The Best Travel Tips to Help Prepare You For Traveling in 2024

All you need to know.

January 26, 2024

As time goes by it feels as if the world continues to grow larger and smaller all at once. The internet and social media make us capable of viewing the world from a more personal perspective. But it also gives us more desire to travel to distant lands that we have never seen before. As many of us begin to prepare for our days of traveling in the year 2024, or as many of us start to embark on our first solo trips ever there is one daunting task that happens even before the trip begins. How do you prepare for a trip? Whether you wish to prepare for a trip across the river, or across the sea, many tips can help you when it comes to making the necessary preparations. Here are our favorite travel tips to help you prepare for your travels this year.

Make Sure You Have All of Your Important Documents Together and Up to Date.

When you are traveling anywhere it is always important to ensure that you have all of your documents properly squared away. Make sure that your ID is up to date and reflects accurate information about you. Check your passport and look closely at the expiration date. If your passport is set to expire within 6 months some airlines may not allow you to travel internationally, as you will likely be denied entry into other countries. If this happens you can always get an expedited renewal, however, the process of this can be expensive therefore it is better to make sure that everything is in order before the trip begins.

Purchase an International Roaming Plan

This is something to do much closer to your departure date, and only if you are planning to travel abroad. Being able to stay connected with your friends and family is important, especially if you plan to travel outside of the country. Although you may be able to purchase a SIM card locally when you enter the country you are traveling to, we find that a roaming plan tends to be a better choice, especially if you plan on going to more than one country.

Save on Your Airfare and Other Traveling Costs

In today's economy, it is important to ensure that you can be as cost-efficient as possible, and of course, for some things, there are easier ways to do this than others. When it comes to traveling there are many ways you can save on the total that your airfare or traveling costs may be. Here are some ways you can save on the initial travel costs of your trip.

Learn How to Efficiently Use Your Luggage Space

One thing that people tend to ignore is the fact that many people don’t know how to efficiently use a carry-on bag. If you are the type of person who manages to pack 4 suitcases for a trip on your own, you may not know how to efficiently use your carry-on luggage. Here is how you can make the most out of that small space.

1. Roll Your Items

When packing your items you will find that you can fit much more into a small space when you roll things up rather than fold them. You can utilize even more space by rolling items into a skivvy roll, in which you can roll together an entire outfit in a tube that is about the size of a soda can.

2. Pack Only What You Know You Will Need

When it comes to preparing for a trip it can be easy to become caught up in the potential of incidentals. What if I somehow have an accident? Is a common thought that can lead a person to pack 10 pairs of pants and underwear, when they only need 3 or 4. What if I’m invited to a fancy dinner date? This can lead others to pack outfits that they would likely never wear on the trip to begin with. Travel can often release waves of paranoia on many of us and make us worry unnecessarily about things that we had never had to worry about before. Pack only the things you know you will need and handle any incidentals when they happen. With delivery services and apps around the world taking care of these incidentals is a lot easier than it used to be.

3. Load in The Largest Things First

At one point or another, you may have heard the story about the teacher who filled a jar with golf balls, then pebbles, then sand, and finally water. Although this is a great analogy of what should take priority in life it is also a good way to visualize how to efficiently fill your luggage. By starting with the largest items you will be able to more efficiently fill the space in your bags and ensure you have room for more things than you would if you started with the smallest items.

4. Occupy That Dead Space

Different activities you may embark on may require certain things that can take up dead space in your bag. Things like shoes, clutches, and other items like that are perfect examples of this. Which is why it is important to utilize that dead space as much as possible! Dead space is perfect for items like socks, underwear, small accessories, travel-sized bottles of toiletries, and so much more.

5. Wrap Accessories in Plastic

Accessories, especially things like bracelets and earrings tend to be easy to lose and hard to keep together especially when traveling. Things like jewelry boxes and bags tend to be bulky and a waste of precious space. Therefore a good trick to use is to carefully wrap your accessories up with plastic. This way you can condense the space they take up as well as keep them all together when you travel.

6. Pack Based on What You Will Be Doing

Some people back based on how long they will be traveling, and will pack 10 outfits for a trip that only really needs 4 or 5. After all, clothing can always be mixed and matched to create new combinations of clothing. Laundry services will also be available when you travel from place to place. Therefore a better method of packing will be to pack based on what you will be doing on the trip. If you plan to go skiing, pack a nice athletic coat, and boots. If you plan to spend a day on the beach, pack your favorite swimsuit, and a nice pair of sandals. By packing based on your activities you will be able to use the space you have much more efficiently.

