6 best winter open rooftop bars in Madrid open all year round

Get cosy and comfy above the Spanish capital during the colder season, with this guide to great Madrid rooftop venues for year-round fun.

September 4, 2023
Winter rooftop bars in Madrid

Madrid is one of the best cities in Europe when speaking of rooftop bars. There are many superb terraces to visit here, especially during summer, but also in winter.

Even though Madrid can get quite cold during the winter season, you can still enjoy the city views from some rooftop bars here. Some of them are equipped with Tubbo, others have retractable roofs and plenty of heaters. All you need to get a cosy and elevated experience.

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Here’s our list of the best winter open rooftop bars in Madrid, a list made by the world’s leading experts on rooftop bars.

1. La Terraza del Santo Domingo

Winter rooftop bars Madrid - La Terraza del Santo Domingo
La Terraza del Santo Domingo | Photo: https://laterrazadelsantodomingo.es/

Perched on top of Hotel Santo Domingo, this rooftop restaurant and bar is an elevated oasis, right in the heart of Madrid.

Divided into three spaces, La Terraza del Santo Domingo features an interior living room, an open-air upper terrace with panoramic 360º views over Madrid, and a glazed terrace to enjoy 365 days a year, in sunshine or in rain.

The rooftop menu features a tasty selection of Spanish and Mediterranean dishes, served daily as both lunch and dinner, as well as fresh cocktails, brews, wine and sangria.

With an urban and relaxing atmosphere, La Terraza del Santo Domingo is a prime spot to enjoy everything from sunny lunches and beautiful sunset drinks, to cool evenings and charming dinners under the Madrid sky.

During the festive season you can also organize Christmas events at the rooftop, for groups and companys.


  • C. de San Bernardo, 1, 7ª Planta, 28013 Madrid
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2. Gymage Lounge Resort

Winter rooftop bars Madrid - Gymage Lounge Resort
Gymage Lounge Resort | Photo: www.gymage.es/

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, then head out to the Gymage because what this place offers is unmatched.

Is it a gym? A bar? A restaurant? A little bit of everything?

This unique concept mixes wellness with enjoyment by splitting an entire building into five different areas: The terrace, a restaurant, a gym, a shopping center, and an event venue.

The terrace offers ample seats for relaxing as well as a small but charming pool. It also includes a rooftop bar, from which you can order smoothies, coffee, and cocktails.

On the same floor, the restaurant offers burgers, sandwiches and tapas, all with a healthy twist that you're sure to enjoy.

While the Gymmage is particularly popular during the summer, it's open year-round, making it an enjoyable destination for winter as well.

Thanks to Tubbo's and large rooftop tents with plastic windows, everyone can stay warm and cosy while still enjoying the grand views.

Reserve an entire day for this one, because we're sure you won't want to leave anytime soon.


  • Calle de la Luna, 2, 28004 Madrid
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3. El Viajero

Winter rooftop bars Madrid - El Viajero
El Viajero | Photo: www.facebook.com/ElViajeroMadrid

Located in a nineteenth-century building, this restaurant/bar has kept as much charm of the original construction as possible, resulting in a quaint yet modern space that we can't help but to love.

Though El Viajero occupies the entire building, its small and cozy rooftop garden is the restaurant's most popular area, thanks not only to the stunning views of Madrid but also its numerous cocktails, wines, and beers.

The restaurant and the bar –located on the first and second floors respectively– operate separately, but they come together on the third floor, where you can enjoy delicious tapas and pizzas alongside your drinks.

Reservations are only available for the restaurant, so if you want to sit on the rooftop area, make sure to arrive early.


  • Plaza de la Cebada, 11, 28005 Madrid
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4. Doña Luz

Winter rooftop bars Madrid - Doña Luz
Doña Luz | Photo: https://donaluzmadrid.com/

An old-fashioned terrace in all the senses of the world, Doña Luz is a spacious restaurant/bar with jaw-dropping views of Madrid and a charming architecture we're sure you'll love.

Its South-American inspired decor and food make Doña Luz a unique place in Madrid, and its airy construction and relaxed atmosphere make it a great place to relax.

Lunch and dinner are particularly popular in this restaurant, so reservations are recommended.

As far as drink goes, Doña Luz offers the expected beer, wine and spirits choices, but mixes it up with South-American inspired cocktails.

Located right in the heart of Sol and with an easy to miss entrance that translates to privacy, this is a great spot to enjoy a relaxed conversation alongside your drinks.

If you're visiting Madrid during the winter, rest assured. This restaurant has plenty of open areas, but it also has heaters that will keep you warm.


  • Montera, 10-12. Azotea, 28013 Madrid
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5. La Terraza de Oscar

Winter rooftop bars Madrid - La Terraza de Oscar
La Terraza de Oscar | Photo: https://room-matehotels.com

A modern and luxurious bar located in the heart of Madrid, this place offers stunning 360-degree views of the city and front-row seats to the Gran Via.

Equipped with comfortable lounge furniture, Balinese beds, a private swimming pool, and both outdoor and indoor seating areas, La Terraza de Oscar is a popular spot no matter the season.

The rooftop pool is open to the public (during summer season), though you do need to pay a rather hefty fee. That said, it does includes a towel and a glass of cava.

The rooftop bar is open year-round and offers a large menu of drinks, all complemented by the great lounge atmosphere and jaw-dropping views.


  • Plaza de Vázquez de Mella, 12, Madrid
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6. Azotea del Círculo

Winter rooftop bars Madrid - Azotea del Círculo
Azotea del Círculo | Photo: www.azoteadelcirculo.com/

Known as one of Madrid's best bars, Azotea del Círculo is famous for its unbeatable location, amazing views, and generous opening hours.

With a vast terrace, 360-degree views of the city, and comfortable seating options, this is a favored destination for locals and tourists alike, so make sure to arrive on time.

Stylish lounge areas, stools, and even poolside beds make this bar an ideal destination for those who are in no rush whatsoever, as the atmosphere of the Azotea invites you to stay for hours on end.

Open from morning to night, the rooftop restaurant offers Mediterranean-inspired food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as plentiful and delicious brunches during the weekend.

The Azotea del Círculo has an extensive selection of drinks, including wines and beers from all over Europe, as well as several cocktails for your enjoyment.


  • Calle del Marqués de Casa Riera, 2, 28014 Madrid
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Hans Ebenman
Hans Ebenman

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