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Rooftop bar Taipei

Rooftop-grade: 4/10
Prime season: all year
Residents: 6,5 millions
Climate: humid subtropical

The warm climate contributes to the rooftop bars in Taipei being able to stay open all year round. Unfortunately, there are not that many rooftop bar in Taipei. Which is very unusual for being i big city in Asia.

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About Taipei

Taipei is Taiwan's largest city and its capital. Taipei is also Taiwan's central office in terms of economy, politics and culture. The city is surrounded by the rivers Sindian, Danshuie and Keelung. The city's large main attraction is the skyscraper Taipei 101. Since the city is situated in a valley the climate is very humid and hot. And it is not unusual with typhoons here, especially between June and October. If you want to get ahead smoothly in the traffic here, you should go by vespa - or scooter as they are called here. Scooters have special traffic rules and are allowed to go between the cars and sometimes even against the traffic.