Seville rooftop bar: Maríatrifulca

Rooftop bar Mariatrifulca in Seville
Rooftop bar Mariatrifulca in Seville
Rooftop bar Mariatrifulca in Seville
Rooftop bar Mariatrifulca in Seville
Rooftop bar Mariatrifulca in Seville
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Maríatrifulca - rooftop bar in Seville

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Last updated: August 25, 2020


  • 2nd floor
  • River views
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Romantic

Located in a charming white building at the end of Triana bridge, Maríatrifulca comes with bar, dining room, bodega and (best of all) two lovely rooftop terraces. This is actually one of few places in Seville where you can get an upper level view over the green-tinted Guadalquivir river.

While Mariatrifulca does come with an indoor bar, it is first and foremost a seafood restaurant, and the outdoor terraces are reserved for dinner guests.

In a fine-dining and romantic setting, with white table cloths and cosy lighting, you can enjoy a wide range of seafood delights. From bluefin tuna and sea bass, to some more meaty "land in sight" options. The food is complemented with an impressive selection of wines, as well as a large array of cocktails.

Visit for a cosy evening overlooking the water and the Seville rooftops. Just be sure to make reservations well in advance, as Maríatrifulca is a highly popular venue.

Puente de Triana, Plaza del Altozano, Esquina, 41010 Seville
+34 954 33 03 47
Monday:20.00 - 03.00
Tuesday:20.00 - 03.00
Wednesday:20.00 - 03.00
Thursday:20.00 - 03.00
Friday:20.00 - 03.00
Saturday:20.00 - 03.00
Sunday:20.00 - 03.00
River, rooftops
Smart casual

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