Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -
Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -

Rooftop bars

A complete guide to the 6 BEST ROOFTOP BARS IN BEIJING in 2018.

They say you can see The Great Wall of China from space. But instead of going that far, why not try and catch it from one of the best Beijing rooftop bars. Starting here, with the ultimate guide to the best terraces in this historical city. You’ll find all info you need about each rooftop. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. Just scroll down and find the Beijing rooftop bar best suited for you.

Rooftop bar Beijing

Rooftop-grade: 7/10
Prime season: April-Oct
Residents: 20 millions
Climate: temperate continental

The climate in Beijing is hot most of the time except for the winter months when the temprature even can drop below zero. As a result the rooftop bars in Beijing are only open when the weather permits.

The terraces here often have magical views, great service and often a decor of very high quality. More info about Beijing can be found here.

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About Beijing

Beijing is China's capital. The name Beijing directly translated means "northern capital". The city is one of China's four biggest metropolitan areas with Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing. Beijing is China's political and cultural center where as Shanghai and Hong Kong are financial centers. The city consists of a variety of historical sites and buildings.