The 7 most Instagrammed Rooftops in the world

Fill up on elevated inspiration for your next sky-high post!

September 4, 2023
Instagram rooftop bar

One of the most popular things to post on social media and take pictures from when travelling, are rooftop bars. The grand views, fancy cocktails and sunset skies will help you get both memorable and beautiful pics.

We have assembled the ultimate top list on the 7 most Instagrammed rooftop bars in the world. Most of them from Asia or US, as these are popular tourist destinations and a mecca for a rooftop lover. Enjoy!

1. Marina Bay Sands Sky Park
/ Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Marina Bay Sands Marina Bay Sands

About Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Probably the world’s most famous rooftop, and by far the most Instagrammed as well. Mainly because of the big and luxurious rooftop infinity pool located up here. Most pics from here are obviously from the swimming pool. Often with people hanging over the edge with the skyline as a background.

Perched on the 57th floor you’ll find the world’s highest and biggest infinity pool with spectacular views of the Singapore skyline and Marina Bay. On the other side of the terrace you can find rooftop Jacuzzis with view over the ocean. Marina Bay Sands Sky Park have it all.

And for the hungry and thirsty ones, there are several good bars and restaurants located on the same floor, like the CÈ LA VI rooftop bar.

2. 230 Fifth
/ New York

230 Fifth 230 Fifth 230 Fifth

About 230 Fifth

230 Fifth is the most visited rooftop bar in NYC. In most cases by tourists. And they can thank Instagram a lot for this. This rooftop bar has a great visibility on Instagram and has even been seen on big brand pages like Velvet Caviar. Much thanks for being the one of the first rooftop bars in the world with rooftop igloos.

The grand view of the Empire State Building also helps with he popularity and Instagram friendly pictures being taken up here. The roof terrace is very big and can fit a large amount of people at the same time. You can come here for both brunch, lunch, afternoon cocktails or rooftop party.

230 Fifth rooftop bar is located on the 5th Avenue in the middle of Manhattan. Check the event calendar on their website to see if there’s any special event. On evenings like New Year’s, 4th of July and other big occasions there’s often big parties being held up here.

3. Sirocco & Sky Bar
/ Bangkok

Sirocco & Sky Bar Sirocco & Sky Bar Sirocco & Sky Bar

About Sirocco & Sky Bar

This rooftop bar became famous after the classic movie 'The Hangover 2' hit the theaters in 2011 where Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug visited Sirocco & Sky Bar during a classic scene. Sense then Sirocco rooftop bar, located on top of the Lebua Hotel, has become on of the cities most popular tourist attractions. Unfortunately, this has led to expensive prices, touristic feeling and an over crowded terrace. But, for any rooftop lover, this is still a must visit. Like a bucket list rooftop.

There are strict rules to not take pictures in the restaurant and near the bar counter. All pictures must be taken from the stairs or cupola. Despite this, Sirocco & Sky Bar is still one of the most Instagrammed rooftops in the world. Other tips when entering here is to dress for success and bring some extra cash.

4. Vertigo & Moon Bar
/ Bangkok

Vertigo & Moon Bar Vertigo & Moon Bar Vertigo & Moon Bar

About Vertigo & Moon Bar

Many persons mistakes Vertigo & Moon Bar for being the same as Sirocco. They look very similar, are both located at luxurious hotels (this one on top of Banyan Tree) and have fine dining restaurants. But Vertigo & Moon Bar has a way better atmosphere and vibe. Yes, there are a lot of tourists here as well. But not in the same way and the terrace is not so over crowded either.

The best pictures can be taken from the bar or from a dinner table, overlooking Bangkok. The roof terrace has 360-degree views over all parts of the city. It’s breathtaking! To get the best pics, you should time your visit during sunset.

And make sure to book your dinner table in advance and put on some good-looking clothes to feel at home.

5. Ozone at Ritz Carlton
/ Hong Kong

Ozone at Ritz Carlton Ozone at Ritz Carlton Ozone at Ritz Carlton

About Ozone at Ritz Carlton

The world’s highest rooftop bar is also one of the most Instagrammed rooftop bars. Much thanks to the dazzling height but also the super luxurious and amazing Dom Perignon Brunch served on Sundays. Free flow of Dom Perignon along with super tasty food.

Best pictures are taken from the terrace in one of the sofas or along the large bar counter. If you time in a sunny day, the views from here is unbeatable. The skyline over Hong Kong Island is one of the most iconic in the world. And to see the sun set behind the island is absolutely beautiful.

Ozone at Ritz Carlton is perched on the 118th floor, 480 meter up. You can imagen the views you’ll get from here. Bring your camera and best party mood and you’ll be in for a treat.

6. Westlight at The William Vale
/ Brooklyn

Westlight at The William Vale Westlight at The William Vale Westlight at The William Vale

About Westlight at The William Vale

A new and upcoming rooftop bar on one of the biggest rooftop stages in the world – the New York rooftop scene. Westlight has become super popular in short time and is now one of the best and most popular rooftop bars in NYC.

One of the reasons for being so popular on Instagram is the magnificent skyline view of Manhattan, but also the lovely vibe surrounding the whole terrace. Many pics from here are during sunset as the sun sets behind the skyline of all Manhattan skyscrapers. Don’t miss this opportunity when booking your evening at Westlight.

There’s also a sky bar available during winter, with the same view. We won’t be surprised if Westlight becomes the most Instagrammed rooftop in USA next year.

7. Octave Rooftop Bar at Marriott
/ Bangkok

Octave Rooftop Bar at Marriott Octave Rooftop Bar at Marriott Octave Rooftop Bar at Marriott

About Octave Rooftop Bar at Marriott

Another spectacular rooftop bar in Bangkok on this list. Octave Rooftop is one of the biggest in the world with 3 different terraces on three different floors up on Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit. The highest of them obviously has the best and most amazing view. But you’ll be amazed from any spot on each terrace.

The 360-degree view gives you great photo and movie opportunities and when the sun starts to set, this is heaven for any photographer, photo nerd or Instagram freak. You’ll probably get some of the coolest pictures that you can imagen from a rooftop bar. The luxurious and spacy bar counter helps to add an extra touch to the pics.

As with the other fancy rooftops in Bangkok, Octave demands a smart casual dress code. Leave your swimwear and hoodies at home.

Rikard Fredricson
Rikard Fredricson

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