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Find the very best rooftop bars Seville, with this ultimate guide, packed with all info you need about each terrace. Opening hours, dress codes, pics, maps and much more.

Seville is a classic and genuine city in the south regions of Spain. Blessed with a perfect rooftop climate, the city comes with lots of charming and elevated terrace, many of the looking out over the mighty cathedral. But which is the best rooftop bar Seville? Just scroll down and find the Seville rooftop bar best suited for you.

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Rooftop bar Seville Terraza Hotel Doña María in Seville

Terraza Hotel Doña María

$$$ | 5th floor | Santa Cruz
  • Highlights
  • Rooftop pool
  • Creative cocktails
  • Live music

This is Seville's first terrace bar and probably also the one with the best views of La Giralda and the Cathedral. With several levels and areas of seating, the Hotel Doña María terrace is more old-school, rustic and charming than modern and fancy. But that just fits the surroundings perfectly. Enjoy a large selection of creative, tasty and potent cocktails, along with a fantastic sunset and late nights of jazz, blues, flamenco and DJ session vibes.

Rooftop bar Seville Pura Vida Terraza in Seville

Pura Vida Terraza

$$$ | 3rd floor | Santa Cruz
  • Highlights
  • Live acts
  • Cathedral views
  • Summer beach club

Located in the Santa Cruz area, on the roof terrace of the boutique hotel Fontecruz Sevilla Seises, the lovely and bohemian Pura Vida rooftop bar provides a magical and up-close view of the cathedral and La Giralda. Inspired by Costa Rica, the vibrant and relaxed terrace offers live accoustic acts along wit a mix of refreshing cocktails, ice cold beers and an ever changing menu of tapas. During summer, the Beach Club SLOW and the lovely rooftop pool is open for both hotel and outside guests.

Rooftop bar Seville The Corner House in Seville

The Corner House

$$$ | 3rd floor | Alameda de Hercules
  • Highlights
  • Beautiful terrace
  • Chill-out
  • Vibrant area

Found in the heart of the trendy and vibrant Plaza Alameda de Hércules, The Corner House is not only a chic hotel, but also home to one of the most beautiful Seville rooftop bars. With the look and feel of a lounge garden, the bright and airy rooftop comes equipped with Acapulco chairs, beanbags, overhanging plants and some fantastic views over the buzzing square below. Chill-out and friendly in atmosphere, the rooftop bar serves a great selection of refreshing drinks, from classic cocktails and spritzers to wine and craft beers.

Rooftop bar Seville La terazza de EME at EME Catedral Hotel in Seville

La Terazza de EME

$$$$ | 4th floor | Santa Cruz
  • Highlights
  • Rooftop pool
  • 360-view
  • Crafted cocktails

A stylish and sophisticated roof terrace perched on top of the fantastic EME Catedral Hotel. Located just a few steps from the impressive cathedral, the close-up views over La Giralda are majestic, and complemented with panoramic vistas of the Seville skyline. Set over two levels, the modern and trendy terrace is towards upscale, but still with a relaxed and casual vibe. Enjoy high quality service, delicious cocktails, tasty bites and a chic lounge vibe, 365 days a year.

Rooftop bar Seville La Giralda at Eurostars Sevilla Boutique in Seville

La Giralda at Eurostars Sevilla Boutique

$$$ | 4th floor | Santa Cruz
  • Highlights
  • La Giralda views
  • Sophisticated
  • Cocktail bar

Given the name, it should come as no surprise that the rooftop bar of the Eurostars Sevilla Boutique comes with some fantastic views over the famous clock tower and the cathedral. Set over two levels, the Giralda Terrace is modern and sophisitcated in setting and atmosphere, equipped with both comfy lounge chairs and more regular bar stools / tables. From the stylish looking rooftop bar you can order resfreshing and crafted cocktails, as well as a nice selection of classic Andalucian tapas.

