Before designing your rooftop bar, consider these tips to guarantee success

All you need to know.

March 20, 2024

Rooftop bars have gained immense popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why – after all, who doesn’t enjoy such a peaceful retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Height and sight are two important elements that contribute to the appeal of rooftop bars; that’s because the experience of dining becomes even more memorable when someone can watch the sunset as they sip from their favorite beverage or eat a delicious meal.

For restaurateurs, this increases the chances of generating more profit, while also keeping customers satisfied. But of course, in such a competitive market, it is by no means easy to ensure the success of a rooftop bar. You must be armed with determination, creativity, and resilience so that you can thrive and stand out from the other venues. People now have endless choices when going out to dine, making it difficult to entice people to choose your rooftop bar among all the others. Why, out of all places, would they choose to hang out at yours? This is the question that you must ask yourself when looking to design a rooftop bar that leaves customers wanting to return over and over again. It all comes down to developing a memorable concept and delivering a top-notch experience for everyone who sets their feet into your bar.

What are the most important aspects to consider when designing a rooftop bar?

If you want to take customers’ rooftop bar experience to the next level, you need to design the place carefully by considering some of the essential aspects, which we will discuss below.

Maximize the city view

What people love most about rooftop bars is the panoramic views they provide. In the modern world, where everyone is busy constantly, nothing beats the experience of slowing down and enjoying a picturesque skyline. When you’re on top of the world, your problems don’t seem as big anymore. You get the opportunity to enjoy a sense of peace, as you connect to the people in your life.

This is precisely why it’s essential to ensure that customers get the best view from above by focusing on elements like the placement of seating and lighting. Consider the overall available space on the terrace so that you can determine the seating zone size. This part shouldn’t be anything complicated, as you only have to place a sofa or some chairs around a small table. However, keep in mind that your job doesn’t end here, as you also need to think of decoration – yes, it still matters even if your rooftop bar has a great view. For example, you can use soft lighting, which can play a role in creating a specific ambiance, use plain curtains, incorporate beautiful artwork, or anything else that represents your brand.

Carefully select the seating options

So, we’ve talked about the importance of seating placement, but there is no point in doing it right if the seating options aren’t comfortable, right? You want customers to feel amazing when visiting your rooftop bar, and one of the ways to achieve this is to ensure that your space is functional. In other words, the seating options should consist of high-quality materials. But don’t forget about style – luxurious rooftop bars provide a blend of both comfort and excellent aesthetic, so pay attention to both. Choose seating options with unique designs, and also make sure to provide variety in order to accommodate the needs of all customers.

Bar stools and chairs are among the most popular options when it comes to rooftop bars, but an L-shaped outdoor lounge can also be a fantastic option, creating a casual space where friends can socialize. But as mentioned, your choice will depend a lot on the layout of the space, so keep that in mind to avoid designing a bar that is too small or crowded.

Design with sustainability in mind

Nowadays, customers appreciate a commitment to eco-friendly practices, so if you want to succeed, you really need to take sustainability seriously. To this end, consider including elements like locally sourced materials, energy-efficient lighting, and biophilic design features. Biophilic design isn’t just a way to show that you care for the planet, but it is also associated with improved health and wellbeing. Exposure to greenery can go a long way in reducing stress, so customers who visit your rooftop bar will leave the place feeling a lot better. As a result, they will likely want to come back. Consider adding potted plants or creating living walls in the space.

Once you include greenery, don’t hesitate to show off: post pictures of the space on your website and social media channels to entice people to come and discover the peaceful haven that you created. It’s probably unnecessary to mention that marketing your rooftop bar is essential if you want to attract customers. You want to establish yourself as a reliable brand, and in order to do so, there’s more to take care of than just your physical space. For instance, you’ve likely heard of the many data breaches that happened to small eateries and restaurant chains before. When something like this happens, customers usually seek data breach compensation for the damage they suffered. Unfortunately, this can impact the bottom line of business, so make sure to avoid becoming a data breach victim by prioritizing digital security.

Make the space adequate for all seasons

It wouldn’t really be sustainable to design a rooftop bar that’s only suitable for the summer, right? Instead, you must ensure it is functional and comfortable throughout the entire year. In order to do this, pay attention to elements like shading, heating, and waterproofing to adjust the space to different weather conditions.

During cold months, it’s critical to ensure that the atmosphere in the space is cozy, and you can achieve this by incorporating warm lighting, and other elements that evoke a sense of comfort, like rugs.

Last words

Designing a rooftop bar is not an easy endeavor - we know it! There are different elements you must consider, as they will also make or break customers’ experience. If you want to thrive in a competitive business market, it’s essential to pay attention to every little detail that could impact how customers feel when visiting your rooftop bar – remember, it’s all about creating a unique experience for them; if you do so, you will set your venture up for success.