Review of Sé Boutique Hotel

One of the best rooftop hotels in Portugal.

January, 2020

Madeira, the Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, known all over the world as the Pearl of the Atlantic and the Island of Eternal Spring is where you can find our Terrace Bar, on the Rooftop of Sé Boutique Hotel, located in the historical center of Funchal.

Sé Boutique Hotel, Funchal


The island was discovered 600 years ago and was the starting point to all of the following Portuguese discoveries over the world. Madeira offers a variety of cultural events throughout the year such as the Carnival, Flower Festival, which is usually held in May, the Wine Festival and the most famous, the Christmas and New Year’s Festivities, with the twice awarded firework show.

Despite its size, Madeira is very diverse in terms of landscape. The blue sea contrasts with the mountains, remain from the volcanic origin of the island. Sé Boutique Hotel is the perfect starting point for many activities that allow you to explore this diversity and natural beauty, whether it is a wandering through the levada walks, the hiking or BTT paths, canyoning, surfing or diving. Madeira is also becoming internationally known for the trail running competitions.


Sé Boutique Hotel has 54 rooms in total and two restaurants. The hotel tries to bring you that home feeling, seen from the furniture, the pictures and paintings on the walls and the overall atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and follows the Madeiran heritage.

Sé Boutique Hotel, Funchal


On the last floor, the doors will open to a signature cocktail bar with a 360° view over the city of Funchal, where there is an intense visual link between the sea and the mountains and from where it is possible to observe in detail the tower of what is the most emblematic work of the Manueline period built on Madeira - the Cathedral of Funchal.

As a city hotel whose guests normally spend their days exploring the city and its surroundings, it is very important to offer such a lovely facility as the terrace, where the guests can find a peaceful place to relax after a long day.

Sé Boutique Hotel, Funchal
Sé Boutique Hotel, Funchal

The terrace brings memories of traditional Madeiran manor houses with the touch of flamingos and a lot of flowers, creating some photograph-worthy spots, which allows people to capture moments and share them on their social media profiles. The flamingos are the most attractive to visitors, as well as the Cathedral tower and the orange roofs all over the city. It’s also a perfect spot to contemplate both the sunrise and the sunset.

Rui, the cocktail specialist, will be your host guiding you through the flavours of the iconic drinks but also his own creations. Let’s not forget to mention the house cocktail named – what else – the “Flamingo” with its appealing light pink colour.

During the summer, Sé Boutique Hotel promotes some events that take place on the Rooftop. The most attractive to both guests and locals is a non-commercial short movie festival, which takes place on the terrace allowing you to enjoy some cinematic alternative experience with a signature drink on your hand under the starry summer sky.

The Rooftop gives you a cosy shelter from the city’s hubbub to invite guests to take a break from their agendas and appreciate the simple things in life. Consider spending a couple of hours up there, unwinding, having a drink or two, reading a book, eating our special sandwiches from the restaurant below or choosing one of the other specialities? We are sure that it is truly a lifetime experience.