all year round. It's very hot and humid and has abundant rainfall. The high skyscrapers and the hot weather contributes to the city being ultimate regarding rooftop bars. There are plenty of stunning rooftop bars in Singapore that often are very luxuriously furnished and with absolutely superb views. Almost all rooftop bars in Singapore are within walking distance of each other. All very centrally located close to the shopping streets, Marina Bay and the business district. Some roof terraces are also available a little bit outside of the city center, close to the sea and the beach instead of skyscrapers. Singapore possesses lots of good, cool and grand rooftop bars. One of the cities in the world with the most rooftops. For those who like heights, magnificent scenery and pleasant climate, you should visit a rooftop bar in Singapore.

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About Singapore

Singapore is Southeast Asia's smallest country. The Nation is located on several islands, but mainly a large island where the city of Singapore is located. The country and city is bordering Malaysia in the north and Indonesia in the south. Unlike many other Asian countries, the standard of living is very high. It is ranked as the 11th country in the world in the matter.

Food, drink and party on rooftop bars in Singapore

If you like food, drinks and party then you have come to the right city if you chose to go to Singapore. On the rooftop bars in Singapore you can get all this. And in many cases, all of it at one and the same rooftop. Some of Singapores rooftop bars offers gourmet food and great drinks to some of the world's coolest views. Of course you can order the classic Singapore Sling in most of the rooftop bars in Singapore. Or how about a Michelin dinner overlooking the entire Singapore skyline. Here, everything is possible. For those who want to party on the rooftop bar, there are also options. Both a little bit more chilled bars, to nightclubs that keep open the whole night, with views of Marina Bay and Singapore’s skyline.

Alltitude and views from the rooftop bars in Singapore

Singapore has some of the world's highest rooftop bars. Among them, 1-altitude with a height of about 282 meters located on the 63rd floor. Not for those with vertigo. On the roof of the Marina Bay Sands you will also find the world's highest and largest infinity pool. An amazing experience to be able to lay with your feet on the edge of the pool while gazing out over the city at 200 meters. The view from the rooftop bars in Singapore may vary. However, most have views are of Marina Bay while Marina Bay Sands has a view of the city skyline and the sea. Here you get some of the most powerful views you can get from rooftop bars in the world. Visit a rooftop bar from each side of the city, and you are guaranteed a number of memorable and cool pictures.

Other attractions in Singapore

Given that Singapore is a very modern and quite newly built city, there is not very much historical buildings and monuments to visit or look at here. Centrally there is well-preserved neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Little India. Here you can eat great, tasty and authentic food. For those who like shopping you should go to Orchard Road with all its fabulous malls. Otherwise, it's quite nice to stroll around the botanical garden or take a boat trip on the Singapore River. For those who want to venture a little outside the city there are beautiful sandy beaches nearby.

Rooftop pools in Singapore

In Singapore, you can find some of the coolest rooftop swimming pools in the whole world. Or what do you say about a giant infinity pool at 200 meters’ altitude at the luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands. There are also more infinity pools that have magical views from Singapores skyline and skyscrapers. As in almost all other places in the world, it is only the hotel guests that may use the rooftop pools. Book your hotel directly with us and make sure that you get to experience the luxury with a rooftop pool. It gives you a guaranteed memory for life and an extraordinary experience. The warm climate makes the rooftop pools in Singapore to stay open all year, except for those days when there is a storm or monsoon rains.

Flights and hotels in Singapore

Singapore is a major air hub in Asia. This is where hundreds of planes lands and lifts every day and many of the long flights from Europe or America are passing through here. The airport can be reached easily and quickly by taxi to the Singapore center. Regarding hotels, you can find some of the coolest and most luxurious hotels in the world here. Or how about Marina Bay Sands with the world's highest infinity pool, private shopping centers etc. But there’s also very good option for those who do not want to spend too much money on accommodation. Singapore ranks as one of the world's most expensive cities, so keep an eye on your wallet when you buy or book stuff here. With us, you always get the best rates and deals when it comes to hotels.