10 best rooftop bars in Mexico

Views, drinks and tasty food

Published: January 25, 2021

Mexico offers a wide range of diffrent rooftop bars. There are party rooftops, rooftop restaurants and rooftop infinity pool bars.

Mexico is a highly popular destination for tourists. Much thanks to the warm climate and paradise beaches. You can also find some fantastic rooftops here.

Many of them come with beautiful ocean views, often with a kitchen offering superb mexican food.

Here's the list of the 10 best rooftop bars in Mexico, made by The Rooftop Guide. Enjoy!

1. Quince Rooftop
/ San Miguel de Allende

Quince Rooftop
Quince Rooftop
Quince Rooftop
Quince Rooftop

Leading this impressive list of rooftop bars in Mexico is Quince in San Miguel de Allende. It’s so much more than a bar or restaurant, it is a true destination. Quince has it all. First-time guests may initially come just for a cocktail or a casual Comida with friends overlooking San Miguel’s iconic church but often end up staying to eat late-night sushi while dancing to the beat of the DJ.

The food, music, service, cocktails, atmosphere, and clientele come together to make “The Quince Experience.” Both elegant and hip, Quince caters to a diverse crowd offering casual fare, fine dining and French pastries.

After helping to make Quince “the #1 Rooftop Destination in the World”, according to Robb Report, the owner and chef have continued to evolve Quince’s international menu. Stuffed lobster drizzled with chile Manzano cream, crispy kale leaves atop black truffle risotto, and the Texas steakhouse filet are just some of the highlights of the menu.

Quince Rooftop
Quince Rooftop
Quince Rooftop
Quince Rooftop

Quince’s lead partner hosts his chefs every few months in one of his favorite culinary cities, including Lima, New Orleans, New York and Mexico City, just to name a few. These global stops have provided unique inspiration for Quince’s menu. After visiting Peru, Quince’s culinary team created a menu of delectable sushi creations that use Japanese techniques, Peruvian spices, and sometimes include some Mexican pepper heat or Texas-style accents.

As the evenings progress at Quince, stunning sunsets appear, and the energy escalates. The music is happy, hip, and familiar to most generations, and ushers a multicultural clientele into the night. Quince’s mixology, rated top 10 in Mexico, is prepared while the mixologists showcase their tricks and impress guests with uniquely curated cocktails.

Quince is not only a bar or a rooftop destination, it’s a complete experience and a gift to one’s soul.


Cuna de Allende 15, Zona Centro, Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Thursday: 12:00 pm – 1:00 am
  • Friday: 12:00 pm – 2:00 am
  • Saturday: 11:00 am – 2:00 am
  • Sunday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am

Website: www.quincerooftop.com

Instagram: @quincerooftop

Facebook: Quince Rooftop

2. Cityzen Rooftop Bar
/ Mexico City

Best Rooftop Bars Mexico - 2 Cityzen Bar
Cityzen Rooftop Bar - Photo: www.sofitel-mexico-city.com

Located on the 38th floor of Mexico City's famous Hotel Sofitel, Cityzen Rooftop Bar offers both an exclusive atmosphere and jaw-dropping views of one of the world' busiest cities.

Cityzen Bar has both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a large semi-open terrace from which you can enjoy unimpeded 180-degree views to the Chapultepec Castle, the Paseo de la Reforma, and the Angel de la Independencia.

Open daily from 3:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Cityzen boasts an exclusive atmosphere, relaxing music, minimalist and tasteful decoration, as well as a rooftop pool, though the latter is reserved for clients of the hotel.

Helmed by award-winning mixologist Riester Morales, who won the Grand Marnier award in 2018, Cityzen offers high-end spirits, delicious tequilas, mezcals, and a collection of both classic and signature cocktails.

Cocktails like the Montparnasse and Mexican Eagle, mix French-style mixology techniques and Mexican ingredients and spirits to create innovative and adventurous signature cocktails that can be enjoyed by the glass or by the jug.

Cityzen also offers a small but delicious food menu that features items like sliders with a Mexican twist and other crowd-pleasers.

The bar also features a small but delicious menu of mocktails and smoothies, in case you want to enjoy the atmosphere without drinking.


Av. Paseo de la Reforma 297, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Visit website

3. Casa del Rector
/ Guanajuato

Best Rooftop Bars Mexico - Casa del Rector
Casa del Rector - Photo: www.casadelrector.com

Overlooking one of Guanajuato's most famous streets, and boasting jaw-dropping views of the colorful city, Casa del Rector is an adult-only boutique hotel that offers not only amazing service but one of the city's coolest rooftop bars

Casa del Rector is also home to one of Guanajuato's few rooftop pools, which only adds to the appeal of this 19th-century refurbished and repurposed boutique hotel.

