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Rooftop Bar Bali
Courtesy of Double-Six Rooftop - Sunset Bar

Bali Rooftop Guide

Updated:September 2, 2023

There are definitely no skyscrapers in sight, but instead amazing sunsets and natural scenic views from the best Bali rooftop bars. Leave the beach behind for a while and find your perfect spot, with the ultimate guide to the best roof terraces on this beautiful island.

Here you'll find all info you need on how to get the best rooftop Bali experience, from Seminyak to Uluwatu. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. Which is the best rooftop bar Bali? Just scroll down and find the Bali rooftop bar best suited for you.

The list

18 best rooftop bars in Bali

Rooftop bar Bali MoonLite Kitchen & Bar in Bali

MoonLite Kitchen & Bar

$$$ | 5th floor | Seminyak
  • Highlights
  • Classy & modern
  • Ocean views
  • Live music

Perched on top of Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort, MoonLite Kitchen & Bar invites to a trendy and comfy rooftop experience, filled with flavours, views and music. The modern and sleek open-air venue includes a Balinese dining room, a spacious deck, and a stylish bar and lounge, all surrounded with panoramic views the Indian Ocean. A great spot to enjoy sunset cocktails and elevated Asian dining, usually accompanied with live chill-out music.

Rooftop bar Bali Sunset Park at Desa Potato Head in Bali

Sunset Park at Desa Potato Head

$$$$ | 3rd floor | Seminyak
  • Highlights
  • Tropical aperitivo
  • Curated soundtrack
  • Sunset views

Potato Head is a creative village by the ocean, where music, art, design, food, and wellness play together. Recently, an elevated and sparkling rooftop venue called Sunset Park was added to the mix, inviting you to experience the transition from day to night in the most idyllic way possible – under the setting sun. Surrounded with panoramic views over the ocean, the rooftop bar offers crafted signature cocktails and tropical takes on the classic Aperol Spritz, as well local barbeque cuisine, all to the sounds of a carefully curated and eclectic soundtrack.

Rooftop bar Bali Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop in Bali

Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop

$$$$ | 3rd floor | Ubud
  • Highlights
  • Lush & natural
  • Authentic
  • Morning to night

Found in the heart of Ubud, the fantastic hotel Bisma Eight offers an equally fantastic rooftop experience, with the Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop. Natural yet contemporary, Copper is a beautiful venue both inside and outside, with the lush and charming rooftop being something really special. Here you can enjoy International-Asian food that is thoughtful and authentic, complemented with a fine selection of wine and crafted signature cocktails. The rooftop is open to all from morning to late night.

Rooftop bar Bali Double-Six Rooftop - Sunset Bar in Bali

Double-Six Rooftop - Sunset Bar

$$$ | 5th floor | Seminyak
  • Highlights
  • Sunset views
  • Luxorious & spacious
  • DJs & entertainment

With its 1 700 square meters, the Double-Six Rooftop - Sunset Bar is the largest rooftop bar in Bali. Located at the Double-Six Luxury Hotel in Seminyak, it really lives up to its name, as the views you get over the Indian Ocean, especially around sunset, is out of this world. Best enjoyed from one of the luxurious floating lounge-pods at the edge of the terrace. Here you can indulge tasty bar bites and dinner plates, along with a large set of creative and crafted signature cocktails, classy yet fun and relaxed vibes, and DJs playing savvy tunes.

Rooftop bar Kuta Social Club in Bali

Kuta Social Club

$$$$ | 6th floor | Kuta
  • Highlights
  • Exclusive
  • Infinity pool
  • Vibrant

The modern and highly stylish Kuta Social Club is Bali’s most exclusive rooftop pool club, where fun and flavour collide. Perched on top of the MAMAKA by Ovolo, the terrace is set around a gem-blue rooftop infinity pool. Combined with luxurious cabanas and daybeds, comfy lounge spots and sweeping views over Bali’s western beaches and the ocean, this is an elevated poolside retreat with beach club vibes by day, and a vibrant, social and buzzing lounge by night.

Rooftop bar Bali Single Fin Bar in Bali

Single Fin

$$$ | 2nd floor | Uluwatu
  • Highlights
  • Surfers bar
  • Ocean sunset views
  • Live music & atmosphere

Maybe more towards a cliffside bar then a rooftop bar, but with a multi level terrace along with absolutely magical views over the Indian Ocean, there is nothing wrong with calling Single Fin one of the best rooftop bar Bali has to offer. Located on the cliffs of Uluwatu, and most famous as a spot looking at surfers catching the last waves while the sun sets beautifully in the ocean. But open from morning to night, serving a large range of great food and drinks, you can visit this highly popular place anytime and enjoy the vibrant, fun and chilled vibe.

