Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -
Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -

Rooftop bars

A complete guide to the 10 BEST ROOFTOP BARS IN BALI in 2018.

There are definitely no skyscrapers in sight, but instead natural scenic views from the best Bali rooftop bars. Leave the beach behind for a while and find your perfect spot with the ultimate guide to the best roof terrace on this beautiful island. Here you'll find with all info you need about each rooftop. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. Just scroll down and find the Bali rooftop bar best suited for you.

Rooftop bar Bali

Rooftop-grade: 8/10
Prime season: all year
Residents: 4,2 millions
Climate: tropical

The proximity to the equator means that Balis climate is tropical with warm weather all year round. As a result of this, the terraces here can stay open all year arround.

The interior is often quite stylish and luxurious yet with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. All in classic Bali-style.

You're not allowed to build higher buildings than the palmtrees in Bali, but despite this there are some really cool places to drink woth a view on this beautiful island.

For more indept info about Bali, read more here.

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About Bali

Bali is a province in the country of Indonesia. The capital is Denpasar and is located on the southern part of the island. 84% of the population in Bali are Hindus compared to that 87% in Indonesia are Muslims. Bali mainly lives on its tourism and this is a very popular destination for Australians. Its economy is mainly based on tourism, but also agriculture and fishing are major sources of income.