Equipped with both indoor and outdoor seated, furnished with simple yet comfortable seating areas, and decorated with lush greenery and green walls, Casa del Rector Rooftop Bar is a pleasure to visit no matter the time of the day.

Start your visit to Guanajuato with a delicious coffee, drop by in the middle of the day for a splash, and a fresh cocktail or dine while overlooking one of Mexico's most romantic cities. The choice is yours to make.

Up here, the atmosphere is exclusive and relaxed, providing an oasis and a perfect place for relaxation that you won't find elsewhere in the city.

While the on-site bar has a wide selection of beers, cocktails, and world-spirit, wines are the true star of the show, with an extensive collection with wines from all over the world that you can enjoy while overlooking a sunset over the city.


Positos 33, Zona Centro, 36000 Guanajuato, Gto

Visit website

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4. Luna Tapas Bar
/ San Miguel de Allende

Best Rooftop Bars Mexico - Luna Tapas Bar
Luna Tapas Bar - Photo: www.rosewoodhotels.com

Located on top of one of San Miguel's most luxurious hotels, the Rooftop Bar Rosewood offers great views of San Miguel's historic and modern skyline.

Located on the 5th floor, the terrace is a small and exclusive affair, providing both indoor and outdoor seating options, as well as a fantastic rooftop pool with great views to the city.

Comfortable sun loungers, large lounge sofas, plush chairs, and coffee tables adorn all corners of this beautiful rooftop terrace. If you're not a fan of the sun, large umbrellas protect you from it, and there are roofed areas without walls where you can enjoy a more refreshing experience without sacrificing the views.

The rooftop bar is small and straightforward, offering cocktails, world-spirits, beers, and wines, the latter coming from Hotel Rosewood's own reserve.

The hotel has a second, much larger bar available, though this one is located underground, which makes it the perfect choice for those looking to experience yet another unique venue.


Nemesio Diez 11, Zona Centro, Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto

Visit website

5. The Rooftop at The Cape
/ Cabo San Lucas

Best Rooftop Bars Mexico - The Rooftop at The Cape
The Rooftop at The Cape - Photo: www.thompsonhotels.com

Opened in 2015, The Rooftop at the Cape offers excellent service, incredible views, and one of the best nightlife atmospheres in the entire city.

Located on top of the Thomson Hotel at Sunset Point, this sixth-floor venue is known for its beautiful architecture, chic furnishings, fantastic sunset views, and its drinks.

World beers, local craft beers, world spirits, a variety of signature and classic cocktails, and even some wines make a visit to The Rooftop one that won't be easily forgotten.

Live music and DJs are a common sight, as are private events, so make sure to call and inquire about availability before visiting.

The Rooftop opens from 6 pm until late at night, which means the atmosphere is relaxed and private in the early afternoon but picks up tremendously once night falls.

Though the bar is at its busiest during the nights, it's a good idea to show up early if you want to enjoy the views; The Rooftop is a well-known spot for sunset watching, and coupled with its delicious signature cocktails, it may be hard to score a terrace table.


México 1 Km 5, Misiones del Cabo, 23455 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S

Visit website

6. Supra
/ Mexico City

Best Rooftop Bars Mexico - Supra

Opened in 2019, Supra is one of Mexico City's latest and most exclusive rooftop bars, as not only do you need a reservation to visit, but you also need an invitation.

This casual, yet high-end venue offers awe-worthy views of the Colonia Roma, one of Mexico City's most exclusive neighborhoods, as well as truly unique drinks and food that mix elements of Mexico and the Middle East.

Boasting both indoor and outdoor seating options, as well as a large terrace, Supra is a tasteful and comfortable venue where you can kick back and relax in style, overlooking the city while enjoying the live DJ shows available for your enjoyment.

Decoration and furnishing-wise, expect earthy tones, comfortable lounge areas, dining tables artfully organized around the terrace, and lush greenery.

Food-wise, expect daring and rich combinations, as well as filling portions and reasonable prices.

Though Supra operates as a restaurant first and as a bar second, they boast a large drink menu that includes beers, wines, tequila, mezcal, world-spirits and a variety of cocktails, including signature cocktails that mix the best of Mexican and Middle Eastern mixology.

Reservations are a must, so call well-beforehand and prepare to wait.


Av de los Insurgentes Sur 34, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Visit website

7. Be Playa
/ Playa del Carmen

Best Rooftop Bars Mexico - Be Playa
Be Playa - Photo: www.beplaya.com

One of the very first rooftop pools in Playa del Carmen, Be Playa is known for its large pool, colorful decorations, fantastic drinks, and excellent service.

Though Be Playa isn't the largest or highest rooftop bar in town, it's one of the most famous when it comes to partying, thanks to its lively atmosphere, accessible prices, pool parties, and live music.

