10 best rooftop bars in Scandinavia

Some must-visit summer destinations, these (roof)top venues should be on everyone's bucket list.

February 10, 2024
Best rooftop bars in Scandinavia
Courtesy of SUS

While Scandinavia is not famous for its warm and fuzzy year-round weather, the beautiful spring and summer months are rooftop friendly and well worth waiting for.

The colder winter also means that when the sun finally arrives, Scandinavians make sure to make the the most of it. So on any given warm day you can expect the rooftop bars (and pretty much all outdoor terraces) to be filled with a large crowd and a great atmosphere.

Recent years has seen a boom of rooftop bars in Scandinavia, and there are new ones opening up every season. Here is our list of the 10 best rooftop bars in Scandinavia 2024.

1. TaKeT
/ Gothenburg

Best Rooftop Bars Scandinavia - Taket
TaKeT - Photo: http://ogbg.se/

Opened in 2016, TaKeT can be found on the 7th floor of Comfort Hotel Gothenburg, offering a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Serving jaw-dropping views of the nearby river and Gothenburg's skyline, TaKeT is known not only because of its delicious drinks but also because of its events, which cover anything from live DJ shows to rooftop yoga sessions.

TaKeT is a fantastic destination for the summer, as its open and airy feel helps visitors keep fresh, while a retractable roof also offers cover if needed. Have a seat in one of the comfy loungers, or mingle around the vibrant rooftop bar.

Up here, you can enjoy a fantastic variety of cocktails, wines, beers on tap or by the bottle, and even a small offering of champagne.

During the weekends, you can also find a selection of street food and freshly made BBQ, though if you're hungry, you can always head downstairs to the hotel's restaurant.


  • Skeppsbroplatsen 1, 41121 Gothenburg, Sweden
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2. SUS - Stockholm Under Stjärnorna
/ Stockholm

Best Rooftop Bars Scandinavia - SUS - Stockholm Under Stjärnorna
SUS - Photo: www.sthlmunderstjarnorna.com/

Also known as Stockholm Under the Stars, SUS is one of Stockholm's best-known bars, as well as one of the most famous rooftop destinations in the entire country.

This large rooftop venue offers roughly 1200 square meters of space for casual celebrations, parties, and relaxations, as well as three bars, a rooftop gym, a radio station booth, and jaw-dropping views of the city and the Lake Mälaren's inlet.

The SUS atmosphere can better be described as "upscale but without pretentions," thanks in part to its casual chic atmosphere and its first-come, first-served policy.

The rooftop's three bars are well-stocked, offering cocktails, wines, champagne, beers, international street food, and SUS's famous Frozé slushies, which are remarkably popular during the summer.

In fact, Stockholm Under the Stars is one of the city's favorite summer destinations, thanks to its open floor plan and seasonal events, like BBQs, rooftop cinema, and rooftop yoga.


  • Brunkebergstorg 2-4, 111 51 Stockholm, Sweden
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3. Rooftop Bar at Clarion Hotel Sea U
/ Helsingborg

Best Rooftop Bars Sweden - Rooftop Bar at Clarion Hotel Sea U
Rooftop Bar at Clarion Hotel Sea U - Photo: www.nordicchoicehotels.se/

Set on top of the modern and stylish Clarion Hotel Sea U, Rooftop Bar is a lush urban oasis, and the very first rooftop in Helsingborg.

Eight floors above the central part of the city, here you are surrounded with amazing views over Helsingborg and the ocean, stretching all the way to Denmark and out over the continent.

Part stylish indoor lounge and bar with panoramic windows, and part spacious outdoor terrace, the rooftop had a refreshment heading into the 2024 season, and offers a completely new feel.

During a hot summer day, entering the Rooftop Bar at Clarion Hotel Sea U is like arriving at the French Riviera, and the rooftop is filled with a buzzing lounge vibe, often highlighted by live DJs.

The rooftop menu has also been updated, and comes filled with refreshing options like Frozen Margaritas, as well as a great selection of crafted signature cocktails, and a simple yet tasty food menu that suits everyone.


4. Takbaren at Strand Hotel
/ Visby

Best Rooftop Bars Scandinavia - Takbaren at Strand Hotel
Takbaren at Strand Hotel - Photo: www.takbarenvisby.se/

The World Heritage town of Visby on Gotland Island is known as one of the true hot-spots to enjoy the best of Swedish summer. And there is one hidden gem where the summer vibes are a bit more elevated than anywhere else.

We are talking about Takbaren (the Rooftop Bar), perched on the 4th floor of Best Western Strand Hotel, right in the heart of the city and inside the city wall.

Intimate, lush and charming, the rooftop comes surrounded with fantastic views over the historical rooftops and church ruins in Visby, as well as over the ocean.

Best Rooftop Bars Sweden - Takbaren at Strand Hotel

A true summer hot-spot, this is a perfect venue start the evening with a refreshing cocktail or some sparkling wine, before continuing out into the hustle and bustle of Visby.


5. Norda / Calmeyers Hage
/ Oslo

Best Rooftop Bars Scandinavia - Norda / Calmeyers Hage
Norda / Calmeyers Hage - Photo: https://nordarestaurant.com/

At the top of the fantastic Clarion Hotel The Hub you find a dual rooftop setting, promising a smashing view, great food, tasty drinks and good vibes.

Floating above the urban city centre of Oslo, this 13th floor venue includes Norda, a rooftop restaurant offering local dishes with North American influences.

Ingredients are sourced locally, with meat from Norwegian farms and vegetables grown in the GrowHub, Oslo’s largest rooftop garden, found just a few steps from the dining room.

