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San Diego

Rooftop bar San Diego

Rooftop-grade: 8/10
Prime season: all year
Residents: 1,3 millions
Climate: subtropical steppe

The temperature here is between 15-25 degrees celsius all year round, resulting in that the rooftop bars in San Diego can stay open all year. The rooftop bars in San Diego are often luxurious, with magic views of the city skyline. From some terraces the view is over the city's baseball stadium, so you might actually catch a glimpse of some live baseball. Given the nice climate, the city's skyscrapers and the fantastic atmosphere in California, San Diego is a superb city regarding rooftop bars. The rooftop bars in San Diego is very popular, and you do best in booking a table in advance.

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About San Diego

San Diego is located in southwestern California right on the Pacific Ocean and the border with Mexico. It counts as America's 8th largest city. Given the proximity to Mexico, the Mexican culture has put a bit of a mark on the city. In the southern parts of the city Spanish is the most common language.