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Rooftop Bars Porto

2024 update
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Country Portugal
Currency Euro
Best time to visit May - October
Rooftop grade 7/10
Rooftop Bar Porto
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Porto Rooftop Guide

Updated:September 2, 2023

What do you need to mix beautiful views over Porto with some sun and a nice coaktail? Easy, you need a Porto rooftop bar. Luckily enough, this complete guide will lead you straight to the rooftop bars Porto you are looking for and deserve. Packed with all info you need about each venue: opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more.

Porto is a real gem along the Atlantic coast line in Portugal, and here you can find both luxurious rooftop restaurants and more charming and lush terrace. The one thing they all have in common is service of the famous Port wine. So, which is the best rooftop Porto? Just scroll down and find the Porto rooftop bar best suited for you.

The list

14 best rooftop bars in Porto

Rooftop bar Porto Terrace Lounge 360º in Porto

Terrace Lounge 360º

$$$ | 4th floor | Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Highlights
  • Summer lunch
  • 360º view
  • Great atmosphere

Perched on top of Espaço Porto Cruz, a space developed to celebrate the culture of port wine. Located just of Luís I Bridge, on the Vila Nova de Gaia side, the space offers wine shop, tasting rooms, restaurant and a lovely cocktail bar and rooftop terrace. Modern in decor, with comfy lounge sofas and a fantastic 360º view over the Douro River and the Porto and Gaia riverfronts, the rooftop bar offers innovative ways to taste the Port wine. All in a great and vibrant lounge atmosphere.

Rooftop bar Porto Rooftop Flores in Porto

Rooftop Flores

$$$ | 4th floor | Rua das Flores
  • Highlights
  • Hidden gem
  • Panoramic views
  • Garden feel

On top of the Museu da Misericórdia do Porto you find a hidden Porto rooftop gem, called Rooftop Flores. The charming, intimate and beautiful rooftop has the look and feel of a rooftop garden, surrounded with panoramic views over downtown Porto, the Porto Cathedral and the Luís I Bridge in the background. The rooftop offers a lunch menu, and light meal and tapas later on, along with a wide selection of both port wine and port wine cocktails, refreshing spritzers, wine and sparkling.

Rooftop bar Porto LIFT Rooftop ViaCatarina in Porto

LIFT Rooftop ViaCatarina

$$$ | 14th floor | Bolhão
  • Highlights
  • Fantastic views
  • Live DJs
  • Vibrant

Found on the 14th floor of the ViaCatarina Shopping car park, LIFT Rooftop offers a beautiful setting and some of the very best views found in all of Porto. Open daily during the warmer season, this rooftop Porto works as both a bar and restaurant, with a menu that includes a range of light meals, as well as several creative cocktails and other refreshing drinks. Most famous for however the vibrant music program, with live DJs keeping the atmoshphere high from Wednesday to Sunday.

Rooftop bar Porto 17º Restaurante & Bar in Porto

17º Restaurante & Bar

$$$$ | 17th floor | Bolhão
  • Highlights
  • Restaurant
  • Panoramic views
  • Signature cocktails

150 meters up at the Hotel Dom Henrique Downtown, this Porto rooftop bar and restaurant comes with a completely fabulous view over the city. Modern, stylish and all-year indoor space, the best time is of course when the weather is nice and the outdoor terrace is open. Or terraces, as there is both a restaurant-level and a bar-level terrace. At the 17º Restaurante you can enjoy authentic and masterful dishes from the Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine, while the 17º Rooftop Bar offers a large selection of crafted cocktails and wines.

Rooftop bar Porto Duoro Sky Lounge in Porto

Duoro Sky Lounge

$$$ | 5th floor | Foz
  • Highlights
  • Lovely views
  • Indoor + Outdoor
  • Vibrant

Located at hotel Vincci Porto, set right by the river, Duoro Sky Lounge offers al-fresco vibes and views all summer long. Bright, open and natural in setting, the summer terrace comes with comfy lounge sofas, bar stools and a cool rooftop bar, where you can order from a varied menu of crafted cocktails, refreshing sangrias and tasty bites. Open daily from around noon to midnight, this Porto rooftop bar comes with a vibrant atmosphere and quite a busy event-schedule.

