Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -
Rooftop bar - the worlds best in one guide -

Rooftop cinema


Rooftop cinema NYC

New York city knows how to make its residents happy, passionate and constantly experiencing new adventures and entertainment. The great selection of outdoor cinema theaters is the best proof of this. Many of them can boost of with cool rooftop cinema NYC.

Rooftop cinema NYC

1. Rooftop Films

In the heart of Brooklyn, where the lights shine the brightest, Rooftop Films introduces a wonderful selection of classic and modern movies. The staff is there to welcome you and take all your requests and ensure that you will spend a quality time with your friends and family. Perfect for some Rooftop cinema NYC.


2. OfficeOps

Do not let the name fool you! OfficeOps is an outdoor space that often hosts movie nights. If you are out and about and you have no plans of how to spend your evening, jump atop the Performance Arts Theater and enjoy the collection of timeless films.



Hosting the Rooftop Cinema Club, YOTEL is the home of outdoor movie playing. The skyline of the big apple, accompanied by drinks and a good movie, is a recipe for a great night out. Do a regular check on their website on the titles they have planned, so that you can choose your favorite one.


4. Brooklyn Bridge Park

It might not be located on a rooftop, but it still does have the magical vibe. Brooklyn Bridge Park welcomes visitors for a calm and relaxing night out, spent laying or sitting on the freshly trimmed grass, while indulging on a basket of goodies and a great movie. While it is an open air venue, no reservations are needed, but keep in mind the best spots in front of the large screen tend to run out fairly quick.


5. Industry City, Courtyard

Situated on 2230 36th Street in Brooklyn, NY, the Industry City introduces an outdoor experience, accompanied by the clear night sky. Save your spot prior your visit. To get to the location, take the D, N or R trains to 36th Street. Fantastic place for rooftop cinema in NYC.


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