How To Make The Most Atmospheric Tourist Photos in Dubai

All you need to know.

July 6, 2023

Dubai is an extremely popular place on the Internet! In order to stand out against the background of other tourists, you need to have a good time and take an original photo. We have selected several location options for photo shoots that can fully convey the atmosphere of Dubai! Let’s take a look!

Inspired by Dubai: How To Make The Most Atmospheric Tourist Photos in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in tourism in recent years. The United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai in particular are developing incredibly fast. There really is something to offer tourists here. Beaches, museums, amusement parks, shopping centers and everything that an average tourist might need is here! Let's see where you can take atmospheric photos to take your memories of Dubai with you forever!

Dubai Miracle Garden

Probably, you have seen a stunning fabulous garden in Dubai more than once. This place is a real paradise and beauty for the eyes! Yes, yes, this is where you will see an 18-meter Mickey Mouse made of flowers. Florists have made incredible efforts to create a stunning beauty that pleases tourists every year. It is here that you will get unforgettable photos that will convey the true beauty and diversity of the Emirate.

Car for rent

For those who love chic and luxury, Dubai offers a wide selection of luxury cars for rent. It is also relevant for those who want to move around Dubai with comfort and pleasure. In addition, car rental services offer profitable monthly car rentals in Dubai. This is a great option if you are coming to travel for a long time. But if you are coming for a short time, we advise you to check the mini cooper price in UAE, you will surely find a favorable offer.Choose the car that suits you, organize your photo shoot and travel comfortably!

Desert in Dubai

A classic place to relax and take photos in Dubai is of course a desert. It can be especially impressive and atmospheric if you come here not just with a phone, but with a camera. There are simply stunning landscapes and magnificent views! Be sure to come even if your plans do not include a photo shoot. What is the United Arab Emirates without a desert?

Bastakiya Historic District

To maintain a balance between the natural beauties of the Emirates and innovations in the frame, go to the historic Bastakiya district of the Old City in Dubai. The spirit of authentic Arabia is still preserved here. This is really a piece of history, where you can find artifacts of people's past lives tightly adjacent to each other on narrow streets. In this area you can take amazing pictures, as well as learn a lot about the amazing past of the city.


If you move on to abstraction and just throw ideas for creativity, special attention should be paid to restaurants in Dubai! Agree, enviable photos from stunning original restaurants in Dubai really attract the gaze of tourists. Dubai is so rich in unusual restaurants and cafes that you can arrange gastronomic tours for yourself! Think in advance which restaurants you want to visit, which chef's dishes you want to try and you can start! Good pictures!

We hope that you will get the most original and interesting photos! Let the trips be as successful as ever, and the emotions will only be positive! Have good trips and magical pictures!