Rooftop bar Porto PortoBello Rooftop Restaurant & Bar in Porto

PortoBello Rooftop Bar

$$$ | 8th floor | Bolhão
  • Highlights
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Sunset views
  • Modern lounge

Located on top of Hotel Premium Porto Downtown, this stunning roof terrace offers views over virtually all the famous monuments of Porto. Modern and stylishly decorated with comfortable sofas and sun loungers, PortoBello is both a rooftop lounge and a Portuguese restaurant serving good and qualitative Portuguese cuisine and a very wide range of different wines. Calm and harmonious in atmosphere, and a great spot for a relaxing cocktail around sunset.

Rooftop bar Porto The Yeatman in Porto

The Yeatman

$$$$ | 8th floor | Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Highlights
  • Luxurious
  • Panoramic views
  • Infinity pool

Found in Vila Nova de Gaia, the luxury wine hotel The Yeatman has a whole lot to offer, including several absolutely spectacular Porto rooftop experiences. The very best one might be the decanter shape infinity pool, where guests staying at the hotel can swim and relax with panoramic views over the city of Porto and the Douro River. For non-hotel guest who wants to enjoy the panoramics, there is both a rooftop restaurant called The Orangerie, and rooftop bar called Dick’s Bar & Bistro.

Rooftop bar Porto Mirajazz in Porto


$$$ | 2nd floor | Miragaia
  • Highlights
  • Jazz shows
  • River views
  • Relaxing

Belonging to Grupo Musical de Miragaia, Mirajazz is a relaxing and charming Porto rooftop bar, offering a mix of incredible views and jazz shows. Reached by climbing the steep Caminho Novo Stairs, the venue holds an elevated position, which means a terrace with fantastic vistas over the Douro River. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of cocktails, brews, Portugese wine and non-alcoholic drinks, and vibrant jazz shows in the afternoons.

Rooftop bar Porto Graça Rooftop Bar in Porto

Graça Rooftop Bar

$$$ | 4th floor | Aliados
  • Highlights
  • Casual
  • Live music + events
  • Lovely views

A casual and charming Porto rooftop, located on top of the Rivoli Cinema Hostel, right in the heart of town. Set over two floors, with both indoor lounge and an outdoor terrace, where comfy sofas and chairs are complemented with plants and a lovely view over the city rooftops. With an 'all-are-welcome' atmosphere, Graça Rooftop Bar serves drinks, views and often live music nightly from Wednesday to Sunday. The regular menu, filled with refreshing cocktails, Douro wines and some snacks, is often also complemented with Sunday BBQs.

Rooftop bar Porto Miradouro Ignez in Porto

Miradouro Ignez

$$$ | 3rd floor | Miragaia
  • Highlights
  • Two terraces
  • River views
  • Relaxing

With a dual set of exceptional balcony terraces, Miradouro Ignez offers some truly breathtaking views over the city of Porto and the Douro River. While there is also interior seating available, it's the rustic-charming outside terraces that really makes this a special place. Open from around noon to midnight, you can visit for sunny lunches, panoramic after-work drinks, or relaxing dinners with the twinkling city as backdrop.

Rooftop bar VINUM Restaurant & Wine Bar in Porto

VINUM Restaurant & Wine Bar

$$$$ | 2nd floor | Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Highlights
  • Beautiful view
  • Charming setting
  • Large selection of wines

Located at Graham's Port Lodge, VINUM Restaurant & Wine Bar might not offer the highest Porto rooftop bar, but it sure is one of the more charming. Surrounded with greenery, the Wine Bar terrace comes with some fantastic views over the city of Porto, the Douro River and the unique Dom Luís I Bridge. Not surprising, the rooftop features a careful selection of wines, but also a menu with lighter meals and sharing plates. Combine your visit to the Wine Bar terrace with a lunch or dinner at the VINUM Restaurant for the complete ezperience.

