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Rooftop bar Marseille Hotel Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port in Marseille Rooftop bar Marseille Hotel Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port in Marseille
Hotel Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port
The rooftop bar at Sofitel Marseille offers perhaps the best view you can get throughout Marseille. From the roof terrace you get absolutely magical views of the harbor...
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Rooftop bar Marseille R2 in Marseille Rooftop bar Marseille R2 in Marseille
R2 Marseille
R2 rooftop is a giant rooftop bar in Marseille with a capacity for about 1500 people at the same time. From the rooftop bar you get a magical 360-degree view of the bay...
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Rooftop bar Marseille

Rooftop-grade: 3/10
Prime season: May - Oct
Residents: 1,6 million
Climate: Medditerrenean climate

Rooftop bars are not very common in Marseille. The climate here, however, allows the rooftop bars to stay open almost all year round. Among the rooftop bars that Marseille have, there is a good variety of different types. Super luxury, good food, magical views, party, more relaxed and so on. Usually the views from the rooftop bars extends over the harbor and out to sea, giving a magical view of Marseille and its surroundings. Best time to visit any of the rooftop bars in Marseille is between May and October. When the weather is fairest and the sun is out every day. On the rooftop bars in Marseille they drink mostly cocktails or wine. One of France's best roof terraces are situated right in Marseille at the hotel Sofitel down at the harbor. Click through to rooftop bars in Marseille on this page to get more information, opening hours, etc. of each rooftop.

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About Marseille

Marseille can boast of being France's second largest city after Paris. It is the third most populous city in the country with a population of about 1.6 million. Marseille is also France's oldest city and largest port city, with lots of exports. Mainly to Italy, Spain and North Africa. The climate here is Mediterranean climate, which means mild winters and warm summers. 25% of the city's population originates from North Africa and the city is characterized by influences from there. The port is clearly the pride of Marseille. Primarily the tourists and locals comes here if they want to go out and eat out or entertain themselves.