Dress code on rooftop bars in Bangkok

From smart casual to backpacker style.

September 4, 2023

As being a top destination for those who like to spend their vacations in warm places, Thailand and Bangkok has managed to develop an entertainment and nightlife side that fulfils the highest standards of the average party-hard enthusiast.

And although Thailand is not amongst the richest economies out there, its nightlife provides a first-class experience if you want to go out and about, and definitely have some fun.

Thailand's capital is one of the very best rooftop-cities in the world, and the rooftop bars are in most cases the top class bars found here. So the dress code on Bangkok rooftop bars are often a bit more strict then at the regular bar on the street.

Some rooftop bars have adjacent pools, and during daytime there is no particular dress code at the Bangkok rooftop pools. Swim wear is highly acceptable at these places.

Below are some pointers on how to dress when visiting a Bangkok rooftop bar.

Dress code rooftop bars Bangkok
Smart casual dress code at Octave

You can also check out the best rooftop bars in Bangkok, under each rooftop bar you find info about which dress code is required.

1. Smart Casual

Most rooftop bars in Bangkok are expensive, or at least more expensive compared to the general bar. And also more high-end and luxurious, which means that a smart casual dress code is required. Such examples are the Sky Bar / Sirocco at Lebua, Octave Rooftop Bar and Red Square Rooftop bar.

If the rooftop bar is open during the day, a more casual dress code usually applies. But many of the more famous rooftops do not open until 5pm, and night time visits means a more strict dress code.

However, smart casual does not mean you have to wear full on tuxedo. It is about wearing clothes that are are well-fitting, neat and appropriate. Bangkok can be hot, and a pair of tailored shorts for gentlemen will not be a problem at all.

Common rules of what not to wear when the dress code is smart casual: sandal/flip–flops/Birkenstocks (men should go for fully covered shoes) / sport attire, swimwear, tanktops / sleeveless shirts (men) / sports shorts or baggy clothing.

There are venues that also permit visits from children, younger than 12 years of age. The dress code is applicable to them as well.

2. Formal

Formal dress code is only required at rooftops that usually host private parties. A formal attire is mandatory if you are joining a wedding, and you have it on your invitation. Or any event that comes with an individual invite and a dress code disclaimer. Be sure to check the website of the place.

Formal dress code might also apply if you visit a rooftop bar during a major celebration, like New Year's Eve.

3. Backpacker style

While most of the more fancy rooftop bars don't welcome a to casual style, there still are a bunch of Bangkok rooftops that do not require a special attire and fancy accessories. You can still indulge in a wonderful skyline view and have a glimpse at the picturesque side of the city while sipping on a cocktail in your everyday clothes.

The safest bet for a more casual style, is a rooftop bar open during day and that also holds a rooftop pool. Then you can be sure that you will blend in just fine in shorts and t-shirt.

So while there is no written rule for a specific dress code on rooftop bars in Bangkok, it is usually quite easy to assess whether the place is a fancy one or not. And the majority of the rooftop bars are not extremly strict about the dress code (especially for tourists), but the easiest way to avoid any inconvenience with your attire is to skip the flip-flops, sport clothing and baggy trousers. Dress comfortable, but try to dress a bit nice. It will make the rooftop visit much better.

Hans Ebenman
Hans Ebenman

Hans has visited over 500 rooftop bars, 200 rooftop pools and 300 rooftop restaurants since 2015. This vast experience has made Hans a true rooftop expert, and one of the most knowledgeable in the field. Today, numerous of travel magazines, bloggers and media websites contact Hans to get his expertise on rooftops.