At the environmentally friendly rooftop bar Calmeyers Hage you can indulge in crafted signature cocktails that are both a story and an experience, made with Noridic spirits and selected ingredients from all over the world.

Open year-round for fantastic views over Oslo and the water through the panoramic windows inside, Norda & Calmeyers Hage also comes with a lovely outdoor rooftop terrace, in full swing during the warmer months.

For lunch, dinner or a weekend brunch at Norda, reservations are recommended, while the bar Calmeyers Hage has plenty of drop-in spots.


  • Biskop Gunnerus gate 3, 0155 Oslo
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6. The Rooftop at Clarion Hotel Trondheim
/ Trondheim

Best Rooftop Bars Scandinavia - The Rooftop at Clarion Hotel Trondheim
The Rooftop at Clarion Hotel Trondheim - Photo: www.nordicchoicehotels.com/

The 9th floor rooftop of the lovely Clarion Hotel Trondheim holds both a rooftop restaurant and a rooftop cocktail bar, surrounded with magical view over the city and the fjord.

The vistas can be enjoyed on the spectacular outdoor terrace, but also through the panoramic windows at the sylish interior lounge and dining room.

Made for elevated evenings high above Trondheim, here you can indulge in exciting cuisine inspired by Nordic culinary traditions at the Kitchen & Table restuarant, with dishes prepared using seasonal quality ingredients from all throughout the region.

Or you sip crafted cocktails and mingle at the rooftop bar, get comfy in front of the fireplace, or watch sunset out on the rooftop terrace.


  • Brattørkaia 1, 7010 Trondheim, Norway
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7. Skybar & Bar Tage at KUST
/ Piteå

Best Rooftop Bars Scandinavia - Skybar & Bar Tage at KUST
Skybar & Bar Tage at KUST - Photo: www.hotellkust.se/

The top floors at the lovely design hotel KUST Hotell & SPA in Piteå sure has a lot to offer, from crafted drinks with a view to relaxing swims with a view.

Starting from the very top, the 14th floor Skybar & Bar Tage is the highest rooftop bar on the northern coast of Sweden, floating 53 meters up en the air.

Part stylish interior bar with panoramic windows, there are also two outdoor rooftop terraces, where you can enjoy the summer breeze and amazing views over the water and half North Bothnia.

From the rooftop bar you can order perfectly crafted cocktails, including both classics and creative signatures, as well as craft brews, aperitifs and some tasty bar bites.

Skybar & Bar Tage is the perfect spot for some pre- or post dinner drinks with a view, especially if you go for dinner at the White Guide-listed Restaurang Tage one floor below.

On the 8th floor, KUST Hotell & SPA also offers an elevated and luxurious 500 square metres spa experience, including a beautiful infinity pool with breathtaking views of the river and forests.


  • Hamngatan 60, 941 32 Piteå, Sweden
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8. The Terrace at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live
/ Malmö

Best Rooftop Bars Scandinavia - The Terrace at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live
The Terrace - Photo: https://theterrace.se/

At the third floor of the modern Clarion Hotel Malmö Live, next to Malmö Central and a stone's throw from the pulse around Lilla Torg, you find The Terrace, a summer hot-spot for elevated fun.

Overlooking the Malmö rooftops, this stylish oasis of greenery take visitors on a trip to the beating heart of downtown Miami.

Open during the warmer months, the rooftop bar always offer spritzy cocktails and cold beers. During summer 2023 there will also be a takeover by MASTIO, which will mean a pizza oven on the terrace, and pizzas "without compromise" for all to enjoy.

The Terrace is a great spot for any summer afternoon or evening, also hosting several fun-filled and vibrant happenings during the season.


  • Fiskehamnsgatan 4, 211 18 Malmö, Sweden
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9. Skybar at Clarion Hotel The Edge
/ Tromsø

Best Rooftop Bars Scandinavia - Skybar at Clarion Hotel The Edge
Skybar at Clarion Hotel The Edge - Photo: www.nordicchoicehotels.com/

Perched on top of the Clarion Hotel The Edge you find a unique and elevated Tromsø destination, and the only rooftop bar in the city.

Mixing a modern interior lounge with a charming outdoor terrace, the 11th floor rooftop is open year-round, and here you are surrounded with panoramic views over the city, continuing out towards the harbour, fjord and mountains.

Usually open to the public during weekends, the Skybar menu includes a nice selection of cocktails, beers, wine, and other refreshing drinks, complemented with a few bar bites.

While prime season to visit the Skybar at Clarion Hotel The Edge is during summer, when you can enjoy the heat from the midnight sun on the outdoor terrace, winter visits might mean you are lucky enough to see the amazing northern lights.


10. Capital at Scandic Continental
/ Stockholm

Best Rooftop Bars Scandinavia - Capital at Scandic Continental
Capital - Photo: www.scandichotels.se/

A modern rooftop bar with an international touch, set on the 8th floor of Scandic Continental Stockholm, right opposite the city central station.

With location right in the herat of the city, the outdoor terrace offers fantastic views over Södermalm, Kungsholmen and the City Hall, as well as being a sun-trap during pretty much all day during summer.

Thanks to the stylish inddor sky bar, Capital can also welcome guests for relaxing afternoons and vibrant nights all year round.

While the rooftop bar offers an impressive wine list and a large selection of beers and bar food, the true pride are the well-crafted and unique signature cocktails.

Come early to enjoy drinks in the Stockholm sun, and stick around through the night for party vibes with a large and festive crowd.


  • Vasagatan 22, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden
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