Look Up Airfare and Amenities on Incognito Mode

Search engines and other websites tend to be able to track your search habits online and are made to give you higher prices based on those searches. By researching in incognito mode these search engines tend to give you lower prices than you would receive searching through your regular engine. Sometimes even taking a couple hundred off of the non-incognito mode price.

Get In Contact With a Travel Agency

Sometimes travel planning can be a daunting task, and many are unable to do it alone. This is why getting into contact with a good travel agency can be a great way to help you be more efficient when traveling. Of course, a travel agency is an extra expense, however, many agencies often have deals set in place with many hotels and airlines that can help you land at a better price than you would ever get from planning a trip on your own.

Learn to Take Advantage of Off-Peak Travel Times

The off-peak travel times can be different from country to country, however, a general rule of thumb is that summer is almost always going to be a peak time for travel, as well as holidays. During peak travel time prices are considerably higher, as the demand is high and the supply tends to be low.

By traveling off of the peak seasons not only will you be subject to lower travel fees and costs, but you will also get the benefit of avoiding large crowds which can make travel a much more intimate and enjoyable experience.

Stay Up to Date On Crucial Information

Although the recent pandemic is under much better control than it had been in the past, there are still many travel restrictions that are placed on people around the world. Therefore it is important to ensure that you are on top of those restrictions and requirements that places you wish to visit may have. Look up the visa requirements, entry regulations, potential travel quarantine you may have to subject yourself to, and so much more. It may seem daunting but the more you know the easier it will be.

Get Some Travel Company

Does the idea of traveling alone cause you some anxiety, or would you prefer a more curated experience? You might consider group travel. If you choose this option:

- Somebody else does the planning for you

- You can hang out with people with similar interests

- The tour company may have access to the best spots

- You’ll get group discounts

- Safety in numbers

Have you ever dreamt of finding romance on a vacation? This great app will help you find a date or travel partner no matter where you are in the world.

Take Advantage of Travel Apps

Navigation apps can be immensely helpful with finding things around places you are not familiar with. Translator apps are useful even if you believe you are fluent enough in another language and can make your experiences more meaningful. Review apps like Tripadvisor and Yelp can help you mitigate the potential of tourist traps that just aren’t worth it.

What To Do When You Arrive

Now that we have gone over what you should do to help reduce the cost of travel in general, let’s talk about what you should do when you arrive where you are going.

Only accepts rides from Reputable Sources

In many airports across the country, you may notice signs in the parking garage that say that it is illegal to accept rides from or offer rides to strangers. This is because when people travel they have a tendency to become disoriented which makes them great targets for scams, or even worse kidnappings. Therefore it is important that you only accept rides from reputable sources such as the taxi services that the airport may offer.

Get to Your Hotel First and Unwind

Traveling can be stressful and stress can lead to confusion. This is why it is important to get to your hotel as soon as possible and allow yourself to decompress from the stress you may be feeling.

When in Rome, do as The Romans Do

A common phrase about fitting in, however when you don’t fit in you become a potential target for those who may want to take advantage of you. Here are a couple of ways you can blend in with the crowd wherever you travel.

Partake in Local Cuisine

Food is quite possibly one of the most important parts of any culture, and the best way to immerse yourself in a new culture is to partake in the foods that they offer.

Pay Attention to How Others Dress

Clothing is not just a part of social standing, but it’s a means of practicality as well. If you walk around shirtless around people who are fully clothed you are going to stand out and be commented on when you are going out. Or if you are wearing dark neutrals while everyone else is dressed in bright colors you will also stand out. By paying attention to how others are dressed in the area you will be able to blend in more and more.

Be Mindful

Remember that different cultures have different rules for manners and mannerisms. Therefore it is important to pay attention to your behaviors as well as the behaviors of others to ensure that you are not potentially offending anyone.

Invest in the Experience

When it comes to travel the worst thing you can do is not properly invest in the experience. After all, if you go to Florida you’re not going to just sit around your hotel room and wait for the vacation to end. Here are two ways you can invest in the experience.

Purchase a Good Quality Camera

The camera on your phone is probably great, however, there is a lot you can’t do or capture with your phone no matter how good it is. There may be experiences where you are not allowed to bring your phone in but are allowed to bring a camera in. By spending $50 to 100$ on a camera of good quality you will be able to capture more of those precious memories.

Fill Your Trip With Unique Experiences

It’s easy to look on social media, see all of the cool things people are doing, and think you want to do those things as well. However those videos on social media can be faked, they can give you incorrect information, and they can lead to those experiences becoming over-saturated and unenjoyable. Also, it is important to take note of if you would even want to go do that if it wasn’t going viral. Therefore it is important to use a mixture of resources when deciding what to do when you go on your trip and to fill your trip with as many experiences as you can.