The ultimate guide to Málaga's rooftops: See more with a rental car

All you need to know.

June 3, 2024

Málaga is a true gem on Spain’s Costa del Sol. While it was always popular among those older holidaymakers, it’s recently become a favorite for digital nomads.

The city offers many great bars, breathtaking rooftop views and incredible year-round sun. This guide will help you discover the best rooftops in Málaga and how a rental car can enhance your experience.

The Benefits with a Rental Car

Exploring Málaga with a rental car offers the flexibility that’s difficult to achieve without one. Car hire from Málaga airport allows visitors to either head to multiple rooftops in one night, or visit after a long day in the Andalusian countryside.

Rental cars save time, which is valuable when visiting for a week or weekend, and provides the convenience of traveling on your schedule. For group travel, a rental car can be cost-effective because you split the cost among friends or family, making it more economical than public transportation.

Top Rooftops in Málaga

Málaga is home to several incredible rooftop bars. Most will offer stunning views of the city, though to varying degrees, and many have views of the harbor and mountains. Here’s a look at some of the best spots around.

1. AC Hotel Málaga Palacio

Perched on the 15th floor, the rooftop bar at AC Hotel Málaga Palacio is also known as ÀTICO Bar & Restaurant (this can cause confusion for people new in town). The bar provides an unparalleled panoramic view of the city that is difficult to beat, but it also showcases the harbor and Mediterranean Sea.

This rooftop is ideal for any time of the day—whether you want to enjoy lunch, cocktails, a fine dinner or just an aperitif. The sophisticated indoor restaurant with panoramic windows complements the lovely open-air terrace; so you can even head there if it’s raining. The spot also features a luxurious rooftop pool exclusive to hotel guests.

2. Alcazaba Premium Hostel

Located on the 5th floor, the rooftop bar at Alcazaba Premium Hostel is a trendy hotspot in Málaga. It may not be as high up but it still boasts sweeping city views, particularly the close-ups of the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro castles.

The terrace is split into two levels, each with its own bar, creating a cosy and secluded ambience. Best visited at sunset, this rooftop offers great cocktails at reasonable prices.

3. La Terraza de San Juan

Situated on the top floor of Hotel Málaga Premium, La Terraza de San Juan is a spacious and stylish rooftop bar known for its relaxed atmosphere. The wooden decked terrace is furnished with bar stools and comfy lounge sofas.

You can enjoy close views of the Church of San Juan’s tower and the rooftop menu features a variety of delicious cocktails and food.

4. La Terraza de Valeria

La Terraza de Valeria, which is on top of Room Mate Valeria Hotel, is located between Soho and the port of Málaga. It has a bright and vibrant Mediterranean setting, making it a fun vibe. The rooftop provides views over the port, Plaza Marina, the skyline and even Alcazaba.

The rooftop pool is exclusive to hotel guests, but the terrace is open to all.

5. Parador de Gibralfaro

On top of Mount Gibralfaro, the rooftop bar at Parador de Gibralfaro offers stunning panoramic views of Málaga and the Mediterranean Sea - they’re difficult to beat in the sense of grandness.

This rooftop is adjacent to the historic Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba, making it a nice blend of history and nature. It’s an excellent spot for both daytime visits and romantic evening dinners, offering a serene escape.

6. H10 Croma Hotel

The rooftop bar at H10 Croma Hotel is a spacious and stylish venue, again offering panoramic views of Málaga (you’re really spoilt for choice, here). The terrace is equipped with comfy loungers and a rooftop plunge pool.

It’s an ideal place to enjoy snacks, tapas, sangria and wine. The rooftop pool is exclusive to hotel guests (most are), but the bar and restaurant are open to all, making it a popular spot for relaxation.

7. The Top at Hotel Molina Lario

Located on the 8th floor, ‘The Top’ at Hotel Molina Lario offers a cosmopolitan and trendy setting with views of the mountains and Cathedral - along with the sea. This rooftop is known for its creative and delicious cocktails and is an excellent spot for late-night partying.

The rooftop pool is available to hotel guests, while the bar area is open to everyone.


Exploring Málaga’s rooftops is a lot of fun - they’re just about everywhere. You can rent a car with CarGest to hop around them - or ascend higher up to get an even better view. The best part about Málaga’s culture is that a daytime beer with tasty tapas is perfectly common, and thus easy to find on a rooftop, but there’s also a culture of late-night dining, meaning you can be up until past midnight eating (or sipping cocktails… Whichever you prefer).