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Rooftop bar Atlanta Republic Social House Rooftop bar Atlanta Republic Social House
Republic Social House
A pleasant and relaxed rooftop bar with good views of Atlanta and Oakland Cemetery. Here people drink mostly beer, eat hamburgers and watch sports...
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Rooftop bar Atlanta

Rooftop-grade: 7/10
Prime season: March-Oct
Residents: 5,6 millions
Klimat: humid subtropical

As for rooftop bars in Atlanta, there are a lot of good ones. The amount of skyscrapers in the city enables high-altitude rooftop bars with stunning views. Most rooftop bars in Atlanta is located in the city center. But there are also some in the outskirts of the city. The roof terraces located a little outside the city offers a lovely view of Atlanta's skyline. With Atlanta's size an popularity there should really be more rooftop terraces here. But for all rooftop enthusiasts, there are some that are absolutely amazing. Both with skyline views, rooftop pools and good food.

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About Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of the State of Georgia and has a population - suburbs counted - which reaches 5.6 million. Georgia is located north of Florida in the southeastern part of the United States. This means you have a warm climate almost all year round. There of the nickname Hotlanta. The city is perhaps best known for the Olympic Games that was held here in 1996. They also have the world's largest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. So Atlanta is a bit like an aviation hub in the US and worldwide.

Food, drink and party on rooftop bars in Atlanta

On the rooftop bars in Atlanta you eat mostly classic American food. Burgers, ribs, fries and so on. In other words - very unhealthy food, but oh so fantasticly good for those who like a little more calorie rich food. As for drinks, there is usually beer or cocktails that dominates at the roof terraces. But of course there is always wine available too. Atlanta may not be a super classic food town. But at the rooftop bars here you often get good authentic American food.

Alltitude and views from the rooftop bars in Atlanta

Atlanta has a lot of skyscrapers, resulting in a lot of rooftop bars in Atlanta are situated at very high altitude. The result of this is magnificent views and a lovely skyline. Despite the big amount of skyscrapers there are also some very low-lying roof terraces here. Some that are only ten or twenty meters up. The view is still magnificent with Atlanta's towering skyline as a mighty backdrop.

Other attractions in Atlanta

Centennial Olympic Park is a great urban park that was established during the Olympic Games in 1996. There are many beautiful places there. Among other the interactive fountain, Fountain of Rings and a Ferris wheel - Skyview Atlanta - which gives a great view over the city. Yopu can also find the museum World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, which is one of America's most visited museums. Here you can taste different drinks, guess the secret recipe and much more. For the sports fans there are both basketball, hockey and football to watch.

Flights and hotels in Atlanta

Atlanta's airport ranks as one of the world's largest, and it lands and lifts more planes each day than at any other airport in the world. It is primarily domestic flights in the United States that is very common. Bandara International Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta is located quite near Atlanta, making it easy to travel between downtown and the airport. Given Atlanta's size and the amount of people who travel here, there’s plenty of various hotels here. Many of the city's luxury hotels have fantastic rooftop bars. Summarized, Atlanta is a very good city in terms of both flights and hotels.