The Best Rooftop Bars On The American West Coast

All you need to know.

May 24, 2023

The West Coast of the United States is a bustling metropolis of landscapes, vibrant cities, and an insane nightlife scene. Some of the best things to do is a memorable night at one of the many rooftop bars. You will get sucked into an epic experience while seeing skylines you have only dreamed about. From Los Angeles to Seattle, there is a rooftop bar experience on just about every corner of the West Coast. We will explore some of the ones you must check out for yourself.

The Nest Rooftop Lounge – Seattle, Washington

Many people do not associate Seattle with iconic rooftop spaces – if only they knew how fun these spots can be. The first bar on our list is on the 13th floor of the Thompson Seattle Hotel. This spot is so breathtaking you will want to hire a private jet charter to complete the experience. You could even hire a private plane and arrange a tour around the West Coast exclusively to try the different rooftop bars. At ‘The Nest,’ you will experience superb panoramic city views – from Elliot Bay to the Olympic Mountains. It is a great spot no matter the weather and has fire pits in case of cold temperatures. Plus, it features modern decor providing a sophisticated feel. The drinks and food menu includes local beers and cocktails to small plates.

High Rooftop Lounge – Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach is known for many things. Awe-inspiring sunsets, lovely beaches, and friendly people make it a top place to visit. It is also a hub for nightlife experiences. One such experience is the High Rooftop Lounge at the Hotel Erwin. You will see stunning views stretching for days along the Pacific Ocean in all its glory. Drink the best-handcrafted cocktails in the most comfortable setting while enjoying a laid-back vibe.

Rooftop Bar at Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs - Palm Springs, California

Located at the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel, this rooftop bar delivers epic views of the San Jacinto Mountains and Palm Springs. This rooftop bar is all things sophisticated. You get to sip on the best drinks while enjoying live music. The atmosphere is almost always electric. And you get to dip in the pool while relaxing at the many cabanas.

El Techo – San Francisco, California

California is the gift that keeps on giving. This rooftop bar is atop the Lolinda Restaurant and has stunning city views. This bar is Latin themed, which means there are festive lights, a lively atmosphere, and the best drinks and food.

The Rooftop by JG – Beverly Hills, California

This location is all about luxury and glamour since it is located at the Waldorf Astoria. It is one of the best rooftop bars in Los Angeles. Expect to be dazzled by renowned mixologists who will whip up truly magical drinks. And take in the panoramic views of the Los Angeles skyline. Additionally, you can dip in the pool or simply lounge in one of the many cabanas available. Indulge in plenty of food options as you soak up one luxurious experience.

Rooftop Exchange – Portland, Oregon

Oregon is one of the most beautiful states. But it is rarely a place people think about when searching for their next favourite rooftop bar. However, Portland offers some fantastic spots for the perfect sunset rooftop get-together. One such place is the Rooftop Exchange, centrally located in downtown Portland. Decorated in modern and sophisticated designs, this bar offers stunning views with a refined atmosphere. Not only is it an excellent choice for a night out with friends, but we have heard it is excellent for a romantic date night.

The Rooftop Lounge at The Standard – Los Angeles, California

The Rooftop Lounge stands out in a prime spot at The Standard Hotel for many reasons. Firstly, the sweeping views of LA. Secondly, it is a trendy place making it a perfect spot for anyone on the move. Thirdly, it is a vibrant place packed with a social scene. It is excellent for a wind-down or turn-up, where you will find your favourite drink or a new one to like.

Rooftop 25 – Santa Barbara, California

Very little can be boring about a place that offers gorgeous views of the beach and the mountain. And that is precisely what Rooftop 25 is going to give you. This chic spot is where you must dress your best. The bar is super stylish, while its pool sparkles for days. Then there are the craft cocktails you can sip on all day or night. The Rooftop 25 menu also features Mediterranean-inspired cuisine that will have you drooling.

The West Coast has a collection of iconic yet stylish rooftop bars. You will find one in every city, with each one catering to a different crowd. And that is what makes them so fun and popular. You can head to a trendy rooftop bar in LA and experience something completely different from the one you visited in Portland. But no matter what, you are going to have a great time.