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Rooftop bar Vienna Ristorante Settimo Cielo in Vienna Rooftop bar Vienna Ristorante Settimo Cielo in Vienna
Ristorante Settimo Cielo
A romantic and cozy rooftop bar in Vienna with stunning views. On the roof terrace - which is located at the Hotel Royal - you can order good...
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Rooftop bar Vienna

Rooftop-grade: 6/10
Prime season: May-Sept
Residents: 2 millions
Climate: temperate

The climate in Vienna is temperate, which means hot summers and cold winters. So the rooftop bars in Vienna are only open during spring, summer and autumn. The rooftop bars in Vienna often have an absolutely magical view of the city and its beautiful surroundings with mountains, valleys and water.

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About Vienna

Vienna is Austria's capital and also largest city. The city is located in eastern Austria at the Danube River. It holds 20% of the Austrian population. Vienna is probably best known for its great music scene. There are not many countries that can boast so many skilled and significant composers that Vienna has during history. Also theater and opera is very popular here, usually with classical music involved.