Rooftop bar Bali Naga Rooftop Bar & Lounge in Bali

Naga Rooftop Bar & Lounge

$$$ | 5th floor | Ubud
  • Highlights
  • Charming
  • Spectacular views
  • Day to night

Looking for sunset views and drinks in Ubud? Then look no further than to the lovely Naga Rooftop Bar & Lounge, located on top of the Sthala Ubud Bali. With a look and feel that is very much Balinese, here you find rattan swings by the bar, rustic wooden furniture, and a really cool circular lounge sofa stretching out from the main terrace. Surrounded with spectacular views of the Wos River and the green forest, the rooftop serves a great selection of classic and signature cocktails, as well as small and large bites.

Rooftop bar Bali Above Rooftop Lounge & Bar in Bali

Above Rooftop Lounge & Bar

$$$ | 6th floor | Seminyak
  • Highlights
  • Stylish
  • Expansive views
  • Rooftop bar & restaurant

Set on top of the Four Points in Seminyak, Above Rooftop Lounge & Bar is a modern and stylish venue to enjoy Bali from above. The rooftop houses clusters of different seating arrangements, mixing dining tables, bar stools and comfy lounge sofas, as well as indoor and outdoor spots, with a terrace perfectly positioned for amazing sunsets. Both rooftop restaurant and bar, here you can enjoy a wide selection of creative Asian-fusion fare, as well as crafted signature cocktails and plenty of other refreshing drinks.

Rooftop bar Bali Imani Rooftop in Bali

Imani Rooftop

$$$$ | 5th floor | Seminyak
  • Highlights
  • Vibrant lounge
  • Panoramic views
  • Live DJs

Dressed with modern and comfy loungers and a sleek bar, the dual-level Imani Rooftop is the place to go for trendy lounge vibes paired with views. This is one of the highest spots in Seminyak, and you can expect some fantastic vistas over the surroundings and the ocean. Open nightly, you can visit early to sip champagne and enjoy crafted cocktails and sushi to an amazing sunset. Later on, the atmosphere gets a lot more buzzing, with guest DJ’s, live music and traditional Shisha.

Rooftop bar Bali Unique Rooftop Bar in Bali

UNIQUE Rooftop Bar

$$$$ | 3rd floor | Jimbaran
  • Highlights
  • Infinity pool
  • Amazing view
  • Mexican influences

A luxurious and modern rooftop terrace with a a fantastic and panoramic view of Uluwatu Hills and the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Located on top of the equally unique RIMBA by AYANA Resort, about 15 minutes south of Jimbaran Bay. Both rooftop bar and restaurant, UNIQUE serves delicious Mexican food along with a set of Tequila Specialties, other well crafted cocktails, beer on draught and a large selection of red and whites. Chic pool club feel during the day (very much helped by the awesome 25-meter rooftop infinity pool) and relaxing cocktail lounge vibes towards the night.

Rooftop bar Bali BART Sanur in Bali

BART Sanur

$$$ | 5th floor | Sanur
  • Highlights
  • Lively atmosphere
  • Chill-out
  • Open-air sanctuary

A 2-minute walk from Sanur Beach, the ARTOTEL Sanur Bali comes with a top floor open-air sanctuary, called BART Sanur. BART stands for Bar At Rooftop, and this trendy spot is the first and only rooftop bar in Sanur. With a whimsical mix of sofas, loungers, dining tables and seats at the 'windows', the terrace is quite covered but still comes with an airy feel. Filled with a lively atmosphere, BART Sanur is the perfect spot to chill with friends, enjoying a great selection of crafted cocktails and some bites.

Rooftop bar Bali BLU Sky Restaurant-Bar-Lounge in Bali

BLU Sky Restaurant-Bar-Lounge

$$$ | 5th floor | Seminyak
  • Highlights
  • Spacious
  • Morning to night
  • Infinity pool

Located right next to the impressive infinity pool at de Vins Sky Hotel Seminyak, BLU Sky Restaurant-Bar-Lounge is a spacious rooftop, home to both an interior restaurant with panoramic windows, and a large wooden decked terrace, mixing bar seats, dining tables and very comfy lounge areas. Open from morning to night, BLU Sky invites to breakfast with a view, sunny lunches, cocktails with sunsets over Seminyak and glimpses of the ocean, charming dinners and a variety of events every week.

Rooftop bar Bali ROOST Roofscape Dining in Bali

ROOST Roofscape Dining

$$$ | 6th floor | Nusa Dua
  • Highlights
  • Natural
  • Quality dishes
  • Breakfast until dinner

ROOST Roofscape Dining is found right in the center of Nusa Dua’s business district, inviting all to enjoy elevated and quality dining and drinks. Covered by large bamboo 'huts', but still very open-air, the spacious terrace feels both natural and modern. Aiming to provide fresh dishes prepared with quality ingredients and passion, here you can indulge in a wide selection of international cuisine, from morning to night.

