Best Rooftop and Terrace Bars in Batignolles, Paris

All you need to know.

May 31, 2023

Paris is well known as the City of Lights, a world-renowned city for its architecture, history, and vibrant culture. Home to famous landmarks and districts like Batignolles or Bastille, places where you can find stunning museums, rooftop bars, and mouth-watering food. For many years, Paris has been well known for its sparkling nightlife and vibrant atmosphere suitable for partying and relaxing surrounded by history.

In the City of Lights, you can find many different districts, but nothing like Batignolles, a cool neighborhood with tons of rooftop bars and restaurants to delight in French cuisine or have a drink while enjoying the Parisian ambiance. Not only that, this district in the French capital is perfect as a travel headquarters, it’s close to many top attractions and landmarks, making it perfect for people that want to take advantage of their trips.

Les Batignolles is one of the favorite places for Londoners to spend a holiday in Paris, in fact, you can travel by train from London to Paris.

Best Rooftop and Terrace Bars in Batignolles, Paris

Terrass'' Rooftop Bar

Close to Montmartre Cemetery, a cemetery packed with history that dates back to the 19th century, you can find the Terrace Rooftop bar. A charming barroom with a spirited atmosphere, where you can find a ton of different drinks and cocktails, making it a great space for relaxing, having a drink, and meeting new people.

The rooftop bar is located on the 7th floor of a hotel, making it the perfect option for a fun night in Paris with stunning views.

Bar À Bulles

A pleasant and relaxing bar with a gorgeous terrace and plenty of space to enjoy a cocktail and some food. If you’re looking for a stunning and open-air place, Bar À Bulles is perfect, the terrace atmosphere and illumination at night are priceless.

Not only that, it’s an amazing place to have brunch, they offer delicious options, from coffee to tea and bread with jam. Also, Bar À Bulles is vegan-friendly!

Le Petit Poucet

This bar and restaurant are situated close to the Place de Clichy, a subway station, and a great theater called Pathé Wepler (côté Place), making it perfect for a night out in Paris. A delightful French brasserie where you can enjoy a delicious dinner and a drink with friends. The staff is great, taking the experience to a whole different level.

On the terrace you can find a lovely atmosphere. A good draw about this location is they have heaters, so you can enjoy the terrace even on the chill days of winter.

La Cidrerie des Batignolles

What makes this location special is the fact that La Cidrerie des Batignolles is a cider bar. A barroom for people that taste different types of cider and enjoy a nice meal. The staff is helpful and can answer most of your questions, and the aesthetic decoration makes the “night out in Paris” experience even better.

It has a terrace and the atmosphere is good, many tables are available, making it a great option for big groups.