Rooftop bars Dubai

A complete guide to the 17 best rooftop bars in Dubai in 2018.

The ultimate guide to the best roof terraces in Dubai. Complete list with all info you need about each place. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. Dubai is packed with high-rise skyscrapers, modern buildings and fancy restaurants. In other words – a perfect rooftop city. Just scroll down and find the Dubai rooftop bar best suited for you.

Iris in Oberoi
Rooftop bar Dubai Iris in Oberoi in Dubai
$$$$$ The Oberoi Centre
Iris at the Oberoi Hotel is an exclusive rooftop bar in Dubai with absolutely stunning views of the city and its surroundings. The rooftop bar is co...
  • Highlights
  • 27th floor
  • Handcrafted cocktails
  • Magical views
  • Sophisticated
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Pure Sky Lounge
magical sunset
Rooftop bar Dubai Pure Sky Lounge – Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences in Dubai
$$$ Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort
This rooftop bar in Dubai is located on the 35th floor of the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences with a magical sunset and ocean...
  • Highlights
  • 35th floor
  • Two terraces
  • Ocean sunset views
  • Chic & modern
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Level 43 Sky Lounge
360-degree view
Rooftop bar Dubai Level 43 Sky Lounge in Dubai
$$$$ Four Points by Sheraton
On this magnificent rooftop bar you get a magical 360-degree view of Dubai. Level 43 Sky Lounge often ranks as the best rooftop in Dubai...
  • Highlights
  • 43rd floor
  • Great food & drinks
  • 360-view
  • Lounge feel
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7 best rooftop bars in Dubai
Rooftop bar Dubai 360 in Dubai
$$$$ Jumeirah Beach Hotel
From this luxurious rooftop bar you get a magnificent 360-degree view of Dubai's skyline and the sea. During the day live music is being...
  • Highlights
  • 2nd floor
  • Ocean feel
  • Live DJs
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Estrellas at Melia Hotel
panoramic view
Rooftop bar Dubai Melia Hotel in Dubai
$$$ Kuwait St, Port Rashid
A stunning rooftop bar located a little bit outside of downtown Dubai. From the rooftop terrace, you get an outstanding panoramic view of...
  • Highlights
  • 7th floor
  • Rooftop pool
  • Skyline view
  • Signature cocktails
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Japanese food
Rooftop bar Dubai Tomo in Dubai
$$$$ Raffles Hotel
Tomo - which means "longtime friend" - is a Japanese restaurant of the highest class. It serves some of Dubai's best Japanese food cooked by...
  • Highlights
  • 17th floor
  • Japanese food
  • Amazing skyline views
  • Great service
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Siddharta Lounge
swimming pool
Rooftop bar Dubai Siddharta Lounge in Dubai
$$$$ Tower 2 Al Sufouh Rd
One of Dubai's most luxurious rooftop bars. A large terrace with plenty of seatings equipped with a big swimming pool, beautiful sundowners...
  • Highlights
  • 44th floor
  • Rooftop pool
  • 360-view
  • Live DJs
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The Address Dubai Marina
lovely view
Rooftop bar Dubai The Address Dubai Marina in Dubai
$$$$ Dubai Marina
A stunning Dubai rooftop bar with a large rooftop swimming pool and a lovely view among the city's skyscrapers an...
  • Highlights
  • 4th floor
  • Infinity pool
  • Marina-views
  • Great atmosphere
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Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel
rooftop pool
Rooftop bar Dubai Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel in Dubai
$$$ Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St
A rooftop bar Dubai located at the luxury hotel Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel. On the rooftop one finds one of Dubai's coolest rooftop pools...
  • Highlights
  • 19th floor
  • Rooftop pool
  • 360-view
  • Old Dubai
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Rooftop bar Dubai Uptown in Dubai
$$$ Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Known for being one of Dubai's most sophisticated rooftop bars. From the terrace you get a great view and the rooftop bar has a good and big drink- and...
  • Highlights
  • 24th floor
  • Sophisticated
  • Panoramic views
  • Cocktail bar
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40 Kong
40th floor
Rooftop bar Dubai 40 Kong in Dubai
$$$$ H Dubai Sheikh Zayed Rd
A newcomer among the nightclubs in Dubai. The rooftop bar is located on the 40th floor of the building H Dubai, located in...
  • Highlights
  • 40th floor
  • Crafted cocktails
  • Modern interior
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Atelier M
Marina view
Rooftop bar Dubai Atelier M in Dubai
$$$$ Pier 7, Dubai Marina Mall
A rooftop bar in Dubai located on the roof of Atelier M. The perfect rooftop for a great party night. Superb views over the Marina and...
  • Highlights
  • 8th floor
  • Festive atmosphere
  • Sunset views
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Asia Asia at Pier 7
Rooftop bar Dubai Asia Asia at Pier 7 in Dubai
$$$$ Pier 7, Dubai Marina Mall
A cozy and luxurious rooftop bar in Dubai with a very stylish decor. The terrace is located at Pier 7 with views of the city marina and the water below...
  • Highlights
  • 6th floor
  • Asian feel
  • Marina-views
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Sofitel Dubai Downtown
luxurious decor
Rooftop bar Dubai Sofitel Dubai Downtown in Dubai
$$$$ Sheikh Zayed Rd
A rooftop bar in Dubai located on the 5th floor of the Sofitel Dubai Downtown with an incredibly luxurious decor. On the terrace there’s a large...
  • Highlights
  • 5th floor
  • Rooftop pool
  • Handcrafted cocktails
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City info

