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Rooftop bar Athens Tudor Hall Restaurant Rooftop bar Athens Tudor Hall Restaurant
Tudor Hall Restaurant
Right in the heart of Athens you will find this oasis, located on the 7th floor of the King George II Palace Hotel. From the roof terrace you get...
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Rooftop bar Athens Roof Garden Snack Bar Rooftop bar Athens Roof Garden Snack Bar
Roof Garden Snack Bar
This rooftop bar has an incredible view and a location that is just perfect. The actual bar is quite simple and small, but with a good selection of...
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Rooftop bar & Athens

Rooftop-grade: 7/10
Prime season: April-Nov
Residents: 4,2 millions
Climate: Mediterranean

There's a wide range of rooftop bars in Athens with magical rooftop terraces. Most of them centrally located overlooking some of the city's cultural heritage. The warm climate makes Athens a perfect city to visit if you like rooftop bars. Most rooftop bars in Athens are located around the Acropolis. Athens size, superb climate and great location means that the city has a lot of rooftop bars. With our site you will find the best that Athens has to offer. The roof terraces are often located at one of the hotels in the central parts of Athens. For being such a gigantic city, which Athens is, most of the rooftop bars here are within walking distance of each other. Perfect for those who want to visit several roof terraces in Athens during one day.

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About Athens

Athens is Greece's largest city and also the capital with almost 40 % of the nation’s population. The most central part of Athens is Syntagma, Constitution Square, where, among other things, the Greek Parliament, Vouli ton Ellinon, is located. Syntagma Square is also one of the tourists' favorite destinations, because of the great amount of cultural monuments. The area also has several museums, the old town of Plaka and one of the world's most famous rocks Acropolis with the Parthenon on top.

Food, drink and party on rooftop bars in Athens

Greece (and Athens in particular) is very famous for its delicious native food. Olives, tomatoes, grilled food, feta, moussaka, tzatziki, souvlaki to name a few, are all very good ingredients and dishes you can enjoy at the rooftop bars in Athens. Regarding drinks, classic cocktails are very common, and also fine wines, cold beer and of course Greece's national drink - ouzo. The rooftop bars in Athens are more of peaceful character than wild party. It’s advisable to sit down and drink cocktails while enjoying the magnificent views you get from the roof terraces.

Alltitude and views from the rooftop bars in Athens

Athens is not a high stack city in terms of houses and buildings. Despite this, there are several rooftop bars in Athens with a magical view. The views you get from the rooftops are great considering all the historical monuments the city has to offer. A common denominator for most rooftop bars in Athens is the view of the Acropolis. In the evenings, it is really impressive with the illuminated monuments that dominate the view of Athens.

Other attractions in Athens

Athens is a city with many attractions. Historical buildings and monuments, beaches, shopping, etc. Foremost it is the Acropolis that one should visit. This historic site attracts hordes of tourists every year. For 12 euros you can walk around and experience everything Acropolis has to offer. Museum, guided tours etc. The Archaeological Museum is also a great alternative for those who like history. One of the best museums throughout the world in terms of antiquates.

Flights and hotels in Athens

It is quite easy to get by plane to Athens. And the airport is fairly close to the center of Athens, making it fairly easy to get to and from the airport. The city abounds with hotels, many of them with really lovely terraces. Most of the rooftop bars here are located at hotels equipped with good restaurants serving good Greek food. As expected, it is usually hotels with many stars that boast with fine rooftop bars overlooking Athens and the surrounding area. The climate makes Athens an attractive place to visit all year around.