Rooftop bar Seville Gourmet Experience Duque in Seville

Gourmet Experience Duque

$$$ | 5th floor | El Corte Ingles
  • Highlights
  • Food market
  • Skyline views
  • Shopping center

A somewhat different and unique rooftop bar in Seville, given that it is located up on the roof terrace of the department store El Corte Ingles. From the terrace you get a superb view over Seville and its skyline, with the Cathedral as the main attraction. Friendly and relaxed in ambience, this is not one restaurant, but a full on food market. Choose and order inside and bring your food out to the terrace. There is also a full-service rooftop bar offering a wide variety of crafted cocktails.

Rooftop bar Seville La Terraza at Hotel Inglaterra in Seville

La Terraza at Hotel Inglaterra

$$$$ | 6th floor | Plaza Nueva
  • Highlights
  • Signature cocktails
  • 360-view
  • Relaxing

Perched on top of Hotel Inglaterra, La Terraza is somewhat a hidden gem. This large and modern Seville rooftop bar is located in the heart of old town, right on Plaza Nueva, and offers an amazing 360-view over the entire city skyline. Decorated with a long and stylish bar and lots of front-row lounge furniture, this is a great spot for relaxing and sophisticated sunset drinks, enjoying a large menu of crafted cocktails, a nice selections of wines and also some tasty bar bites.

Rooftop bar Seville Fulton Terraza at Palacio Alcazar in Seville

Fulton Terraza at Palacio Alcazar

$$ | 3rd floor | Santa Cruz
  • Highlights
  • Alcázar views
  • Small & charming
  • Open daily

Set just steps from the Catedral de Sevilla and Alcázar Palace, Hotel Palacio Alcázar offers the smallest, but also one of the most charming rooftop terraces in Seville. Called Fulton Terraza, here you get some of the very best views over the walls and towers of the Alcázar, as well as over the famous cathedral dome. Surrounded with oleander and olive trees, the terrace comes with a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Open daily from morning to midnight, the rooftop bar offers classic cocktails, wine, beers and Mediterranean inspired dishes.

Rooftop bar Seville Maríatrifulca in Seville


$$$$ | 2nd floor | Triana
  • Highlights
  • River views
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Romantic

Found at the end of Triana bridge, Maríatrifulca comes with two lovely rooftop terraces, and this is actually one of few places in Seville where you can get an upper level view over the green-tinted Guadalquivir river. While there is an indoor bar, this venue is first and foremost a seafood restaurant, and the outdoor terraces are reserved for dinner guests. In a fine-dining and romantic setting, you can enjoy a wide range of seafood delights, complemented with an impressive selection of wines.

Rooftop bar Seville Roof at Casa Romana Hotel Boutique in Seville

Roof at Casa Romana Hotel Boutique

$$$ | 4th floor | Old Town
  • Highlights
  • Two levels
  • 360-view
  • Resident DJ

The multi-level Roof is a cool and relaxed rooftop bar in Seville, located at the Casa Romana Hotel Boutique's top floor. The rooftop terrace offers a nice 360-degree view of the neighborhood of Las Setas and its surroundings. Very loungy in vibe, usually with a resident DJ playing soft tunes in the background, this is a great spot for a couple of cocktails and tapas with a group of friends, chatting and enjoying the chill-out atmosphere.

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City info

Rooftop bar Seville

Rooftop-grade: 7/10
Prime season: March-Nov
Residents: 1,3 millions
Climate: mediterranean

Which are the best rooftops in Seville? This complete guide will help you find the best rooftop bars in Seville. Seville is Spain's warmest city with an average temperature of about 18.5 degrees annually. This results in that the rooftop bars in Seville being open all year round.

The terrace bars here are often luxurious, located on a hotel and with a view of the famous cathedral.

Expect tasty cocktails, nice views and well made spanish food when visiting a rooftop bar in Seville. There's a lot of Seville bars and hopefully we will see more roof terraces in the near future.

About Seville

Seville is Spain's fourth largest city and it is also the capital of the region of Andalusia. Seville is perhaps most famous as being the starting point for Christopher Columbus when he began his journey and discovered America. Famous sights in the city is the cathedral and the Alcazar. Many foreign and domestic tourists come here every year during the annual tomato festival La Tomatina.