Rooftop bar Bali H8S Sky Bar in Bali

H8S Sky Bar

$$$ | 7th floor | Kuta
  • Highlights
  • 360° views
  • Tropical oasis
  • Rooftop pool

H8S Sky Bar (or Heights) is a relaxing, elevated and tropical oasis in a buzzing area, perched on top of the Akmani Legian Hotel. Colorful and lush, here you find both a comfy lounge area set on astro-turf, as well as a sparkling rooftop pool, creating all the vacay-vibes you could ever need. Surrounded with panoramic 360° views, you can enjoy sunny days filled with drinks and dips in the pool, pre-dinner drinks to an amazing Bali sunset, or vibrant events ranging from rooftop BBQ to accoustic poolside sessions.

Rooftop bar Bali Berlin Gastro Kitchen & Pool Bar in Bali

Berlin Gastro Kitchen & Pool Bar

$$$ | 4th floor | Kuta
  • Highlights
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Diverse venue
  • Rooftop pool

Perched on top of the Krisna Oleh Oleh shopping mall in Kuta, Berlin Gastro is a spacious and diverse venue, made for many occasions. Modern and trendy in decoration, the lush terrace comes with plenty of dining tables and lounge spots, as well as an impressive rooftop pool. Open day-to-night, here you can enjoy Gerry Nainggolan’s international inspired cuisine as a relaxing lunch, or as a fine dinner, complemented with everything from signature and classic cocktails, to smoothies, coffee and a nice selection of wines.

Rooftop bar Bali The 18th Rooftop Bar in Bali

The 18th Rooftop Bar

$$$$ | 5th floor | Seminyak
  • Highlights
  • Chic lounge
  • Sunset views
  • East meets West

Found on top of The Trans Resort Bali in Seminyak, The 18th Rooftop Bar is described as 'Bali Best Kept Secret'. Intimate and chic, the open-air venue comes with plenty of comfy loungers, a round whimsical interior bar, and panoramic views over the Seminyak landmark, continuing all the way to the ocean. The rooftop bar serves everything from refreshing signature cocktails and ice cold Bintangs, to a nice selection of elevated tapas, made to enjoy to the amazing Bali sunset.

Rooftop bar Bali Smoqee Sky Bar in Bali

Smoqee Sky Bar

$$$ | 3rd floor | Jimbaran Bay
  • Highlights
  • Signature cocktails
  • Sunset views
  • Laid-back

One of few places offering upper level sunset views of the famous Jimbaran Bay. Located at the five star Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran Resort, right behind the stretch of popular BBQ seafood cafes, which is where the name Smoqee Sky Bar comes from. Both a colorful indoor lounge and a modern, open-air Bali sky bar, offering great views over the beach and out towards the ocean. The terrace comes with a unique water deck feature, a laid-back vibe and comfy loungers. Enjoy fantastic and well crafted signature cocktails, best enjoyed in a comfy lounger watching the sun set.

Rooftop bar Bali U-Paasha Rooftop Bar in Bali

U-Paasha Rooftop Bar

$$$ | 4th floor | Seminyak
  • Highlights
  • Rooftop pool
  • 360-view
  • Friendly & harmonious

The fabulous hotel U Paasha Seminyak Bali comes with a large wooden deck roof terrace, equipped with a giant swimming pool, comfortable sun loungers, large bean bags along with dining tables and bar stools. While the pool is only open for hotel guests, the rooftop bar & restaurant is open to all. Enjoy a mix of local cuisine and more classic international pool side fare, signature and tropical cocktails along with alot of more healthy choices from the juice bar. All in a relaxing setting with a sunset view to die for.

Hans Ebenman
Hans Ebenman

Hans has visited over 500 rooftop bars, 200 rooftop pools and 300 rooftop restaurants since 2015. This vast experience has made Hans a true rooftop expert, and one of the most knowledgeable in the field. Today, numerous of travel magazines, bloggers and media websites contact Hans to get his expertise on rooftops.

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City info

Rooftop bar Bali

Rooftop-grade: 8/10

Prime season: all year

Residents: 4,2 millions

Climate: tropical

The proximity to the equator means that Balis climate is tropical with warm weather all year round. As a result of this, the terraces here can stay open all year arround.

The interior at the Bali rooftops is often quite stylish and luxurious yet with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. All in classic Bali-style.

You're not allowed to build higher buildings than the palmtrees in Bali, but despite this there are some really cool places to drink with a view on this beautiful island. When other buildings are no to high, the rooftops don't need to be either. The famous Bali sunset it of course best enjoyed from a rooftop Bali.

For more indept info about Bali, read more here.

About Bali

Bali is a province in the country of Indonesia. The capital is Denpasar and is located on the southern part of the island. 84% of the population in Bali are Hindus, compared to that 87% in Indonesia are Muslims.

Bali mainly lives on its tourism and this is a very popular destination for Australians. Its economy is mainly based on tourism, but also agriculture and fishing are major sources of income. Home to a wide array of fantastic (and dramatic) beaches, it is no surprise that Bali also offers a wide range of amazing beach clubs.