Rooftop bar Porto Ontop at HF Ipanema Park in Porto

Ontop at HF Ipanema Park

$$$ | 15th floor | Lordelo do Ouro
  • Highlights
  • Rooftop pool
  • Fantastic views
  • Nightly open to all

Exclusive terrace and rooftop pool for guests during the day, but at night all are welcome to enjoy the rooftop fun Ontop at the HF Ipanema Park. With fantastic views over Porto and the Douro River, this rooftop Porto comes packed with good music and a vibrant atmosphere. Famous for its wide range of tasty signature cocktails, the menu also includes the 'regulars' like wine and beer.

Rooftop bar Porto Rooftop at Porto Coliseum Hotel in Porto

Rooftop at Porto Coliseum Hotel

$$$ | 6th floor | Bolhão
  • Highlights
  • Casual & relaxing
  • Breakfast rooftop

Located in the heart of Porto, the recently renovated Porto Coliseum Hotel comes with a lovely rooftop terrace, offering grand views over downtown. At the moment only serving rooftop breakfast for guests staying at the hotel every morning, the Porto Coliseum rooftop is otherwise usually also open for all to enjoy bites and drinks most nights of the week. Casual and relaxing in setting and atmosphere, the rooftop bar offers a menu including classic cocktails, Port wine and champagne, as well as a nice selection of tapas-style bites.

Rooftop bar Porto AUGE Porto in Porto

AUGE Porto

$$$$ | 19th floor | Boavista
  • Highlights
  • Restaurant + Cocktail bar
  • Michelin-starred chef
  • Port wine cocktails

On top of the five-star Porto Palácio Hotel by The Editory you used to find the VIP Lounge. But since 2020, the venue is home to AUGE Porto, which is both a restaurant, a wine cellar and a rooftop cocktail bar. To some fantastic views over Porto, AUGE serves signature dishes by Michelin-starred Chef André Silva, complemented with an impressive wine list. Or you just head to the rooftop cockatil bar, where you can enjoy a range of signature cocktails based on Port wine.

Hans Ebenman
Hans Ebenman

Hans has visited over 500 rooftop bars, 200 rooftop pools and 300 rooftop restaurants since 2015. This vast experience has made Hans a true rooftop expert, and one of the most knowledgeable in the field. Today, numerous of travel magazines, bloggers and media websites contact Hans to get his expertise on rooftops.

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City info

Rooftop bar Porto

Rooftop-grade: 7/10

Prime season: May - Oct

Residents: 1,4 millions

Climate: Mediterranean

Which are the best rooftops bars Porto? This complete guide will help you find the best rooftop bars in Porto. When it comes to rooftop bars in Porto, there are a lot of good ones. Most of the terrace bars here are located at hotels - usually the more luxurious hotels.

From the rooftops in the city, you often get a magical view of the Porto skyline, the sea and the river Douro.

Regarding special drinks that is known in Porto, the Port wine stands out as the special one at most the bars. But of course, the most classic cocktails are also available.

Most of the rooftop bars in Porto are equipped with comfortable lounge furnitures and smaller restaurants. The heights of the terraces variable from anywhere from the 2nd to 15th floor, resulting in the outlook and the views you get from the rooftops can vary a lot.

So carefully check out what suits you best. Is it good food, delicious drinks, magnificent views or party atmosphere?

All information about Porto’s rooftop bars can be found under each rooftopt. Here we list opening hours, dress code, price range, food, pictures, information, social media links, map, website, hotel reservation and comments from TripAdvisor.

About Porto

Porto is Portugal's second largest city with 1.4 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. The city is located in the north of Portugal, just where the great river Douros flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Porto has long been an important port city with lots of exports and imports. Until 2001, the city was one of Europe's cultural capitals. Porto has primarily become known through the production of the famous wine - Port Wine. Port wine is exported to dozens of countries worldwide. Other stuff that the city is famous for is their football team FC Porto, which won the Champions League in 2004 and often boasts itself as the Portuguese champions.