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Rooftop bar Montreal Terrasse sur L’Auberge in Montreal Rooftop bar Montreal Terrasse sur L’Auberge in Montreal
Terrasse sur L’Auberge
A rooftop bar in Montreal where you get a lovely view of the St. Lawrence River in one direction and St. Paul Street on the other. The views are...
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Rooftop bar Montreal

Rooftop-grade: 6/10
Prime season: May-Sep
Residents: 4 millions
Climate: humid continental

The climate in Montreal varies greatly. From cold and rainy winters to hot and humid summers. As a result the rooftop bars in Montreal are only open during the warmer months of spring, summer and autumn. There are a lot of good rooftop bars in Montreal. Often with good views and a central location. The atmosphere is usually very festive because it’s very common that they organize rooftop party’s on most of the rooftop bars in Montreal every now and then. Here you can get incredibly cool pictures when the annual fireworks festival takes place in the city.

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About Montreal

Montreal is Canada's second largest city. It is very famous for its multicultural population, where the French culture and language has a great influence. It is often said that Montreal is the city with the most French-speaking people in the world after Paris. The city is also a center for major international events and festivals. The Olympic Games, jazz festivals and Formula 1 Grand Prix are just some of the major events that are held here. The city is currently governed by a mayor.