Review of the Straight Up Roofdeck Bar at Seda Hotel BGC

The good and the bad.

January 10, 2019

The Seda Hotel at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig is among the most well-reviewed hotels in the Philippines’ capital region. As the flag bearer of the Ayala’s Seda Brand, the BGC hotel adheres to the urban lifestyle concept. It offers a balanced mix of technology, style, and business utility. It is comfortably located near the offices of multinational corporations and other establishments.

Seda BGC is also home to Straight Up, a roofdeck bar that offers a breathtaking view of the bustling metropolis that surrounds the hotel. It attracts tourists, both local and foreign, and has amassed a number of reviews over time. We go through these reviews and summarize in this article the good and bad points of Straight Up to guide new travelers like you.

Before diving into what the roofdeck bar has to offer, take note the hotel says that they offer a home away from home, and a lot seem to agree. Their suites basically are well-designed spaces that offer all the good things. Getting almost perfect five-stars ratings every time, their designers are so good that it’s going to be blessing if they get to work on both traditional and pre-fabricated houses and even in-building residential spaces.

The Good

● Seda BGC’s roofdeck bar gets roughly four out of five stars overall, and that’s already a pretty good rating.

● Many of those who went there are workers who want to unwind after a long day at work. They report that the view indeed is breathtaking and that the ambiance that the place provides is unmistakably great.

● The place offers a good selection of wines from Argentina and other countries. Wine connoisseurs are going to be happy with what they get to enjoy here.

● The place provides really nice music. Those who really want to chill out can find enjoyment in this roofdeck bar.

The Bad

● The ala carte food and beverages on the menu are said to be very expensive. One reviewer says that the coffee is OK, but you will really feel that you’ve just been ripped off if you think about its price.

● A good number of reviewers say that customer service needs improvement. The staff are not really that attentive and surely are not prompt in bringing out orders.

● At least two reviewers complained about the quality of the food in the appetizers buffet. They say that they presented well but the taste is bland.

Bottom Line

The Straight Up roofdeck bar in Seda BGC is a decent place to visit, but it surely has its own share of customer service horror stories. We can forgive the taste of the food or even of the wine being served because taste is truly subjective, but complaints about inattentiveness is just too much to ignore. Hotels are part of the hospitality industry, so if their people start not paying attention to clients, then the management should engage in some deep self-reflection.

But the number of good reviews and good ratings that the place gets is enough for us to give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the people who had bad things to say are just part of the noisy minority. However, it surely wouldn’t hurt if you go there with well-managed expectations.