Alexandrite - What Makes This Color-Shifting Stone So Popular With Brides in 2024?

All you need to know.

December 20, 2023

Alexandrite, which is a variety of the mineral chrysoberyl, is a fascinating gemstone with a remarkable characteristic: it changes color depending on the light source it is exposed to.

In cool daylight, it appears greenish blue, while in warm incandescent light, it turns a soft shade of reddish-purple. This dramatic shift in color truly sets it apart from other gemstones and is just one reason why alexandrite is becoming so popular with brides who are getting married in 2024.

Brides Love the Uniqueness of Alexandrite’s Color Diversity

Yes, one reason that brides adore alexandrite is because of its dichroic nature. The color-shifting nature of the stone allows brides to exhibit diverse styles during the wedding ceremony and reception – and, indeed, throughout the rest of their lives.

Today’s brides are looking for uniqueness and more diversity in the wedding rings they choose. Knowing that it makes sense why this feeling would translate into other aspects of their wedding. From designer wedding cards to a non-white colored dress, modern brides want to share more of their personality with guests.

So, it is no wonder many appreciate the flexibility and beauty of alexandrite – especially when there are some simply divine ring styles available, such as these stunning alexandrite rings by Diamondere.

Alexandrite Is Highly Sought After and Valuable

Many brides like to have valuable wedding rings – to value their commitments to their partners every day. At the same time, common wedding ring stones like diamonds just aren’t doing it for some modern brides.

Well, alexandrite actually tends to sell for more than diamonds. The price per carat can range from $15,000 for a quality stone to about $70,000 for a larger stone above one carat.

Lab-created Alexandrite Is Affordable

Other brides do not care about value so much, but they still want the alluring nature of alexandrite for their wedding rings.

Thankfully, lab-grown alexandrite is now available, which means owning an alexandrite ring is absolutely affordable. Since the availability of synthetic alexandrite, its popularity has soared.

Lab-grown alexandrite is made in a laboratory under carefully controlled conditions. Although it shares similar color-changing traits to natural alexandrite, its composition and formation process are human-directed rather than occurring naturally in the earth.

Alexandrite Can Symbolize Love

There is something deeply symbolic about alexandrite that appeals to many brides. The shift in color is seen as representing the dynamic nature of love and marriage. Just like how love changes and evolves over time, so does the color of alexandrite – green symbolizing love’s growth and red embodying love’s passion.

Brides Like the Versatility of Alexandrite

The ability that alexandrite has to match with various types of metals enhances its popularity further among brides. They can set the beautiful stone in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, depending upon their personal preference and style.

Alexandrite Is Ideal for Customization

Dress designers and jewelry makers love working with alexandrite due to the creative potential it offers. Seeing as it changes color, it can work well with a wide variety of outfits and styles, which means it is ideal to wear for all kinds of occasions – long after the wedding ceremony.

An Alexandrite Ring Is Perfect for Any Wedding Venue or Destination

As we have noted, alexandrite can work well with different metals for wedding rings and with various styles of attire.

In turn, that means the gem can work well as the stone of a wedding ring at any venue – whether you are planning on a traditional church wedding or holding the ceremony on a beach.

Alexandrite also transcends borders. Therefore, whether you are getting married in the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, or Morocco, an alexandrite wedding ring is sure to be suitable and stand out.

So, if you are getting married in 2024 – whether it is at The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool or the Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal in Venice - you might like to consider getting an exquisite alexandrite wedding ring, which will undoubtedly make your special day even more special.

Summing Up

Alexandrite has numerous attributes that make it popular among brides. It caters to the modern bride’s desire for tasteful elegance while also seeding an adventurous streak of excitement, reflecting her multifaceted personality perfectly on her big day.

More specifically, to recap:

- Alexandrite is loved by brides, due to its unique color diversity.

- Alexandrite is highly sought after and valuable.

- Alexandrite that is lab-created is affordable.

- Alexandrite can symbolize love.

- Alexandrite is versatile.

- Alexandrite is Ideal for customization.

- Alexandrite wedding rings work well at any venue or destination.