Features of different types of roof

All you need to know.

August 8, 2023

In this article, we will try to inspire you to create a beautiful roof that is right for your home.

Don't be afraid of challenging projects! With the help of wooden trusses, you can easily create a roof of any complexity. Building a roof is as delicate and complex as making the jewelry which you can buy at FJewellery.

Gable roof

Laconic and beautiful. Belongs to pitched roof types. Can be with attic or attic. It is believed that this is the simplest roof in terms of construction and operation; any roofing material is suitable for it.

The gable roof is conveniently placed solar collector or panels. Snow does not accumulate on it (of course, if you make the angle of inclination not less than the minimum prescribed in the instructions for a specific roofing material).

Installation of a gable roof frame is very simple: for a 10x12m house, an experienced team will assemble a truss system from wooden trusses in a couple of hours, and a team of relatives and neighbors in 5-8 hours.

Hipped roof

Hip, half-hip and tent types are four-slope. In such a roof, an attic or attic is usually arranged.

HIPPED ROOF is well suited for creating an attic with windows in the ceiling. The main rule when installing skylights is to read the instructions for their installation, and follow the recommendations in the correct sequence.

We recommend making a four-pitched roof with a sufficiently large slope (from 20 degrees) so that it looks good from the street, especially if the house has more than one floor, this will add expressiveness to it. No wonder they say that the roof is the fifth facade of the house. Also, it is important to make sufficiently large eaves (from 0.5 m) so that the roof looks securely planted on the base.

A hipped roof is a roof in which all planes are in the form of triangles, and from above it looks like a pyramid. Looks good on one-story, square in plan, houses.

Shed roof

This type of roof is most often used for outbuildings, sheds, country houses or industrial buildings. If the roof adjoins the wall, it is important to make a tight connection, and do not be too lazy to make a groove in the wall in order to properly insert the connection bar.

Multi-gable roof

Builders, among themselves, also call a multi-gable roof a roof “with birdhouses”, “with lucarnes”. It is mainly used to form the attic floor. In such an attic, the window is located in the wall, it is easy to approach it and look out, which is more difficult to achieve with a roof window in the roof plane. The niche that is formed inside the "tongue" can be turned into a cozy corner, and arrange a wide window sill there, on which it is comfortable to sit.

Flat roof

In fact, a completely flat roof cannot be. It must have an imperceptible slope for rainwater runoff. A flat roof is chosen when following a particular architectural style or creating an additional roof space that will be exploited, such as a barbecue area. If the roof is not in use, you can make an imitation of a flat roof, as the architect did at one of our facilities. Farms with a slope in this case are hidden behind a high eaves.

If the space on the roof is to be used, for example, as a summer terrace, it is necessary to make a slope of at least 2% to the point of water runoff, to properly mount the junctions to the walls and the drainage system. In modern conditions, a flat roof that is in operation is quite expensive to manufacture and maintain, and is suitable for a small number of developers.

Roof of arbitrary shape (with curved surfaces)

If the roof has curves, it is better to use flexible roofing materials for it (bituminous or composite tiles), you can also invest ceramic (certain types) or slate tiles. Laying natural tiles on a curved surface requires highly skilled roofers, they are not worth saving on.

Combined roof

This is a combination of various forms to create an interesting architectural composition. Such a roof needs good engineers who will correctly calculate and arrange structural elements. It is also important to choose reliable roofers who like to take on challenging tasks.

Mansard roof

In this article, you have already met attics in almost every type of roof. Mansard roof can have various shapes. When planning the attic floor, you need to understand that the area of the premises will be limited depending on the shape and angle of the roof. It is also important to know that the minimum height of the attic wall (lowered wall in the attic) is 1.2 m (indoors, after finishing work) less than 0.9 m, this is necessary for convenient use of the area next to the wall.

We hope you found something useful for yourself in this material.