Rooftop bar Dubai

Rooftop-grade: 9/10
Prime season: Oct-April
Inhabitants: 1,7 millions
Climate: dessert

In Dubai there are lots of good and luxurious rooftop bars where many of them also are some of the best lounges in the city. Almost all Dubai sky lounges has a magical view and a very luxurious and stylish furnishing.

Prices are, unfortunately, quite juicy, but the quality and service make up for it. Regarding the pace the city build in, new skyscrapers and hotels pops up all the time - resulting in new rooftops.

Most rooftop bars in Dubai are within easy reach of each other. Some are located down in the center with city views, some are at the beach and Jumeriah, and a few little outside the city center.

A typical Dubai terrace is located at a luxurious hotel with fancy city views. What are you waiting for, get out there and search for the best places to drink with a view, and you will have a great time when visiting this amazing city.

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City info

About Dubai

Dubai is the UAE's largest city. ¾ of all inhabitants here are men due to the large number of male migrant workers. Unlike many other cities in the country Dubai has a more open attitude to foreign customs and the supply of pleasure, entertainment and other attractions are extensive. Among other things, the city of Dubai allow serving and purchasing of alcohol.

Food, drink and party on rooftop bars in Dubai

Most rooftop bars in Dubai are very luxurious with both the food and drinks of very high quality. On the roof terraces here, you can eat amazing Japanese tapas, traditional bar meals and fine tasting menus. Choose among the wide range of rooftop bars in Dubai and find your favorite in terms of food. Regarding drinks most are quiet similar. Classic cocktails, fine wines and champagne are frequent on roof terraces in Dubai. For those who like to party, there are some very good spots to hang out at. On many of Dubai’s rooftop bars you can party in style all night. The parties on the terraces are often in very luxurious style, but there are also a little more casual places.

Alltitude and views from the rooftop bars in Dubai

If you want to experience Dubai at high altitude and get a grand overview of the city, the perfect way is to visit one of Dubai's rooftop terraces. Some of the rooftop bars in Dubai overlooks the city center, a part of the Arabian Gulf and some a bit outside the city center with views of skyscrapers skyline. Given that all the towering skyscrapers being built here, the rooftop bars in Dubai are on very high level - both in the city and outside. Regarding the views and heights from the roof terrace of Dubai, there is something for everyone. Mightiest are almost those who have both sea and city views with a 360-degree angle.

Other attractions in Dubai

There are lots of things to do in Dubai, in addition to visiting the city’s rooftop bars. Or what do you say about the desert safari on a quad bike followed by surfing on the sand dunes, lie and lounging in a deck chair at one of Dubai's beaches, visit one of the city's gigantic shopping malls, stroll around the Dubai Marina or why not visit the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa. Here you can keep yourself occupied indefinitely.

Rooftop pools in Dubai

Dubai - one of the world's most luxurious and most modern cities. Obviously there are lots of good rooftop swimming pools here. Like everything else in Dubai the rooftop pools are also an in luxurious and modern style. Almost all rooftop swimming pools in Dubai has a great view of the city skyline and among the skyscrapers. Some also have beautiful sea views. To use any of the city's rooftop swimming pools, you need to book a room at the hotels that own these pools. The easiest way is to book directly with us. Here you can also find the best rates and deals for hotels in Dubai. Do not miss to experience the luxury of swimming in a rooftop pool while you gaze out over Dubai's towering buildings.

Flights and hotels in Dubai

Dubai’s Airport, Dubai International Airport, is located very centrally, which makes it easy to reach both from and to all who travel here. There is lots of air traffic from all over the world coming here, making the airport into a true hub. Given that Dubai is being expanded all the time, there are plenty of good and luxurious hotels here. The city oozes of luxury and modernity, and the same goes for the hotels. In Dubai you can find the 7-star Burj Al Arab, which ranks as one of the finest and best hotels in the whole world. For those with a smaller budget, there are also good value hotel given the awesome service you often get here. Many of the city's hotels have fantastic rooftop abrs and terraces at their disposal. And here's a list of the best hotels in Dubai with a view