The new heights of hospitality: Elevating customer experience with the help of rooftop bars

All you need to know.

March 20, 2024

In the ever-changing landscape of hospitality, rooftop bars are the best solutions to take the experience of customers to new heights - and here, we mean both literally and metaphorically. Rooftop bars have increased dramatically in popularity in the last few years, capturing the interest of people from all over the world. These sky-high spaces attract individuals from regions where the outdoor space is limited, as well as those who want to have a unique experience.

Yes, the first thing that makes customers come to rooftop bars is the idea of witnessing breathtaking views. Still, now, rooftop bars offer unforgettable experiences through top-notch service, innovative design, and savvy marketing strategies.

Here is how rooftop bars can elevate their customer experience.

What drives individuals to rooftops?

Greenery is a huge factor that drives people to rooftops, especially in large cities. In very dense urban areas, people appreciate going on the rooftop to have a breathtaking view and be surrounded by natural elements or plants. Because now people are stressed all day from work, they surely want to relax for a bit, and rooftops are the perfect place for this. Art is also an important component that draws people to these spaces, whether in the form of a sculpture piece or art on the walls. Additionally, fire pits can be an important feature, especially in colder months. Although most fire pits don’t throw off sufficient heat to keep customers warm enough, the idea of having one attracts people.

Design trends: Functionality meets an excellent aesthetic

Sustainable elegance

The word sustainability is not a buzzword anymore but a way of life due to the changes that happened in the last few years. This is why rooftop establishments are adopting eco-friendly design elements more than ever by incorporating materials like recycled metal, reclaimed wood and energy-efficient lighting. Rooftop spaces have begun to understand the importance of committing to environmental consciousness, which has made sustainability a trend that is here to stay.

Biophilic bliss

Think about big potted plants, living walls and rooftop gardens that create a breathtaking environment and can also bring fresh ingredients to the cocktail menu and seasonal food. There are many plants suitable for rooftops that can help in creating a vibrant rooftop garden. Also, to enhance the ambiance even more, rooftop bars can add string lights and privacy screens to offer better privacy to guests.

Versatile furniture

Flexible and comfortable seating arrangements are becoming more and more popular and offer different experiences in the same space. This can mean stackable chairs, modular sofas and movable tables that can be rearranged to accommodate various needs or party sizes.

Other considerations to improve customer experience

Smart lightning

Smart lighting that can be adjusted to be suitable to different occasions and moods is becoming a staple in the rooftop bars. String lights, ambient fixtures and LED strips create an inviting and warm atmosphere when the sun sets.

Bold patterns and colors

In the last years, the rooftops have stepped away from neutrals and embraced bold patterns and colors, which are now a statement. Colorful umbrellas, eye-catching cushions, and vibrant furniture inject personality and colors into a space and make it more Instagram-worthy, which will instantly attract more customers.

Comfortable heating

Shade is needed to protect customers from disturbing elements during the day, and heat provides comfort during the evening. For example, gas fire pits are the best solution to add an extra cozy feature that will draw more people.

Keep in mind the security feature

The security of the establishment is also a feature that draws people in or makes them run away. A rooftop bar should be built with the security feature in mind to keep the bed scenarios out of the equation. If customers hurt themselves because the venture didn’t offer the right environment in terms of security, they might be able to claim compensation. A personal injury claim can be made to take compensation due to negligence. But what exactly is negligence? Well, in almost every part of our lives, such as the public areas, the roads, and at work, we are owed a duty of care that comes under different types of legislation. But if this duty of care is lacking and someone gets hurt, although this scenario could have been avoided, then this classifies as negligence.

Beating the competition: The best tips for ensuring the success of rooftops establishments

Rooftop places have gained tremendous popularity due to their breathtaking views, unique experience and open-air dining. Here are a few ways in which rooftop bars can improve their customer experience to stand out among competitors.

- Culinary delights and signature cocktails: Rooftops should craft a menu that matches the panoramic views with the delightful flavors. These establishments can collaborate with local distilleries and breweries to create exclusive beverages that will add a touch of uniqueness.

- Elevated service: Rooftop bars should always have well-trained employees who turn a casual visit into a memorable experience, which will ensure positive word-of-mouth and make customers come back for more.

- Seamless technology integration: From contactless payments to online reservations and menus, technology plays a vital role in improving the overall customer experience.

- Entertainment: Rooftop ventures are not only for dining but also for creating memories, and this is why entertainment plays a crucial part in the success of a rooftop bar. So, it would be good that these spaces would host live music nights, themed events and even unique activities, like fitness classes, to make the place more diverse.


Rooftop hospitality is a competitive environment, and it is quite imperative to stay ahead of the curve. This can be done with the help of a combination of outstanding service, innovative design and strategic marketing. Also, by listening to customers, embracing the trends and continuing to evolve, rooftop places can ensure they remain the to-go destinations for individuals who are looking to enhance their dining experience - both literally and metaphorically.