New in New York? Find the essence of the world's favourite city

All you need to know.

September 8, 2023

New York has so much to offer, whether you are there for a long time or just for a few days. Your experience in New York can be completely tailored based on your interests and what you think is fun. But there are certain things that everyone should experience when visiting the world's favourite city. And while you’re there, make sure to take plenty of photos. You can easily edit your photos with Picsart, and you'll want to do that if you’re going to New York for marketing purposes. Without further ado, here’s what you should see while in the Big Apple. It is as follows:

The Oculus - A train station out of this world

The strangest train station in the world is located in Manhattan, and you can not miss this if you’re in the area. It was designed by the Spanish star architect Santiago Calatrava and built by the Swedish Skanska. The World Trade Center Transportation Hub is the name of the station, but it is the main building that looks like something out of this world. It is called Oculus, and the inspiration behind the design is “a bird released from a child’s hand”.

Pay your respect at the 9/11 Museum

This is not for everyone, but many tourists find that the 9/11 Museum that honours the victims of the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001, is very well-done and respectful. The museum covers the event of and around The World Trade Center attack in New York, the attack on the Pentagon and the events around the fourth plane which crashed in Pennsylvania on a farmer's field. The story is told by 23,000 photos, 10,300 objects and almost 2,000 recorded stories. A lot of visitors chose to combine a visit to the museum with the One World Observatory since they are right next to each other.

One World Observatory - the symbol of Manhattan

The skyscraper One World Tower replaced the twin towers that fell after the 9/11 terror attacks. Today it has become the symbol of the new lower Manhattan. The skyscraper's observation decks are located 380 metres above the streets and Hudson River, so you get a truly amazing bird's eye view of New York. If you only have time for one attraction in New York, you should pick One World Observatory. Click here to read more about it, and to get your tickets before you arrive in New York. With pre-booked tickets, you can skip the queues and just enjoy the view.

Top of the Rock - see Central Park from above

At One World Observatory, you are indoors. But on Top of the Rock, you can both take in the view and feel the wind in your hair. Stand on the roof of Rockefeller Center and see Central Park spread out in front of you, it’s the only vantage point in New York where that’s possible. In the other direction, you can see Midtown's steel and glass skyscrapers stretching towards the sky. See both the day and night views with a ticket called “Sun & Stars”. It lets you make two visits in one day.

Hear the birds sing in Central Park

Make your way through Manhattan’s noisy streets to end up in the surprisingly calm Central Park. Most first-time visitors are surprised by the size of this popular park because it’s four kilometres long, almost a kilometre wide and has over 25 000 trees, 21 playgrounds and 9,000 benches. Hear the birds sing, spend a couple of hours walking around the park, or bring some food and have a picnic in the beautiful summer sun.

Taste the real New York

You can not visit New York without eating at least one bagel a day, preferably for breakfast. There is something with a bagel in New York because it just doesn’t seem to taste as good anywhere else. And bagels are everywhere - you can buy a simple one with plain cream cheese from a cart, or go to a deli for flavoured cream cheese. Or why not try the real New Yorker, a toasted bagel smeared thickly with delicious lox spread; cream cheese and smoked salmon?

New York’s breakfast classic bagel gets a competitor at lunchtime. Pizza! In New York, pizza slices are sold everywhere and they are always cheap and hot. Most of it is also good because this city knows how to cook pizza. The pizza is almost always sold by the slice, which means that you can grab a few slices with different toppings to make the most out of your pizza party. Why not take your bagels or your pizza and head to Central Park for a picnic?