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Rooftop bars

This is the ultimate guide to the best rooftop bars in Venice. Here you'll find the best Venice rooftop bars with all info you need about each rooftop. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. Just scroll down and find the Venice rooftop bar best suited for you.

Rooftop bar Venice

Rooftop-grade: 6/10
Prime season: April-Oct
Residents: 270 000
Climate: humid subtropical

Given that city is very old and rather low-built, the range of rooftop bars in Venice is not very big. But you can find a couple of good and luxurious Venice rooftop bars that has everything you could wish for. Both in terms of coziness, view over the Venice skyline and for those who want to party all night long. Most of the rooftop bars in Venice are located at hotels or fancy restaurants. You can say that the typical Venice rooftop bar is located at a luxurious hotel with sea views. A Venice Hotel rooftop bar also, in most cases, has superb service and quite expensive prices. So get out there and find the best Venice rooftop bars! "Rooftop bar Venice" is a popular search phrase when trying to find the best ones.

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About Venice

Venice is one of Italy's and the world's most famous cities, mainly thanks to the city being built on islands and that many of the streets here are water in which you take your self around by boat or gondola rides. The city is built on the water on millions of wooden poles that are hammered into the mud at the bottom. You can’t take your car here. You have to go by boat, water taxi, gondola or by walking. The streets are often quite uneven and hilly, so for the elderly it can be a bit cumbersome.