Rooftop cinema LA

Movies with a view.

January 8, 2022
Rooftop cinema LA

Exploring the numerous activities, mostly entertainment related, while in LA, is an exercise on its own. The urban area has plenty to offer, including some of the finest clubs, dining restaurants and rooftop pools to grab a ray of sunshine on the go.

Los Angeles is to be considered the home of the movie and entertainment industry in America. The Hollywood sign is just the small portion of what you can see, while driving through the streets of Los Angeles.

And even though the city is one of the fastest developing cities in North America and does function in high speed, there’s always time for various relaxing and calming activities, such as rooftop yoga Los Angeles or simply – a rooftop cinema in LA. These few spots are worth the visit.

1. Rooftop Cinema at The Montalban

Located on 1615 Vine St, The Montalban Theatre is the latest and hottest rooftop cinema venue for locals and guests of LA. The city of fallen angels knows how to turn the simple movie screenings into an event on its own, and the movie nights at the Montalban are the proof.

Taking full advantage of the theatre’s rooftop deck, guests are welcomed to a cozy and hip atmosphere, accompanied by a set of wireless speakers and blankets and cozy chairs on request. Tickets are usually available for a presale, so go ahead and save your spot in advance.


2. Dodger Stadium Movies

Might not be a rooftop experience, but it still does bring the relaxing vibe of the outdoor cinema event. You can indulge on a good movie after a game, using your game ticket to determine what is going to be the price for the movie pass. It does depend on the spot you had during the game, so have a look at their official website for more information.


3. Marina Cinema

The amazing location Los Angeles has on the west coast, turns it into a perfect spot for having countless romantic and relaxed movie nights by the water. Marina Del Rey’s Park opens its doors to a wonderful outdoor cinema, that can not be compared to a rooftop cinema experience, but still has its advantages. You can have a great time with your friends, enjoying a movie.

Be sure to be on time, screenings start at 8pm.

4. Eat | See | Hear

This one of a kind travelling movie program has its own vibe and frequently changes locations. The concept evokes around its name and is literally inviting you to grab a nice bite, see a movie and hear the latest buzz. You can get a regular pass and bring your own bites and drinks, or you can get a “fashionably late” one and skip the ads before the movie.


Rikard Fredricson
Rikard Fredricson

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