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Rooftop Bars Bogotá

2023 update
Colombia Flag
Country Colombia
Currency Colombian peso
Best time to visit Year round
Rooftop grade 6/10
Rooftop Bar Bogotá
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Bogotá Rooftop Guide

Updated:September 2, 2023

When in Bogotá you are approx 2 640 meters above sea level just by walking the streets. But why not try to get even a little bit higher and check out the best Bogotá rooftop bars.

To find them, all you need is this, the ultimate guide to the best roof terraces in the capital of Colombia, packed with all info you need about each Bogota rooftop: opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. So, which is the best rooftop bar Bogotá? Just scroll down and find the Bogotá rooftop bar best suited for you.

The list

9 best rooftop bars in Bogotá

Rooftop bar Bogota Astoria Rooftop in Bogota

Astoria Rooftop

$$$$ | 15th floor | Chico
  • Highlights
  • Contemporary
  • Panoramic views
  • Cosmopolitan

Astoria Rooftop is a modern and cosmopolitan addition to the Bogotá rooftop heaven, perched on top of the AC Hotel by Marriott Bogota Zona T. 15 floors above it all, the rooftop mixes a swanky first-class interior design with equally impressive views over Bogotá and the surrounding mountains. With a setting similar to a swanky New York rooftop lounge, here you can enjoy a contemporary selection of international dishes, a creative selection of signature cocktails, as well as an extensive array of wines and premium spirits.

Rooftop bar Bogota Sky 15 Rooftop in Bogota

Sky 15 Rooftop

$$$$ | 15th floor | Chapinero
  • Highlights
  • 360° views
  • Exclusive
  • Modern lounge

Perched on top of the Hilton Bogotá, Sky 15 Rooftop is definitely one of the most impressive rooftop lounges found in the city. Perched 54 meters above the streets of Chapinero, the spacious terrace offer some amazing 360-degree views over the skyline. Sophisticated, high-end and exclusive in setting and vibe, Sky 15 is open to the public, serving unique cocktails and freshly prepared dishes from the modular iron grill, often compemented with a DJ creating the perfect lounge soundtrack.

Rooftop bar Bogota Vista Corona in Bogota

Vista Corona

$$$ | 11th floor | Chicó Reservado
  • Highlights
  • Amazing views
  • Mexican
  • Vibrant

On top of the aparthotel Salvio Parque 93 you find a lush and modern rooftop bar called Vista Corona Bogotá, offering some amazing views over the city skyline. Very spacious, the rooftop comes with a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, complemented with lots of greenery and natural elements. A true urban rooftop paradise. As the name hints, the rooftop is closely connected to the Mexican beer Corona. But the menu also includes other beers, as well as a large set of crafted cocktails, some wine and a selection of tasty Mexican bites.


9 Spectacular Rooftop Bars in Bogota

Rooftop bar Bogota BrewPub Rooftop in Bogota

BrewPub Rooftop

$$$ | 11th floor | Usaquén
  • Highlights
  • Highest brewery
  • Amazing views
  • Live music

Found on the 11th floor of Tower 123 in Usaquén, 42 meter above the street, BrewPub Rooftop is the highest brewery in Colombia. Mixing interior and open-air seating, as well as a bar and restaurant experience, the rooftop comes surrounded with fantastic views over the Bogotá skyline. Up here you can enjoy a wide array of dishes, including everything from pirme cuts of meat to Peruvian food and burgers. And while one of the house brews is pretty much a 'must-try', there is also a nice selection of crafted cocktails and wine.

Rooftop bar Bogota Apache at Click Clack Hotel in Bogota

Apache at Click Clack Hotel

$$$ | 10th floor | Chicó Reservado
  • Highlights
  • Burger bar
  • 360° view
  • Live DJ

A rooftop burger bar perched on top of the modern Click Clack Hotel, located just a block of Parque 93. This Bogota rooftop bar has one of the best views in the entire city, with magnificent 360-degree vistas of the Bogotá skyline and its surroundings. From the rooftop bar you can order tasty and classic cocktails along with one of Bogota's best burgers from a menu inspired by the the 1950's American comics. Cool and vibrant ambience, with live DJ from Wednesday to Saturday.