Particularly popular amongst the younger crowd, Be Playa isn't a great place to relax, but as far as meeting people from all over the world goes, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better location.

Poolside service, ocean views, located near Playa's most popular touristic street and fantastic service, make Be Playa an obligated stop for visitors looking to enjoy the quintessential Spring Break experience.

Though the rooftop bar doesn't serve food, it's possible to order food from the restaurant downstairs and bring it upstairs.

Be Playa is also a beautiful and chic boutique hotel, which makes it the perfect spot for those looking to sleep and party in the same place. That said, it does get loud during Sunday pool parties, so keep that in mind if you're thinking about making reservations.


10 Avenida Nte. s/n, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R.

Visit website

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8. Thompson Hotel
/ Playa del Carmen

Best Rooftop Bars Mexico - Thompson Hotel
Thompson Hotel - Photo: www.thompsonhotels.com

A relatively new addition to Playa del Carmen's modest skyline, the Thompson Hotel takes ultra-modernity and style to the next level, and that goes double for its fantastic rooftop pool and bar.

Equipped with a variety of seating options, like sun loungers, pool loungers, lounge sofas, recliners, dining tables, and offering both indoor and outdoor seating options, the Thompson rooftop bar is one of the best venues the city has to offer.

The pool is rather peculiar, as it's very long but also narrow, resembling a river rather than a traditional pool. Its location right next to glass walls only adds to the charm and gives it beautiful views of the nearby ocean.

Though the Thomspon Hotel isn't a beachfront property, its palm-trees, luscious greenery, comfortable installations, relaxing atmosphere, and top-notch service more than makes up for it.

As with everything else, the Thompson also excels when it comes to its drinks and food. Drink wise, expect world-spirits, beers, wines, and a fantastic collection of expertly mixed cocktails.

Food-wise, you can enjoy traditional bar bites, or order seafood-based dishes from the hotel's restaurant, Catch.

Speaking of the terrace, The Rooftop has both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a variety of seating options. Barside stools, small standing tables, lounge sofas, private and public areas, etc.

Some offer shade for those who need it, and others are out in the open, to ensure you get a fantastic tan.


Calle 12 entre 5ta Ave. y 10 S/N, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R.

Visit website

9. El Mayor
/ Mexico City

Best Rooftop Bars Mexico - El Mayor
El Mayor - Photo: www.elmayor.com

Set on top of the traditional publishing house and the Porua Bookstore, just a block away from the Mexico Zócalo, you find the lovely rooftop restaurant and bar called El Mayor. A great spot for mixing tasty Mexican food with fantastic views.

With location right by the archaeological zone of the Templo Mayor, the third floor terrace offers great and historically filled vistas over the Metropolitan Cathedral, the ruins, the city main square and the buildings of colonial and modern Mexico.

Historical in location, contemporary in design, the spacious wooden decked terrace is surrounded by vegetation and equipped with modern furniture. Seats are available both in the sun and under large awnings.

The kitchen at El Mayor offers classic Mexican food with a contemporary touch, ranging from quesadillas to salmon glazed with three chiles. From the rooftop bar you can order everything from cold beer and classic cocktails to premium spirits and lemonade.

Open during daytime, El Mayor is a fantastic spot for breakfast, lunch or just some sunny cocktails with a view. Expect great service and a lovely ambience.


Av. República de Argentina 15, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro, 06020 Ciudad de México, CDMX

More info

10. Terraza Cha Cha Chá
/ Mexico City

Best Rooftop Bars Mexico - Terraza Cha Cha Chá
Terraza Cha Cha Chá - Photo: www.grupopalmares.com.mx

Elegant, chic, great food and drinks, plus fantastic views over the the Revolution Monument. Terraza Cha Cha Chá rooftop bar and restaurant has pretty much all one can wish for.

Set up on the sixth floor, right by Plaza de la República, Terraza Cha Cha Chá comes with seating both inside and out on the lovely terrace. Trendy and tropical, the decoration is just about as fine as the views.

Up here you can enjoy tasty Mexican dishes with an international touch, most of them made perfect to share. There are tacos, meats and delicacies from the sea, all served with a side of cactus salad.

To complement the food, the rooftop bar offers unique and crafted cocktails, a wide variety of Mexican beer, lots of mezcals and tequilas and a nice selection of wines.

Open from around noon to late at night, Terraza Cha Cha Chá is a fantastic spot for both a long and relaxing lunch (with cooling drinks, of course), as well as for late night gatherings when the atmosphere really gets going.

Good service and a very attentive staff, nice music from the speakers and a trendy yet casual vibe all around. Terraza Cha Cha Chá rooftop bar and restaurant is truly a great spot for gathering a group of friends and enjoy days and nights out with lovely views.


De La República 157, Tabacalera, 06030 Cuauhtemoc, CDMX

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