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Rooftop The Roof Pool Bar at Kempinski Nile Hotel in Cairo Rooftop The Roof Pool Bar at Kempinski Nile Hotel in Cairo
The Roof Pool Bar at Kempinski Nile Hotel
Situated on the 11th floor of the Kempinski Nile Hotel you find this amazing rooftop bar in Cairo. There is access to a beautiful swimming...
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Rooftop bar Cairo

Rooftop-grade: 2/10
Prime season: all year
Residents: 20 millions
Climate: dry subtropical

Cairo's climate is a dry subtropical climate, which means it's warm sunny days and cooler nights. The city is considered one of the driest cities with a rainfall of only 20mm/year. The climate allows the rooftop bars in Cairo to stay open all year round. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of rooftop bars in Cairo. But those who are, have high class and standard.

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About Cairo

Cairo is Egypt's capital and is located at Africa's largest river the Nile. With a population of about 20 million in the metropolitan area it makes the city one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. Cairo - after Mexico City – is the world's most polluted city. There are over 500 mosques in the city and Cairo is often called the “minaret” city". For the curious ones, there are plenty of attractions here. The bazaars, Egyptian Museum including Tutankhamen's tomb, Al-Azhar Mosque and the famous camel market.