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Rooftop bar Amsterdam

Rooftop-grade: 5/10
Prime season: May-Sep
Residents: 800 000
Climate: tempered humid

The city quite low built so there are not that many rooftop bars in Amsterdam to visit. In the latest poll of the "Cost of Living Surveys” list of the world's most expensive cities, Amsterdam ended up in 25th place. So expect to spend a little money while you enjoy food and drinks at one of the rooftop bars in Amsterdam. The rooftop bars in Amsterdam are quite spread out geographically. There are not that many rooftop bars to visit when you are here, but some of them are well worth a visit. In Amsterdam, it really is the perfect way to get a good overview of the city and feel the tranquility reside at higher altitudes.

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About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the Netherlands' largest city with about 800 000 inhabitants. Approximately 50% of the city's population is of foreign origin. The city has over 50 museums and is known for its canals and many cyclists. Amsterdam is also considered as one of the world's most liberal cities where sex, drugs, prostitution and gay culture is very common.

Food, drink and party on rooftop bars in Amsterdam

Amsterdam and the Netherlands is not particularly known for neither good food nor drinks. Chips, mayo and other various unhealthy stuff tend to be the pick when it comes to food. When it comes to beverages, its beer and drinks that dominates at the roof terraces here. Despite the rather non-existent food and beverage culture in Amsterdam, the city is one of the most party-friendly in Europe. Much thanks to that Amsterdam is one of the world's most liberal cities - both in terms of drugs, sex and prostitution.

Alltitude and views from the rooftop bars in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very low-built city, but despite this many of the city’s rooftop bars are at a very high altitude. This creates a stunning view over Amsterdam and its surroundings. The view you get from the rooftop bars in Amsterdam is usually the city's rooftops and over the canals.

Other attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam have a lot of attractions for tourists. Primarily a plethora of lots of different museums. Foremost is the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, Museum Amstelkring, National Maritime Museum, the Rijksmuseum and The tropical museum that is the most visited. In addition to the city's museums, it is the Red Light District area where many people go. Mainly the younger crowd who likes to party. Red Light District is very liberal in terms of sex, the purchase of sex, drugs, etc. For those who want to take it easy, there are very nice trips you can take around the Amsterdam canals.

Flights and hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located quite close to the city center, making it very easy to get to and from the airport for anyone traveling here. Many flights go through Amsterdam. So if you only have a few hours here, it is perfect to visit any of the rooftop bars in Amsterdam. Given the city's popularity among tourists, there are lots of good hotels. Some which have amazing rooftops to hang out on.