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Rooftop bar Ibiza Sa Punta Restaurant in Ibiza Rooftop bar Ibiza Sa Punta Restaurant in Ibiza
Sa Punta Restaurant
On this rooftop bar, you'll find one of the best restaurants with good views across Ibiza. During the day, it is pleasant and relaxed atmosphere...
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Rooftop bar Ibiza Up Ibiza Sky Society in Ibiza Rooftop bar Ibiza Up Ibiza Sky Society in Ibiza
Up Ibiza Sky Society
A rooftop bar in Ibiza located on the hotel Ushuaia Beach Hotel. When the slightly cooler evening temperatures arrives this magical rooftop opens...
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Rooftop bar Ibiza

Rooftop-grade: 7/10
Prime season: April-Nov
Residents: 140 000
Climate: mediterranean

Ibiza have a classic Mediterranean climate with warm and sunny summers and slightly cooler winters. This results in that the rooftop bars in Ibiza can stay open all year round. Here you’ll find rooftop bars that suits everyone. Those with little calmer atmosphere and cozy interior, and those with luxurious furnishings and wild party atmosphere. The view from the rooftop bars in Ibiza are magnificent with ocean views and absolutely stunning sunsets. And many of the terraces here are quite undiscovered so far.

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About Ibiza

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to the country Spain. The island belongs to the Balearic Islands and Ibiza is the third largest in the region. If one is to compare a bit in size, Ibiza is 10 times larger than all of Manhattan. Most people know about Ibiza mostly because this is a party mecca where tourists gather to party and listen to House and Techno. Britons and Scandinavians are two of the largest ethnic groups in terms of tourists who comes here every year. The world's most famous DJs and artists perform here every year, which also attracts people from all over the globe.