Rooftop bar Bogota The Rooftop 127 in Bogota

The Rooftop 127

$$$$ | 8th floor | Usaquén
  • Highlights
  • Cool views
  • Crafted cocktails
  • Modern lounge

The rooftop restaurant and lounge perched on top of the trendy Hotel Black, located in the heart of the charming Usaquén neighborhood, has transformed from Zetai to The Rooftop 127. Urban and trendy in setting, the rooftop comes with a very cool bar and a covered terrace, equipped with comfy lounge sofas and cool views over the surrounding rooftops and mountains. The rooftop menu comes packed with goodies, from mini hamburgers and tacos to a wide variety of drinks, crafted cocktails and spirits.

Rooftop bar Bogota O.D.E.M. in Bogota


$$$ | 3rd floor | Chapinero
  • Highlights
  • Beer garden
  • Lovely views
  • Hot & trendy

O.D.E.M. is hot and trendy Bogota rooftop beer garden, offering some amazing views over the gorgeous Lourdes Cathedral. This multi-level venue offers both a stylish second floor indoor lounge and a top floor, open-air rooftop. The rooftop bar serves a large selection of beers, mainly focusing on Colombian crafts, but also with a couple of international selections, complemented with cocktails and bar bites like burgers and tacos. A popular spot among the local crowd, O.D.E.M. is open for weekend rooftop fun.

Rooftop bar Bogota B.O.G. Hotel in Bogota

B.O.G. Hotel

$$$$ | 9th floor | La Cabrera
  • Highlights
  • Rooftop pool
  • 360° view
  • Exclusive

Situated on top of the luxurious design hotel BOG Hotel you find Bogotá's probably most exclusive rooftop bar. Complete with a heated rooftop pool, the 360-views you get from here are absolutely amazing, over the mounatins and the city skyline. Modern, relaxing and harmonius, the rooftop bar is mainly for guests staying at the hotel, but sometimes they do arrange events open for the public, and you also have the choice to cater your own event.

Rooftop bar Bogota Federal Rooftop in Bogota

Federal Rooftop

$$$ | 3rd floor | El Retiro
  • Highlights
  • Vibrant
  • Party-brunch
  • Live DJs

Located in the lively entertainment district El Retiro, also known as Zona Rosa, the Federal Rooftop Bogota is the place to go to mix party vibes with rooftop views. With a warehouse-chic and classy setting, the multi level rooftop feels open-air even though it is mostly covered. Open for after office drink specials and late night fiesta at the end of the week, and day party brunches every Saturday, Federal Rooftop comes packed with entertainment, from live DJs to dance performers.

Rikard Fredricson
Rikard Fredricson

Rikard has spent the last 10 years exploring, enjoying, researching and working with rooftop venues. During these years he has visited more than 700 rooftops across the globe. The experience he has gained is used to create helpful, in-depth and accessible content, and to share his knowledge and rooftop expertise with fellow rooftop-lovers.

Bogota Rooftop Map
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City info

Rooftop bar Bogotá

Rooftop-grade: 6/10

Prime season: all year

Residents: 8 millions

Climate: subtropical highland

The climate in Bogotá is warm all year round, resulting in that the terraces here can stay open all year.

Most of them are located at a luxury hotel with magnificent views of the city skyline and surroundings.

Another thing that characterizes the sky bars here, is the high quality of food and drinks. Here you have both award-winning chefs and bartenders serving the visitors.

Typical among the Bogota bars is the nice views and lovely atmosphere. At our map you can find the best places to drink with a view at, in this beautiful city. Read more about the city here.

About Bogota

Bogota is Colombia's capital and also the largest city. The city has a very high altitude at the Andes Mountains with a location over 2600 meters above sea level. There’s also four rivers running through Bogota. Juan Amarillo, Salitre, Fucha and Tunjuelito. Although there is high public service here there is a lot of poverty. Almost 32% of the population lived on about 2$ a day in 2005. A little less charming is the fact that the city is often considered as one of the world's most dangerous with widespread drug and guerrilla problems. However, this has improved significantly in recent years and it now has less murders than South America's other major cities on average.