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Say Bordeaux, and most people will probably think: wine! Which is not wrong, since it is the most prominent wine region in France. But this port city in the southwestern part of the country has a lot more to offer, including some lovely rooftop bars.

When the warm summer temperature starts to get above the 30° mark, a Bordeaux rooftop bar can offer both some refreshing breeze and a new prespective on the city. This complete guide will lead you straight to the top venues, packed with all info you need about each rooftop: maps, opening hours, dress code, pictures and much more.

So, to make sure your next glass of wine also includes some fine views, scroll down and find the Bordeaux rooftop bar best suited for you.

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Rooftop bar Bordeaux Night Beach at Intercontinental Bordeaux

Night Beach at Intercontinental Bordeaux

$$$$ | 7th floor | Centre-Ville
  • Highlights
  • 360-views
  • Trendy and elegant
  • Sunny lunch / Nightly cocktails

Night Beach is a 100 sqm open sky venue, located on top of InterContinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel, right in the heart of the city. Stylish and trendy in decoration, the spacious 7th floor terrace and rooftop bar offers amazing 360-degree views over Bordeaux and the Garonne River. Visit during the day for some sunshine bites and drinks, or come for pre-dinner cocktails to a beautiful sunset. Later on, ambient lightning fills the terrcae and live DJs usually create the soundtrack.

Rooftop bar Bordeaux Mama Shelter Bordeaux

Mama Shelter Bordeaux

$$$ | 6th floor | Centre-Ville
  • Highlights
  • Charming
  • Large and creative menu
  • Fantastic views

On top of the trendy and modern design hotel Mama Shelter Bordeaux Centre, you find a colorful and lush rooftop bar, open to all. Relaxed, fun and friendly in atmosphere, the terrace comes with a mix of dining tables and lounge sofas, along with some fantastic views over the Bordeaux rooftops. Here you can enjoy a playful and impressive rooftop menu, which includes a large selection of both food and drinks. From salads, pizza and Mama's Burger to a nice selection of wines and some creative and tasty Mama cocktails.

Rooftop bar Bordeaux Wallace Bar at Radisson Blu

Wallace Bar at Radisson Blu

$$$ | 5th floor | Bacalan
  • Highlights
  • Panoramic views
  • Spacious terrace
  • Relaxing

Located right by the Bassins à Flot, Radisson Blu Hotel Bordeaux comes with a lovely rooftop bar and cocktail lounge, called Wallace Bar. Thhis spacious, wooden-decked and charming rooftop terrace comes with comfy lounge furniture and panoramic views over Bordeaux and the Cité du Vi. Complemented with a stylish indoor cocktail bar, Wallace rooftop is a great place to enjoy a few glasses of wine, champagne or cocktails and some bites with a group of friends.

Rooftop bar Bordeaux Siman Bordeaux

Siman Bordeaux

$$$ | 2nd floor | La Bastide
  • Highlights
  • River views
  • Sunday brunch
  • Good vibes

Found just a few steps from the Stone Bridge and right by the Garonne, Le Siman comes with both a first floor brasserie and a second floor panoramic restaurant. While both levels offer indoor and outdoor seating, the top floor is the place to go for panoramics over the river and the famous Place de la Bourse. Open for lunch, dinner and Sunday rooftop brunch, the restaurant is always worth a visit. But branded as 'much more than a restaurant', Siman rooftop is also a great spot to enjoy good vibes and drinks.

Rooftop bar Bordeaux L’Estacade


$$$ | 2nd floor | La Bastide
  • Highlights
  • Riverside restaurant
  • +100 wines
  • Indoor / Outdoor

Set on the banks of River Garonne, L’Estacade restaurant and bar comes with both a beautiful location and a stylish setting. By no means sky-high, the indoor dining room with panoramic windows and the outdoor terrace still offers some fantastic views over the boats sailing up and down the river. Open for sunny lunches, romantic dinners or just some drinks in between, the L’Estacade menu mixes flavors of the Mediterranean with those of the Atlantic, as well as an impressive selection of more than 100 wines.

Rooftop bar Bordeaux IBOAT


$$$ | 2nd floor | Bacalan
  • Highlights
  • Boat rooftop
  • Club & Cafeteria
  • Vibrant

This former ferry connecting the mainland to the Isle of Yeu has been transformed into a floating cultural place, with three levels of concert hall/club, cafeteria and rooftop terrace. Set right by the Bassins à Flot, the vibrant IBOAT club welcomes 2000 artists / groups on board every year, while the cafeteria and terrace offers a bit of a different, and more relaxed setting. Here you can enjoy views over the water and Bordeaux, while indulging in tapas, tasty burgers and wines as both lunch and dinner.

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City info

Rooftop bar Bordeaux

Rooftop-grade: 5/10
Prime season: April-October
Residents: 250 000
Climate: temperate-oceanic

Filled with character and a rich heritage, Bordeaux is a city filled with mostly older buildings and not modern skyscrapers. This means that the rooftop bars in the city are not that high in altitude. But on the other hand they don't need to be, as they still offer panoramic views over the city and the river Garonne. Found in the different districts of the city center, the Bordeaux rooftop bars is a great spot for both sunny lunches, romantic dinners and (in many cases), fun nights out.

About Bordeaux

Located in the southwestern part of France, Bordeaux is a port city, best known for being the most prominent wine region in the country. Apart from the wine, the city is also filled with a rich heritage and culture. It is built around a bend in the river Garonne, and just 50km to the west is the Atlantic Ocean.