4 Best Places For Digital Nomads To Live In 2023

All you need to know.

April 30, 2024

The decision to give up working in the office on a schedule from morning to evening is a rather bold step that not everyone can take. However, people who understand that they do not need to be in the office every day to complete their tasks may decide to change their lives a lot, or rather, change location and not just one.

Every year more and more people realize that they are not chained to their offices. They can do their job just as well and quickly, but be somewhere on the Mediterranean, and not in an office in Seattle, where it rains quite often.

Among people who choose the path of a digital nomad, you can find many different specialists such as copywriters, social media managers, programmers, and TOEFL tutors who help students to master the English language. The study of new languages, especially English, is in demand in the world since it is the language of the world. It opens the door for professionals and students who can get the opportunity to study at prestigious universities in different countries, attend advanced courses, as well as obtain a work or student visa with ease.

Specialists can not only develop professionally away from home but also fulfill their dreams by traveling the world. However, most often people who decide to take such a step are wondering where to go. You can choose any place where there is the Internet, but still, you want to choose a place where the standard of living will be at a high level, and there will also be developed conditions for digital nomads. Every year there are more and more such destinations, so you have a wide variety to choose from.

We'll walk you through the most auspicious destinations for a variety of options that you can consider adding to your list of travel destinations as a digital nomad.

Top places

Madeira Island

Two years ago, the government presented a project that opens up more opportunities for those who wish to start a digital nomad lifestyle. Since the presentation of this project, over seven and a half thousand people from all over the world have gone through the registration process. This project turned out to be quite successful, as it offers favorable conditions for specialists in various fields of knowledge.

You can choose different communities where you will live. Among the most popular you can find the following:


Santa Cruz;


Jardim do Mar;


Ponta do Sol;

Camara de Lobos.

By enrolling in the program, you can access the community, so you can easily find out about available places to stay, co-working spaces if you want to meet people from different countries, professional events, and much more.

Chiang Mai

Starting the digital nomad lifestyle, you will most likely want to travel to an exotic country to see and learn something new. In this regard, you can go to Chiang Mai, which has transformed from a provincial village into a vibrant city in a few years.

It is located in a mountainous area where you can visit many temples, especially if you wish to have a spiritual experience. The city is located seven hundred kilometers from the capital, so you can go where there will not be so many tourists. In addition, compared to the capital, where the sultry heat reigns, here you can enjoy a pleasant coolness.

The attraction for professionals is that if you are a citizen of Western countries, you may not need a visa. In addition, here you can find many nice places to work, as well as many options for living, regardless of your budget.


In search of a laid-back lifestyle, you should head to Mexico, where you will find many cities with large communities of freelancers and digital nomads. Among the most popular are the following:

Mexico City;



Playa del Carmen.

Here you can not only enjoy the famous Mexican delicacies, known throughout the world, at a nice price but also enjoy the carefree rhythm of Mexican life, which is very pervasive. This is what you need if you are tired of the routine, where your every day is scheduled by the minute.

In addition, if you have a visa, then you can stay for six months. If you understand that you like this place and want to stay here longer, then you have the opportunity to obtain a temporary residence permit and stay here for 4 years.

Enhance your stay in Cancun with the comfort of all-inclusive resorts, perfect for digital nomads looking to balance work and leisure. Explore top resort options here.


What most people who choose Spain as their destination for digital nomadism like most is that the infrastructure for such professionals is advanced. You can choose one of the most favorable cities that offer modern infrastructure, be it Tarifa, Valencia, Javea, or Malaga.

In such cities, you will find many places where you can live. In addition, there are a large number of locations where you can work in a pleasant environment and meet new people. Unlike large cities that are popular with tourists, these cities will seem to you the most favorable in terms of living expenses.


Every year there are more and more locations that invite digital nomads. Countries create not only favorable conditions but also work to attract more and more advanced specialists. This year, if you're looking to start your nomad home search, then you should consider Madeira in Portugal, Chiang Mai in Thailand, Mexico, and also Spain.